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15.09.2013 // FINRG & Futuristics: Friday the 13th (By: Tero)

Yet another great FINRG+Futuristics party!

- Tero

10.09.2013 // LBRNTH . 2000 / HUORATRON

Did you miss me?

So I took a long vacation, sorta retired kinda jaded. And then I decided to get over it and start actually doing things again. Things being photography. The camera felt good in my hands, first time in a long while. Then I saw FB event LBRNTH . 2000 that had Huoratron playing in it.

You have to understand, I've missed ALL the gigs in Finland by the man so far except one, the beginning of this summer. That was life changing event. It felt good to dance again. It was pure fucking bliss! I wanted to see it again!

Made few phone calls, sent few emails and apparently I was working again. Ääniwalli was an awesome place for this kind of event. The other room started with some kind of threesome of DJs playing "the best songs ever" from the beginning of the danceable electronic music to remixes of the day. Then there was strange noise paintings in the main hall before the banging tunes got out. Needless to say, strange but nice.

Still the highlight of my evening was meeting the man behind Huoratron face to face for the first time. The set did not disappoint me it was just as religious event as the one earlier. It was fucking magic, I tell you, Magic.

I've now found the light - Tuomas

08.09.2013 // Clublife & Monday Bar Black XL pres. HEADHUNTERZ

Hard with style!

After three weeks break just couldn't have got any better start for the fall than Clublife. This time they collaborated with the one and only Mondaybar and brought the biggest hard dance headliner at the moment, Headhunterz. Just absolutely stunning!

Check it out yourself!

- Timo

04.09.2013 // Sour (by Karo)


After two nights of photographing I happend to notice on Facebook that Orkidea is having a gig at Jyväskylä on sunday! What a perfect excuse to go out and practise some more of non flash photography!

Music was even more to my liking than it usually is and the venue, Club Escape, really really looked nice. Must love what they have done to the place - visit the place! But anyway, here are the photos, hope you like 'em!

- Karo

04.09.2013 // Antti Tuisku (by Karo)

Moaar of S2vibes !!

This time it was mr Antti Tuisku performing at Amarillo Kotka! Anttis gigs are always nice to check out, energetic and sweaty :>

- Karo

03.09.2013 // Ruska Open Air (by Karo)


It has been too long since I last attended a REAL event of electronic music that reflects the original em-culture! These forest events are really one of those rarities! Two stages, chill, psy and stuff!

I decided to shoot this event just by using 85/1.2II in the lightning conditions that were present at the event. It was really fun to step out of the box for a while and do some serious shit boosting ISO's to the max and using really long exposure times (without a stative) leaning into trees and rocks :3 Mi liek! <3 Hope you like the photos!

- Karo

03.09.2013 // Neverland 2013 - Saturday (by Karo)


After the first day we were a bit tired but anxious to hit more frames of the second day! Unfortunately it started to rain like the hell itself would drown and they had to close down the outer stage after Orions gig. Party went on and here are the photos from saturday!

- Karo

30.08.2013 // Neverland 2013 - Saturday (By: Tero)

Neverland! Day2! GO!

- Tero

30.08.2013 // Neverland 2013 - Friday (by: Tero)

Never say never!!

Pure awesomeness!

- Tero

30.08.2013 // Neverland 2013 - Friday (by Karo)


First trip to Oulu just for a event of electronic music - it rocked! The event met the highest standards with lights, visuals and stuff. Really liked it! Must visit it next year!

- Karo

26.08.2013 // Bossa - Ibiza Edition (by Jukka)

25.08.2013 // Rock & Wrestling Rampage (by Karo)


More S2vibes material for you! This time it was Rock & Wrestling rampage @ Rout 66 (Kotka). This was my first event attending show wrestling event. Yes, I used to watch this kind of entertainment from the Tv as a kid - but seeing it live was something else!

First gig with my new Canon 5D3 and it works like it should. The first camera that is not a 1-series body but does the job well, gotta love it :)

- Karo

10.08.2013 // Housemania (by: Tero)


Yo, Hämeenlinna! Yo, Housemania!

- Tero

10.08.2013 // Liberty Classic Car Fest (by Karo)


This is my first S2vibes release! Jeij! Classic Car Fest @ Route66, Kotka. Modified V8 machines, rock music and people having a jolly time!

- Karo

04.08.2013 // Bossa


BossA @ the hearth of Helsinki! What more could one ask for? House music? They have it!

Pretty challenging place to take photos, but all considered everything went well - hope you enjoy the gallery!

- Karo

04.08.2013 // Summer Up Festival


Some rap and urban music, there you go!

- Riku

30.07.2013 // Summer Sound Festival / Friday (by Karo)


Once again a massive event! A lot of big artists and my favourite Faithless <3 Finally got to take photos of Maxi Jazz and Sister Bliss :)


- Karo

21.07.2013 // Push Up! Presents Party Boat w/ Glen Horsborough (By: Tero)

We are sailing

BOOM! Grats Kari, the sailor team is having Bachelor party so don't mind them :)

- Tero

12.07.2013 // Anthema Open Air Festival Weekend


The first open air festival in the scene of electronic music - and the biggest one in eastern Finland also! Everything was in place and looked magnificient!

Lights at the event were amazing. Also one of the best I have seen in electronic events. It was pretty easy to photograph at the stage and everywhere. But ofcourse they were, Anthema had a light macigian the Silto! Nice job! And the sounds... HAD's sound system is definately one of the best sounding sets in Finland. The bass section goes lower than the music played and the highs sound cristal clear - they are so clear that DJ's really have to think what they have to play; and they have to play it with extreme concentration: the slightest off-beat will not be unheard. Luckily the monitor system was also up to date :)

Over 50 dj's, groovy sets, massive bass kicks, everyting.. but why the hell it is so hard for the ppl in Kotka attend this kind of festival events (it is not bind by the genre of the event). Was it REALLY that much (25€) for two days :D I really cannot get it.. Luckily there were ppl from all over the nation enjoying the event and so they did!

- Karo

07.07.2013 // Anthema Open Air PreParty

Funktion one!

This was the first time I was photographing an event at Club Soolo (which has Funktion One -sound system btw). This time it was a preparty for Anthema Open Air Festival (held in Restaurant/motel Road 66, Kotka next week). Main star was Lenno with his banging beats!

Not much to say about photographing though. I have been taking some frames with Canon 1Dx for the last month and now I was back on shooting with 5Dmark2. Have to say, that I really have to get a new body :/

- Karo

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