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16.12.2013 // Colors Festival 2013 - Day 2 (by Timo)

Day 2

can you handle it?


- Timo

16.12.2013 // Colors Festival 2013 - Day 1 (by Timo)

It’s on!

It’s all about Colors.. Different venue, Day 1.


- Timo

16.12.2013 // Colors Festival 2013 - Warm up (by Timo)

Colors warming up…!

It’s ATB madness.. R U READY?!

Check it out!

- Timo

09.12.2013 // Millennium 15th anniversary (by Karo)


Back at Turku! Millennium 15th anniversary event held at the Monkey! This year it was all about hardsutff downstairs and more melodic stuff upstairs.

It is always nice to attend millenniums events: first of all you meet loads of oldschool clubber friends and second, people are really enjoying the event. Well, enough the bla-bla, enjoy the photos!

- Karo

07.12.2013 // Full On Generation presents: Helsinki, Full On Night! (By Te



- Tero

16.11.2013 // Bass (by Timo)


Porvoo madness!

Check out the pics!

- Timo

11.11.2013 // Tuomas Kauhanen

09.11.2013 // Candyland pres. Mike Vale (By: Tero)

Can I haz candiez!!

Welcome to the candy shop! Whoo what a party! Moar plz!

- Tero

09.11.2013 // Floorluv (by Timo)

East Block!

First time in Floorluv! MASSIVE

Check out the pics!

- Timo

09.11.2013 // Point Break (by Timo)


Point break, the new house experience! Cool!

Enjoy the pics!

- Timo

09.11.2013 // Darude (by Karo)


Just a little photosession at Kotkan Amarillo while checking out 50/1.8 -objective!

There was some old trance classics and other hits for the people - jolly good time :3

- Karo

27.10.2013 // Antidote (by Karo)


The last antidote-event sounded like normal nightclub music you might expect - but this time it was electronic music all the way! Temper 2 put up a show which sounded like oldschool stuff to me; it had oldschool progressive vibes in it and I liked it, a lot!

Here are the photos, enjoy!

- Karo

20.10.2013 // Empire - Come together (by Timo)

iRok, uRok..weRok

Empire hits back! This time with all Finnish line up. Awesomeness once again.

Enjoy the pics!

- Timo

10.10.2013 // Kauppakadun Approbatur 2013 (by Riku)


More student life, this time with 3500 other students all over the city. Yes, I know. I don't know how to shoot in daylight.



06.10.2013 // Sunrise w/ Max Graham

Dancing in a moonlight, waiting for a sunrise..

Max Graham, Trance.. all you need.

Check out the pics!

- Timo


Yeah, I know that it is not EDM per se, but the people were dancing (in mosh pit), and some of the instruments were not acoustic. It was still one hell of a night!

Been a while when I was in a place which was packed so full that walking from one end to another was difficult, this was one of them. Lucky for me, I didn't end up in the pit with all the headbangers! Erilaz opened the night with a bit more industrial set. Please go see the picture of Proteus disrobing for the joy of the whistling audience, the bearded singer making furious fist pumps trough the set slowly warming up the grows to making proper noise noise and Aqi looking fabulous behind his synth. I'm glad that I was present when their album was released earlier this year.

The main star of the night was Turmion Kätilöt with their new album releasing the same night. Technodictator was revived by some to be "too complex for average metalhead", but fuuuck it was massive! I was planning on moving to get something to drink but it was impossible to leave my spot as the noise was making everyone move to it. I loved it. All the sweaty people sharing the glorious sounds! Thanks for the good evening out guys! You rock.

Also, I'm still wondering why the fuck did I take pictures of MC Raaka Pee playing the synth with his dick.. yes, you read that right.

MY ears are still ringing - Tuomas

21.09.2013 // The Antidote (by Karo)


Last time I was at Night Vantaa, it was spinning some '90s music with friends! This time it was shooting frames at Antidote -event! Nothing special to report, everything worked just fine and Jace + WeSmile rocked the crowd!

- Karo

21.09.2013 // Bass (by Timo)

Life is life!

Bass is Bass!


- Timo

21.09.2013 // Ruska Open Air (by Riku)

Rave on!

Sorry it took so long, I have been busy at University and with all sorts of things. Here's a minigallery of Aamu's great UG-event. I had fun there, loved the music and the pitch black photoenviroment. I had a hard time taking photos of the sky due the cloudy weather, and altogether this gig was quite experimental thing for me.



16.09.2013 // Freshmen's Weeks

Chemistry jokes? NO

Freshman week, that's what has been taking my time lately. One missing gallery on Aamu's event coming soon.



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