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07.07.2013 // Club Terraza (by Karo)

House music!

I was here to spin some records (as Caro) and then it was all about chilling and enjoying the music. Basicly took all the frames by sitting in one position :)) This event was powered by HAD Audio's very little outdoor setup that sounds amazing!

- Karo

06.07.2013 // Helsinki House Nights (by Karo)


That more or less is what Fredan Tivoli is all about. This time (ofcourse) it was spised with quality boomboom. House at R3D and something other at the main side.

Photographing is a bit challenging because of the smoke surrounding clubbers, but sometimes it's like that :)

Wll, enjoy the photos! Cu!

- Karo

30.06.2013 // Bossa - London Edition

Summer is here.. almost!

Very interesting combination! About 14C, house music, "summer breeze" and outfit designed for 24c ... ! Bossa will rock this summer, that is for sure - the place is nice, food is great, happy faces and you can see the ocean. Excellent! I will definately attend Bossa again <3

- Karo

27.05.2013 // T.G.I.Summer Santorini Season Opening Party (by Riku)

Hello Vaasa!

First of all, an unpaid commercial: Sky Nightclub Vaasa may be the most comfy nightclub I have ever been. It's a youthful penthouse nightclub at very good location and the staff... so kind and cheerful!

The party was good and I hope that TGI Summer will be successful. For me it was a reminder, that the summer is just behind the corner - if not already here. Guys from WeSmile sure knew how to play, no questions asked. I also loved the house beats Juha Uusitontti and John Isla gave us. Thanks!


20.05.2013 // Fiilis 10v (by Riku)

Happy Birthday dear Fiilis!

Ten years of great partying and funky house music has come to an end. I had the privilege to see the last years. Thank you.

Ps. They had a bubble machine and everything!


15.05.2013 // ErilaZ album release party (by Tuomas)


So, what else am I to do when a dear friend calls me and asks if I'll grab my gear and come shoot them performing at their bands first record release? I'll say "Fuck Yeah!" and ask for details. Erilaz is a band that plays heavy, dark industrial music with flair of humour. Set in bar Bäkkäri, filled with goths, rock and roll enthusiasts and some qurious onlookers they had a good show for the night! A dj, an mc and a band, The night was awesome. I mean, before the band started, MC Raaka Pee played Snap. Can you think of anything better than that! If this makes no sense to you you might want to see the man (in pictures, you'll recognise him…). The lighting in the club was not optimal to my liking, but there were other photographers that handled that I decided to concentrate on the main stage. Sometimes it's good to see that the time spent off camera hasn't made me a total cripple. Also, cause I like the guys, I'll put in a shameless promo: The Album is in Spotify, I'd link the album also in iTunes, but fuck that, get it from Äx or something :)


09.05.2013 // Bass w/ Matisse & Sadko (by Timo)


Bass was mad once again. This time in Helsinki and with Matisse & Sadko.

Enjoy the pics!

- Timo

27.04.2013 // Bass - project Glow (by Timo)

Feel da BASS!

Enjoy the pics!

- Timo

27.04.2013 // We Like (by Timo)

I like

You like

We like!

- Timo

26.04.2013 // Extravadance Cruise (by Karo)


Happened to be at the same cruise as NRJ's Extravadance and Shapeshifters! As I had played Lola's Theme too many times, I decided to take a peak and make some photographing effort at the same time.

Unfortunately I was a bit drunk, but so was the audience :3

- Karo

26.04.2013 // Extravadance Festival 2013 (by Karo)


NRJ Extravadance club cruise! We had loads of stuff to photograph! Life at the ship, National DJ championship semifinals, cruise radio by aamupojat, Judge Jules and many other great artists and Dj's - had a blast!

- Karo

25.04.2013 // K-System pres. Glow Party


For some reason this gallery never made it to - it has been published at K-System's Facebook Page right after the event.

Not really much to say about the event. Nice dancers, nice artists, nice ride at the sea; don't remember when I last photographed in a ship's nightclub, must have been some Goom-cruise several years ago..


- Karo

22.04.2013 // Whiteout 2013 Saturday (by Timo)

Whiteout day 2


Enjoy the pics!

- Timo

22.04.2013 // Whiteout 2013 Friday (by Timo)

Whiteout day 1

What a nite!

and the story continues...

- Timo

22.04.2013 // Whiteout 2013 saturday (by: Tero)


- Tero

22.04.2013 // Whiteout 2013 friday (by: Tero)

Let there be lazerz!!

- Tero

20.04.2013 // The Tiger presents: AMNESIA Superclub (By: Tero)

Ibiza times - good times..

- Tero

20.04.2013 // Extravadance Festival 2013 (by: Tero)

Look ma, we're at a boat!

- Tero

20.04.2013 // Instagrammified Wonder 2013 Friday (By: Tero)

I was wondering how it would look if I'd make a gallery in style of 'instagram' (all pics shot with waterproof point'n'shoot)

- Tero

18.04.2013 // Whiteout 2013 Photobooth Saturday

PHOTOBOOTH pics Saturday



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