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29.02.2004 // Hallmark 4th birthday-gallery is online

I had never been in Hallmark-events before because I thought I wouldn't enjoy them. Errm, saying I was wrong doesn't come easy to me, but the new venue Maestro totally rocked and whole event was a real success in my eyes. So, maybe this wasn't the last time I'm seen at a Hallmark-event... but next time I'll drink a bit less! x)

22.02.2004 // MLNM Conquest-gallery is online

MLNM Conquest-gallery is online. The new MLNM venue was really interesting and the event was well built & organized. I spent the whole night busting my own balls for photos. Now I'm exhausted and you have 50 photos.

Special thanks Tommi, Teemu and Sami, my guide on the heights.

09.02.2004 // Rush : The Pleasure Dome-gallery is online

Rush: The Pleasure Dome-gallery is online. I tried to get this set out ASAP as someone was already busting photographers' balls for not publishing photos "soon enough." (Hey dude, it kinda takes a bit of work, you know...)

I was a bit tired in this event as I had spent the last night in Lahti and only got a few hours of sleep. Had fun though and it was nice to have Überdruck again in Finland.

07.02.2004 // Movement-gallery is online

Movement-gallery is online. The event was very nice indeed for a hard dance enthusiastic, but the venue's roomheight made it hell for a photographer. I was pretty busy taking photos all night long... well, at least a few of the flicks look the way they're supposed to. ;)

02.02.2004 // Säde Hardcore-gallery is online

Club Säde : Hardcore-gallery is online. The weather on saturday was pretty hardcore (biggest snowstorm in a decade) also, so I was running a bit late. 21 photos anyway, enjoy 'em.

22.12.2003 // Impulse present Überdruck-gallery is online

Impulse presents: Überdruck-gallery is online. The venue was pretty packed and because of that most of the 33 photos were taken from the stage. I decided that after a quite rough weekend I deserve little amusement when choosing and editing the photos... as a result some of the images are hardly photos at all anymore.

The party was a whole lot of fun; Orkidea was on fire, Überdruck played an interesting set (even though I hated the track with Terminator-vocals!) and Proteus was mixing and performing with an unbelievable amount of energy. Special thanks to Tomppa & Risto.

10.12.2003 // Blush 1st birthday-gallery is online

Club Blush 1st birthday-gallery is online. My chronic tendency to kill people's skin with my external flash is quite obvious on these photos. Maybe I ought to tell people to start bringing some sun tan lotion with a 20 sunblock in it when I'm around?

The event was a real treat to my ears and I shoke my booty so much it's amazing I didn't dislocate my hips. Big up, Blush-crew!

10.12.2003 // MLNM Absolute-gallery is online

MLNM Absolute-gallery is online. Only 15 photos this time as I had to leave early because my girlfriend got sick. Sorry about that, MLNM-Tommi, Dyyd-Teemu and the others - Next time with better luck and a bigger photoset.

It's a shame this was the last time in Feenix, but I'm sure the new venue @ Caribia will be quite interesting. Looking forward to the next time already. ;)

10.11.2003 // Säde presents Lab-4-gallery is online

Club Säde feat. Lab-4-gallery is online. I took quite a lot of photos this time and as I was editing them I got a bit bored... So, I decided to give myself a bigger freedom in the way I edit the photos and as a result there's a set of 50 photos that differ from each other like night and day.

Oh, by the way; Lab-4 rocked so-ooooo much! I actually thought it'd be a bit boring as I've already seen them play a few times, but they had some really interesting new stuff. Now I'm definetely looking forward to the next time they come to Finland. ;D

08.11.2003 // Säde Weekend 2003-gallery is online

Säde Weekend 2003-gallery is online.

08.11.2003 // Säde meets Inferno-gallery is online

Säde meets Inferno-gallery is online.

08.11.2003 // Säde Rave-gallery is online

There's a simple reason why I haven't published these photos from 3 different Säde-events before this; The quality these flicks represent doesn't match my idea of "decent photos." Anyway, I have recieved so many requests over them that I decided to publish them after all. Enjoy the flicks and see you in Gloria tonight!

31.10.2003 // Rush 1st Birthday (feat.Captain Tinrib)-gallery is online

One of my favourite Hard Dance artists, Captain Tinrib, was playing in Finland last saturday @ Rush's 1st birthday party. I sure had fun, maybe even a bit more than I should've had. Anyway, Rush with Captain Tinrib-gallery is online for you to enjoy.

Substance's photos coming up in 30 minutes or so.

31.10.2003 // Substance-gallery is online

Substance-gallery is online. I took these photos the night before Tranzexperience but simply haven't had the time to give them the finishing touches. Anyway, now they're available. They're my first test set after getting a new flash which pretty much means that you shouldn't expect any quality whatsoever. x)

14.10.2003 // Tranzexperience-gallery is online

Tranzexperience-gallery is online. Even though there has been some pretty harsh critique in the air after the event I must say I had a great time. For the first time ever I had a chance to put my stuff into a locked locker and a peaceful place to empty the memorystick when it was full. Gotta appreciate that.

30.09.2003 // Club Infinity-gallery is online

I've gotta say I had a great time last friday at Club Infinity. I even had a Canon 10D (thanks to Janne) + couple of really nice lenses (thanks to Ville and Vaavu) with me to experiment with and even though I must admit I didn't quite get the hang of it yet it was a lot of fun.

So, check it out. Club Infinity-gallery is online. Special thanks to Kalle and Juke for organizing the event.

08.09.2003 // Unity : The Island-gallery is online

Unity : The Island-gallery is online.

08.09.2003 // Impulse Summer Trance-gallery is online

Impulse Summer Trance-gallery is online.

08.09.2003 // Domination-gallery is online

Well, guess what? The "couple of days" turned out to be a couple of weeks or so. Depending on who you ask, I've been either very lazy or very busy or maybe even a combination of these two things

20.08.2003 // Afternoon in the Sun 2003-gallery is online

Afternoon in the Sun 2003-gallery is online. I would like to thank all artists and party people that made this event possible - I had one hell of a birthday even though the sun didn't really shine that much and it actually rained for a while. The photos are © Anne Joutsiniemi, I only took a few them this time.

Also, many people have sent me email asking about photos of a few other parties; I'm working on those and in a couple of days I will publish photos from 3 Säde-parties, Unity - The Island and Impulse's season closing party. Please be patient, I'm horrible at sending replys to emails. ;)

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