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13.07.2004 // Konemetsä-gallery is online

Description later on.

07.07.2004 // Latotanssit @ UG-gallery is online

Typ0-Jari and Jii75-Jani held a small UG-party to celebrate their birthdays, which was a whole lot of fun. I got to play my first b2b-set in front of an audience with Typ0 as ”Skai.” It seems it really doesn’t take too much trying to totally rape & kill fantastic classics like Cocooma’s Virtual Experience & Fierce Base’s I Thank You Elvis. xD

I had a blast (even though I could’ve done without bitching at the cops), thank you!

07.07.2004 // MLNM Summer Club-gallery is online


It's been a while when this event was held but I have been quite busy so publishing these pictures has been delayed. The Millennium Summer Club Event was held in Porvoo and it was totally new venue for these kind of parties. Unfortunately I missed the Diffas house set because we arrived a little bit late and then Cosmo started his trance set which was so good that I decided to spend some time on the dance floor. After that Triton started his thance/hard trance set and I had time to get some photos. Well after all I didn’t get quite so many pictures. And after all it was quite a challenging place to take photos. So have look.

- Joni

07.07.2004 // Club Soma-gallery is online

The guys of Club Infinity are now running a new club called Soma. Club Soma’s opening night was real success with a house full of audience and 2 DJ’s (Simon Templar and JayKay) banging some really nice house/progressive house tracks. Even though I had a fever I simply could’ve missed this one as the club is organized in my little hometown of Kerava.

It’d be nice to see Club Soma to become a monthly event. Keep up the good work Kalle, Juke & Jere! More photos will be published as soon as I get them from Janne – A guy I’d like to thank for letting me use his Canon D10.

21.06.2004 // Trinity gallery is online

Trinity was pretty much the first ever event that we here at SESSIONS2 decided to recommend and it certainly met the high expectations. It’s always nice when events get organized at Kaapelitehdas and as it’s financially a pretty big risk it would be nice to see finnish clubbers appreciating that. We know we do! ;)

SESSIONS2 team spent pretty much all night shooting video footage and photos. Jari ”Typ0” Matikainen is now a part of the team and he will take care of the video-section from now on.

20.06.2004 // Building Trinity-gallery is online

As usual, it seems a fair bit of SESSIONS2's users is pretty eager to see the photos from the latest event. I'm working on the Trinity-photos but it will take a while before they're ready. In the meantime, here are some photos of building the event.

18.06.2004 // Trinity will be held tomorrow @ Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki

A massive Trinity-event will be held @ Kaapelitehdas tomorrow. Such names as BK [Nukleuz/Frantic] (Uk), GUFFY [Nukleuz/Frantic] (Uk) , CALLY & JUICE [Nukleuz/Bionic] (Uk) , PROTEUS [Säde/Logic] and TIN TIN [Dirty Dj´s] (Uk) will be spinning records at the main stage. Besides the main stage there will also be a trance stage and a chillout.

More information available at warmly recommends this event - See you there!

14.06.2004 // Unity : The Island 2004-gallery is online

What can I say? Even though the weather wasn't as good as it could've been Unity - The Island was a complete success. Unity organization sure knows how to treat a clubber; the venue (Uunisaari and restaurant Uunisaari) still is excellent and everything was arranged just right.

Even though I spent most of the night taking photos and chitchating all around I had quite enough time to dance also. Last hour of Orkidea's set was a total blast and when he played a remix of Prodigy's Voodoo People this photographer went totally mental.

It's a shame this was the only Unity - The Island-event for SESSIONS2 crew this summer. In july we're at Konemetsä and in august at DanceValley #10.

06.06.2004 // Rush : Future is Now-gallery is online

The new venue @ Kaisaniemi was a real suprise; when I arrived there an hour before the party started and took a look around I wasn't all that convinced by the place, but during the evening I started liking it more and more. The atmosphere was really something else in a good way!

Orkidea´s hard set was a real success - Just gotta love the man. Carbon Based played a nice set with some renewed old and familiar tunes + a few new ones if I'm right. Proteus played b2b with Sebastian and some of the tracks played were real ear candy. It was nice to hear PoC's "Lush" with a fair bit of scratching and a bit of other tricks. ^___^ Scot Project's set was a lovely ending for the night with pretty awesome remixes of various classics.

The quality of the photos I took varies a bit too much, which is a shame. Kaisaniemi was a pretty hard venue for photography and smoke didn't actually help the situation either. I hope you like the flicks anyway.

Oh, last but not least we are proud to announce that SESSIONS2 has made a deal with Rush organization about event photography - Which means we now officially handle event photography at all up and coming Rush events.

20.05.2004 // Loco : Live & Direct-gallery is online

Some photos from Loco - Live & Direct. Longer description will be here later on.

13.05.2004 // SESSIONS2´s Video-section is now open!

SESSIONS2´s Video-section is now open for public. Even though the site is mainly about still photos we will make some short videoclips of events every now and then. Even though the first videos will definitely be something else than masterpieces we aim to do better ones in the future.

Video-section is under "interviews & misc."-section and will start with 2 videos; Rush - "Pure Energy" & Säde - "5th birthday."

