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01.11.2012 // Club Metro 'Lil Xmas (by Riku)


Tom Fall makes a comeback to the Jyväskylä, and right the next day. Wow! Thanks for the gig again to all DJs! It was nice to see old buddies from the Kymenlaakso!

By the way, if you weren't there on Sunday, shame on you, you missed one hell of a party!!

- Riku

30.10.2012 // Lahti2Ibiza Halloween Special: w/ Hilton Caswell (By: Henri)

Weekend on the island!

First of all, boys and girls of ibiza surpriced me at Tivoli of Lahti. The stage was AMAZING, I've never even thought that there could be a stage like that one.

Even if the stage was so cool, so was the party itself. I think that the new venue for 2ibiza-parties was a pleasing change for everyone and Lahti really rocked the night as it tends to. Great start to this weekend!

- Henri

28.10.2012 // Tom Fall Live! (by Riku)


As you all should know, I was at the SSF only on Saturday, so I missed Tom Fall there. I was lucky though: he came to Jyväskylä and I had the privilege to enjoy his gig almost next door. Everyone - Tom, Ali, Johnny and the one unknown to me - did a marvelous job and the floor was packed (almost) the whole night! It is great that trance has arrived to Jyväskylä, although I still miss the psy and Goa trance - and my beloved Proteus. But hey, you can't please everyone, right?

Early night there was a guy with GREAT dancemoves. Magnificent, even. I was completely mesmerized until I notice people staring and laughing at him. Apparently they found his space needing moves funny or something, but I was completely stunned by this idiocy! Who the hell are you people to laugh to someone clearly having fun and enjoying everything that clubbing is all about! The guy did well not giving a fuck about what the others thought and giving everything he had the whole night. Thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson, if you are reading this. Keep it up <3

Apparently the nightclub had also taken some ninjas as customers. But every time I tried to take a picture of them (or anything else), they vanished using a smoke bomb as a cover. Darn those bastards are fast and devious! I also had a hard time with the frontal lights at the DJ's desk, mainly with the red. They were so bright that my flash couldn't compete with them and thus every DJ present now has a colorful face. The OMK-count this time was 19.

- Riku

28.10.2012 // Tampere2ibiza Halloween Special /w Hilton Caswell (By: Timo)

Back 2Ibiza.. in Tampere

They started already on Friday at Lahti. I myself was playing another gig that day so I joined the crew on Saturday. It was nice to be back at Tampere. Today I was planning to test a little bit higher ISO values (12k ->). The main floor was quite big and I didn't want to use flash that much and then high ISOs are the only way to go. I must say I'm pretty happy that I got a new camera because with the old one I bet I would have had much more difficulties to get a decent gallery.

The party itself was once a again a great success! Pretty girls, happy people and of course top of the class DJs. Enjoy the photos and see you all next time. :)

- Timo

27.10.2012 // Tampere2Ibiza Halloween Special: w/ Hilton Caswell (By: Henr


If Lahti rocked their Tivoli, so did Tampere too! Wonderful party with wonderful people, what else does it even need?

This party was really a happy ending for this great 2ibiza-weekend. Thanks for everyone who joined the party this time and see you on the next flight!

- Henri

27.10.2012 // Tampere2ibiza Halloween Special /w Hilton Caswell (By: Tero)


Just insane.. END OF MESSAGE

- Tero

27.10.2012 // Lahti2Ibiza Halloween Special: w/ Hilton Caswell (By: Tero)


2Ibiza guys really rocked my world this night. I've NEVER seen Tivoli at Lahti in this condition, the setup was HUGE! the stage was magnificant! Big thumbs up to Diinu & guys for this one. Others WILL DEFINITELY mimic this.

Enough with the talks, too tired to write anyways, go and check out the pics!

- Tero

25.10.2012 // K-System Presents: Glow Party, Kokkola (By: Henri)

P_A_R_T_Y !

Kokkola just had IT. If last Glow Party-tour in Kokkola was crazy, this was madness!

I'm really looking forward to next gig in Kokkola, too bad that party lasted only one night. I'd been glad to be there even for longer... And those girls, if any of you gets to read this - call me maybe? ;)

- Henri

25.10.2012 // K-System Presents: Glow Party, Seinäjoki (By: Henri)


Great night in Seinäjoki, there could have been some more partyanimals, but Quality over quantity - the floor had it's dancers. (:

- Henri

25.10.2012 // K-System Presents: Glow Party, Rovaniemi (By: Henri)

Hello polar bears!

