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02.05.2003 // Säde Gathering-gallery is online

Club Säde : The Gathering-gallery is online. Well, vappu is vappu and people were a bit to the drunken side... I was and so was the crowd. Despite that a few of photos turned out nice. I personally like maybe 5 of them but here's a set of 38 for you all out there.

01.09.2002 // MLNM Reflection-gallery is online

MLNM Reflection-gallery is online. Yet another experimental set; I was experimenting with a few techniques and it took it's toll, but I quite like some of the flicks myself. Although I still like taking photos at different events I must admit it's starting to feel more like a job than a hobby.

Thanks to MLNM organisation (Special thanks to Tommi, Karo & Kitty) for a great party and I definately hope it wasn't the last one even if the management lives in London from now on. My best wishes to those who leave Finland behind, I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

Once again, comments on the photos are more than welcome.

28.08.2002 // London Calling-gallery is online

London Calling!-gallery is online. This one was supposed to be online already a few days ago but I simply forgot the files to my HD.

20.08.2002 // Prophet-gallery is online

Prophet-gallery is online. I wasn't actually even supposed to be here (I'm not a huge fan of partying in the morning) and taking photos wasn't really on my mind before E. Ness asked me about it. So, I got a bit experimental, had fun and some of the flicks turned out to be pretty amusing. :)

19.08.2002 // Säde presents Lab-4-gallery is online

Lab-4 @ Gloria-gallery is online. Such a great party... I really feel more than a bit dissapointed as my photos couldn't capture the athosphere quite the way I hoped they would. Some decent flicks though.

25.07.2002 // Säde Weekend 2002 / day 2-gallery is online

Säde Weekend / Day 2-gallery is online.

23.07.2002 // Säde Weekend 2002 / day 1-gallery is online

Säde Weekend / Day 1-gallery is online. I'm actually pretty satisfied with some of these... Special thanks to Simo, Pinkki & *THE STROBE.* :D

Once again I must remind you that checking out these flicks isn't free; It costs you a comment. If you leave without giving one, consider yourself a thief. ;)

20.07.2002 // LSSS 2002-gallery is online

LSSS2002-gallery is online. A bunch of pictures from a three day period... Some of them are decent, some of them are plain scheisse, but try to enjoy them anyway and see you again next summer!

09.07.2002 // Vertigo 3th birthday-gallery is online

Vertigo 3v-gallery is finally online. Originally I planned to put these pics online soon after the party, but plans changed "a bit" as I didn't get my new computer in time and had to edit these with the old one.

Now the new computer has arrived, but I still ask you to be patient. It will still take a while before I can put the LSSS2002-pics online as they are on the old computer and I'm having trouble getting these two networked.

06.06.2002 // MLNM Mystique-gallery is online

MLNM Mystique-gallery is online. I must say I had a great time. :) I'm taking a break now, the next time I'm seen with my camera it'll be midsummer & LSSS.

27.05.2002 // Celebration Generation-gallery is online

The first part of my Celebration Generation-photos are online. More to come within a couple of days. Most of the photos are either little off focus and grainy... So, I'm not really all too satisfied, but I still decided that you propably want to see them after all.

23.05.2002 // Alliance-gallery is online

Alliance-gallery is online. Mainly off focus/grainy pictures, sorry about that. There only one photo I'm pretty satisfied with, amuse yourself and guess which one. ;)

22.05.2002 // Celebration Generation warmup-gallery is online

Many many news: 1) The "stolen" camera has been found, thanks to Andy Braun, 2) I finally bought the digital camera I dreamed of in the news headline 29.10.01 and 3) I have actually even taken some crappy fotos with it. :) There are still many features in that camera that I'm only starting to figure out now, but Devotion - Celebration Generation WarmUp @ Kaivohuone-Gallery is online anyway.

25.03.2002 // Devotion to Trance 2-gallery is online

Devotion to Trance 2-gallery is online. The pictures didn't really turn out as nice I had hoped they would, but what the hell, DTT2 sure was a fun event.

Little off topic: I heard that there's a gossip going around that I've sold my camera. :D I would like to thank the person who started spreading this one as I haven't really laughed my butt off this hard in a while. (...and believe me, I've heard good gossips about me & my friends even before this.) *LOL!*, as they say.

28.02.2002 // Garden of Eden-gallery is online

The Garden of Eden-gallery is finally online. Check it out even though I have to admit I was a bit dissapointed after I saw the flicks... Alcohol & photography don't mix, I guess.

18.02.2002 // Storm RIP-gallery is online

Here they are now, over two months after the party the Club Storm (Rest in Peace)-gallery is online. My apologies for the delay, but I've just been so-ooooooo lazy and I have no other excuse... :D

27.12.2001 // Future Planet-gallery is online

These flicks have been waiting on my desk for quite a while and now on my computer for several days. Anyway, Future Planet-gallery is online althought there are only 6 flicks to be shown.

24.12.2001 // MLNM meets Godskitchen-gallery is online

Hohoho! Merry Christmas... :) Millennium meets GODSkitchen-gallery is online. I also thought I would have the time to scan & edit the Future Planet photos as I have promised... but it's 05.00 am and I'm tired, so be patient.

17.12.2001 // Devotion to Trance-gallery is online

Devotion to Trance-gallery is online. Some of the flicks were taken by Erno & the picture of Orkidea was taken by Friik.

14.12.2001 // Storm 1st birthday-gallery is online

Club Storm 1st Birthday-gallery is online. Most of the photos have been taken by my gueststar photographer Kalle. Some flicks may seem more or less grainy which is the result of heavy cropping & editing which was unfortunately necessary.
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