02.05.2004 // Säde 5th birthday-gallery is online

2 days of partying in Gloria... Säde 5th Birthday party was a real success and both days were sold out. Besides the 30 photos (some of which are pretty poor quality according to our own standards, but we decided to publish them anyway...) we here at SESSIONS2 will also publish a video to celebrate the event and it should online by the end of the week.

SESSIONS2 congratulates Säde Organization for the first years and wishes the best for the future!

11.04.2004 // Rush : Pure Energy-gallery is online

The whole house was on fire; Rush - Pure Energy really kicked some behinds as the evening was started by E-NRG and after his set it was time to let Proteus behind the decks. Seeing those two sets left me wondering what would come as the crowd had already gone basicly mad... Kris Kylven sat behind a set of electronic drums and played a half live set with Sebastian, which I really enjoyed. I'm not usually a huge fan of UK dj's, but Kevin Energy really was "something else"; his mixing and scrathing skills totally took the roof of!

It was nice to hear that Pain on Creation is soon to become the next finnish music sensation in the field of hard music as their tracks were played in the event by E-NRG and Proteus. It seems the crowd loved the tracks just as much as I did when I had a look around while dancing. Special thanks to Ville and Vaavu for letting me use their equipment; I couldn't have taken a full photoset without them (...and even though I wasn't familiar with the camera, I started to get the hang of it in the end).

Happy and tired SESSIONS2-team stands waiting for more.

29.03.2004 // A few Oceania-photos online

Oceania was a whole lot of fun even though I had taken only 3 photos before the flash unit broke down. Anne took most of the photos during the rest of the cruise.

Special thanks to those 64 of you who voted Sessions 1.1 for website of the year.

16.03.2004 // SESSIONS2:n ensimmäinen haastattelu on julkaistu

SESSIONS2 matkusti tiistaina 09.03.2004 yhden miehen voimin Lahteen haastattelemaan NRG-puolen suomisoundin kiistatonta ykkösnimeä, Carbon Basedia. Paikalla oli koko kokoonpano; Teemu Lahtinen, Petteri Kääpä, Toni Eronen, Ari Virtanen aka. DJ E-NRG sekä FINRG Recordingsin edustajana Ville Sorsa, joka myös DJ Rx:nä tunnetaan. Pojat olivat hyväntuulisen oloisia ja kiitettävän puheliaan sorttisia; paljon mielenkiintoista kuultavaa tulevaisuuden kuvioistakin paljastui kuin itsestään. Suurinpiirtein puolivakavalla naamalla ja asenteella saatiin osa haastattelusta tehtyä, mutta vähäinenkin vakavuus katosi kyllä jossain vaiheessa.... ja hyvä niin!

12.03.2004 // Inkvisitio Ix-gallery is online

A few pictures from january 04's Inkvisitio-event. The event was really something else compared to regular clubs nights in a positive way. Experiencing the HC-voices of the underground being alive and kicking and having a hot cup of coffee at the same time--- what more can one ask for? Unfortunately we left just before Folio's live performance, but it was nice to see so many people from Kerava representing with pride.

Thank you, we will come again!

08.03.2004 // SESSIONS2 is now open for public!

"Our new websolution is now open for public. Many new features have been added; you may write comments on the photos, send quick messages and banner-advertising is available for promoters..."

07.03.2004 // Pacifique-gallery is online

Pacifique... I'm pretty much speechless. The event was something unbelievable. The combination of good music, nice people and a great venue created a truly unique atmosphere -- It was a summer inside Serena and yet you could see the winter outside at same time.

The conditions were pretty harsh for photography as it was really hot and humid. My trustworthy F707 was getting all foggy in a matter of seconds. Well, 30 photos anyway... Enjoy them.

03.03.2004 // Essays-osion prologi

"SESSIONS2:n "essays" osuus tulee sisältämään pohdintojani ja niihin liittyviä kirjoituksia "bilekuvauksesta" eli elektronisen musiikin ympärillä pyörivien tapahtumien valokuvaamisesta. Esseet eivät juurikaan tule sisältämään teknisiä ohjeita tai kuvausmetodieni selityksiä, koska olen sitä mieltä että kunkin bilekuvaamisesta kiinnostuneen henkilön on syytä opetella nämä asiat itse..."

[Finnish only]

29.02.2004 // Delta-X:n puheenvuoro uusioteknoilijoista ja -teknoilusta

"Kaikki leviää käsiin. Kaikki on liian fiiniä. Missä ovat varastohallibileet, yölliset mystiset kinkerit? Mitä on tapahtunut yö-bilekulttuurille? Bileistä pitää saada viinaa, siideriä ja kaljaa, aulatiloissa mieluusti kokolattiamatot ja palveleva narikka, ja voi helvetti jollei ole hifi-äänentoistoa uv-valoilla ja dekoraatioilla höystettynä! Teknobileistä, rave-kulttuurista, on tullut trendi. Ennen tehtiin siistejä juttuja koska ne olivat teknoa. Nykyään tehdään siistejä juttuja koska, noh.. jotta näytettäisiin siistiltä ja friikiltä."
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