Naah, there rly aren't any polar bears in Rovaniemi (Or atleast I didn't see any), but there was something.. some hell of a party !

- Henri

25.10.2012 // K-System Presents: Glow Party, Oulu (By: Henri)

Hello lapland!

K-System rocked the Apollo Oulu on his Glow Party -tour. First gig for me in Oulu, definitely not the last. ;)

- Henri

25.10.2012 // Pussy eau de club 14th anniversary

Pussy eau de Club. To be quite honest not one of my favourite clubs from day one. Having said that Pussy has become more and more important for me year after year. Currently there are two persons in the finnish clubworld who can pick up the phone, give me a call, ask me to do an event photography gig and get a positive response. Taru, the mastermind behind Pussy eau de Club, got me to pack up my camera gear even now - over 5 years after I've announced my "retirement."

The paragraph above should say an awful lot. The love I've got for Pussy is well deserved. The 14th anniversary of the club was something I didn't want to miss. The night was hot and moist and so were the crowd. More of the same would be too much but since I'm voracious I'm already looking forward to the next time.

- Jone / SESSIONS2

24.10.2012 // Pussy eau de club 14th anniversary - Jägermeister photowall

Here are the photos from Jägermeister photowall @ Pussy eau de club 14th anniversary. Hope you enjoyed your Jägermeister. I know I did.

- Jone / SESSIONS2

24.10.2012 // Techmu 15v (by Riku)


My first UG-party, nice! I was kinda on a bad mood the whole time, and I think it can be seen in the photos. Caro also stole my 5DMkIII mid of the party and I had to use the old MkII, which was a pain in the ass. Oh well. I did enjoy the party anyways.

- Riku

21.10.2012 // Spacehouse : Electric House (by Karo)

Beam Me Down Scotty!

It has been a while since the last spacehouse event, or anykind of event held at Route66. The place is well decorated, athmosphere is nice and the place looks cool. It was nice to see many oldtime clubbers from Kotka Scene dancing to the beats of Sergei Shkuroff - who really rocked the place with his tunes!

- Karo

21.10.2012 // Poplife pres. Hardwell (by Timo)


Two new things happened to me some days ago. Finally I got my own Nikon D3s + I got also one of the finest and sharpest lens ever; 14-24mm super wide angle. I must say that with these gear you feel that there cannot be that dark that you couldn't handle the situation. Didn't happen this time either. At Poplife there was a plenty of light and some smoke too to help to reach for the feeling. Unfortunately CO2s and confetti cannons didn't work as expected.

Still the party was awsome. I must say it's been a looong time since I've seen the place so crowded. People seemed to enjoy and Djs too. Dannic was a nice surprise for the night and he with the main star Hardwell totally destroyed the dance floor! But enough talk. Let's check out the pics. Enjoy!

- Timo

20.10.2012 // Poplife pres. Hardwell (by Tero)

Well, that was Hard!

OMFG! First time in years when the party place was almost full when I entered the party 30 minutes after the doors opened!

So from the first artist, first beat, first hour the place was rocking!

- Tero

20.10.2012 // Techmu 15v (by Karo)


Techmu, 15 years old! Nice! Techmu is an organisation of the students studying at Lappeenranta University Of Technology. THe whole group is very dear to me, as I was "the chief" five years ago; damn did we had great events back then! Club Y, Konehuone, Club Olohuone..! Lot of nice memories, happy faces, and luckily this was kind of a get together with the old folkes!

Union buildings basement rocked as it always did. There was a lot of clubbers, students and other ppl having fun and dancing. Some idiotic arse tried even to pull my pants down - maybe it is something that he usually does when drunk (btw, if you want to go out for a date, use some other means).

Nothing much to say about photographing. I tested Rikus 5D3 for a while and encountered a problem with St-E2 and measuring the right amount of light with straight flash, but it was ok anyway :) The gallery is more about party portraits, but hey, enjoy :)

- Karo

16.10.2012 // Before Neverland Tour 2012 (by Riku)

Heeere's Riku!

Nothing special to say, great party and surprising active people - I like! Though I'm still strugling with the smoke and the red walls. Red, RED EVERYWHERE!!!

- Riku

16.10.2012 // Katsudocon (by Riku)


It's anime time again! This time in a smaller scale, as it was first time ever Katsudocon was arranged. I didn't have much time to stay as I had another event to photo, so I missed almost everything nice - such as the afterparty.


Your faithful animegeek


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