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03.03.2013 // Empire w/ Above & Beyond (by Timo)

Lots of LOVE and Group therapy

After two years of wait they're are back! Above & Beyond! No need to say more.

Check out the pics!

- Timo

03.03.2013 // Tivoli presents: Nari & Milani (by Karo)


I have been photographing at Fredan Tivoli couple of times and it has been all the same everytime. I really have trouble to concentrate on photographing the event when all the time someone is poking me or pulling my sleeve asking for a picture. Most of the time I had to decline because there was no room to photograph 3-5 clubbers in tight situation or I was hunting something else. Those "friend photos" that are ok, are published here and the rest have been deleted, as usual :)

The RED room gave some extra challenge because of the color. I was also climbing the struss-structure trying to find a decend angle (+ it was smoky as hell). Interesting night all the same :)

- Karo

02.03.2013 // FINRG & Futuristics: The New Era (By: Tero

Enjoy, I'm speechless..

- Tero

02.03.2013 // DJ SM Semifinal (by Timo)

Just for fun this time

Sorry for not being updating the "old" S2 page for a while. Were working on something new and just have been testing it's uploads and stuff and have have enough effort to put pics also on our main www. Last night I was checking how good todays DJs are in Finland. The best Finnish DJ Semifinals started last night in Onnela. Just wanted to test my newest tele zoom lens.

Pictures have been taken with very HIGH ISO level (lot's of noise) and they probably are tilting quite a lot. But If you don't mind that, please enjoy the pics!

- Timo

23.02.2013 // Entropy 20v <3 Techmu (by Karo)


Once again I just had to visit lappeen Ranta! Entropy is having their 20y/o birthday bash tour and this time it was Entropy <3 techmu.

Gallery is not as big as usual as I was just having fun and chatting with old friends - but here are the photos anyway :)

- Karo

03.02.2013 // Replay (by Karo)


After Rinneradios gig we headed straight to downtown. Anselmi Kuusisto, ShineFish and Roy Trek were spinning some house music at Coffee House so that was our destination.

I decided to take some shots just to give a glimbse that lounge style events do work outside Helsinki. Having fun, couple of ciders, and then back home!

- Karo

03.02.2013 // Rinneradio feat. DJ Muffler (by Karo)


It has been many years since I last heard Rinneradio performing. It was in Mikkeli (maybe 7 years ago) and I didn't have my Camera with me. This time I had an opportunity (no work and a free night + free next morning) to attend and I managed to get a permission for photographing from all three facets (Tapani Rinne, Kouvolan kaupunki and Rockadillo's management).

The gig was something else that we are used to photograph and what you are used to see at SESSIONS2. It was a real concert, not a mindless rockin' party inside a misty club. It was nice and to shoot frames without a flash and do photos that are really authentic. Music was nice and Mufflers beat gave an extra nice addition to Rinneradios music. Hope you like the photos as much as you liked the gig!

PS. This was one of those gigs that one should really listen and watch first - and then take a camera and photograph the second show. Unfortunately, they only had one play at Kouvola-talo, so I had to concentrate more on the photographing than listening :/

- Karo

19.01.2013 // Club ID (by Riku)


It has been about a month since I last had camera in my hand. I have been busy due the school and stuff and there hasn’t been demand for my service here in Jyväskylä. A night off again, but I wanted to try how rusty I was.

The venue was all new to me. It had high ceiling and the floor was huge. I counted 43 partylights and few strobes and there were cool decos at the Waikiki bar. I liked it a lot – as I did for the event. The music wasn’t surprising, but people did like it. I, however, did expect more visitors and a lot more familiar clubbers, shame on you who didn’t show up!

As for whole, I was really, really tired the whole night. I wasn’t on the mood at all and there was quite many asking for a friend-pic – and this didn’t cheer me up, quite the opposite.

Sorry if I disappointed you by not publishing photo of you, but hey, it was my day off and I wanted to do something like this (:

- Riku

13.01.2013 // SESSIONS3 Hybrid is coming!


Some of you might have noticed, that there are not so many new galleries at SESSIONS2 that we have photographed. We are testing and coding the base of a new site. The hybrid version of "SESSIONS2 and SESSIONS3" will be published in 1-2 months. All of the missing galleries will be found from the new hybrid version after it is online!

Here are some major changes:
- Reworked structure
- Galleries are named "Events"
- Possibility to gather "Events" under a "Tour"-page or "Chain of Events"-page
- More efficient search tool (aka more detailed database)
- Maybe a database of venues and event organisations too
- More detailed introducion page for SESSIONS2 crew
- More information about tours and events
- Detailed statistics of all content at SESSIONS2

The hybrid site's layout is quite similar to the SESSIONS2 you are used to but a bit more harsh because of new features; it will be totally reworked at some point by someone (who, we do not know yet) :) Main reason why we are releasing the hybrid version is to check out how it works in use (it has been beta-tested for the last 6 months).

If you have something to ask or you find some bugs, just send us/me some email!

- Karo

01.01.2013 // Swedish house mafia Afterparty (by Timo)

Don't you worry child..

if you missed the main concert of SHM. The afterparty was awsome too.

Enjoy the pics!

- Timo

01.01.2013 // Bass - New Year (by Timo)

Happy New Year!

Bass moved from Porvoo to Helsinki.. just for this night only.

What a party it was!

- Timo

07.12.2012 // Fiilis - We Love Pikkujoulut (by Karo)

Merry etc!

The annual Fiilis We Love Lil'Christmas -event went as it normally does! Ppl dancing, drinking and having fun!

Not much to say, nothing special took place, except DJ's spinned better music than in other house events (look who's talking) :>

Santa was also around, in the dj booth too!

- Karo

02.12.2012 // K-System pres. Glow Party, Lahti (by Timo)

How Glow can you go?!

Very.. I must say. This was some quick change for my night off. Tero got something into his throught and asked if I could cover for him. I did and Lahti turned out to be a success. Lahti has very pretty girls and nice Glow :)

See you next time! Enjoy the pics!

- Timo

02.12.2012 // Alex Kunnari pres. LED (by Timo)

The Wall.. No.. The LED wall

Alex Kunnari brings the massive LED wall to Helsinki. Pretty awesome party at Onnela.

Standard night for photoshooting.

- Timo

18.11.2012 // SÄDE TOUR 2012 - Säde & Fury (by Timo)

Congrats Säde & Fury!

SÄDE crew has been entertaining us for the last 14 years. They had a tour around the southern Finland and ended it last night in Helsinki. It's been approx. 2 years since my last hard dance event.. or so I remember. This was a good change to escape to the harder side. The night was awesome! happy people, good music and the Venue is not the most common place for me to photoshoot.. and That I mean as a positive feature.

The thing with Venue is that it's a bit dark so I had no other change that use the flash most of the night. Usually I'd prefer not. Well still I think I did it pretty ok. What do you think? Check it out!

- Timo

17.11.2012 // Techmu Pikkujoulut (by Karo)


It has been too long time since I visited "The Bunker" at Lappeenranta. It is a real bunker build in the '40s, time of the 2nd WW - a real underground event this was!

The purpose was to celebrate that upcoming christmas - or more like for an excuse to have an ug event with quality music amongs friends. I took couple of CD's with me since it was more or less open decks -event, was fun! I had to leave the place early and the record shows that 45mins after the place was packed with students partying - well, maybe next time I can stick around longer!

- Karo

11.11.2012 // Poplife pres. Sander Van Doorn (by Timo)

Trolls & Doorns!

This fresh new concept Poplife seems to be quite tough player from the start.. Few events and each and every night they provide the biggest and the newest Djs from around the world. This time it was one of my favorites SVD. You should also watch out for the duo Qulinez.

Wicked party and I had fun taking pictures once again. See you next time!

- Timo

11.11.2012 // POPLIFE presents: Sander Van Doorn & Qulinez (By: Tero)


I'm speechless.. Just check out the pics..

- Tero

03.11.2012 // Escape to Dance w/ Ben Gold (By: Tero)

Golden boy, golden gig! Enjoy the pics.

- Tero

03.11.2012 // Bass - project LED (by Timo)

Bass wall, LED bass, LED wall @ BASS!

I Just love Porvoo! This time we saw something different. Alex Kunnari and Bass crew got together and put a määdness LED wall to enhance the visual experience. Success!! Full house, beautiful people, wicked tunes.. What else you need for a party…? ;)

Pretty standard night for shooting.. I borrowed 24-70mm F2.8 lens from my friend and that shows.. :) Coolness! Enjoy the pics!

- Timo

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