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03.12.2004 // Domination part 2-gallery is online

03.12.2004 // Loco pres. Rush Winter Mayhem Warmup-gallery is online

03.12.2004 // Säde Back to Back-gallery is online

16.11.2004 // Storm - "Second Rebirth"-gallery is online

27.10.2004 // Säde Classics-gallery is online

26.10.2004 // FINRG Tour 2004 (Tampere)-gallery is online

18.10.2004 // 2 years of Rushmania-gallery is online

13.10.2004 // Pupilli pres. Electronic Order-gallery is online

I briefly visited this UG-event and took only a few photos. The venue was as nice as ever and I truly hope people get a chance to organize more parties there.

13.10.2004 // Afternoon in the Sun 2004-gallery is (finally) online

This event was in august and now it's october... Well, I've been busy, damnit! ;D

Guess what? It rained again. Last year it rained just a bit during the day and only a fairly small amount of people of showed up. This year it rained bucketfulls of cats and dogs, but still approximately 200 people showed up with their umbrellas. It was awesome seeing clubbers dancing in the rain to Prodigy's No good (Start the Dance) and other wicked tracks delivered by the dj's. Personally I spinned the records for about half and hour, which was pretty much a total disaster, but I had a whole lot of fun even though I was so nervous my hands were shaking like leaves in the wind.

This had to be my best birthday party ever. It didn't go according to the plans, but some really nice suprises (special thanks to Mayah & a bunch of people from Klubitus) made me go all speechless for one of the first times in my life. I would also like to thank the dj's and other individuals that helped to make the event possible.

See you all again next year! - J.

21.09.2004 // Tranzexperience 04-gallery is online

Tranzexperience04 definetely was much more of a pleasant experience than the event year before - and I really liked Tranzexperience03, too!

The venue (which was just the right choice for that amount of people), the decorations (it was really nice to see that "psydecos" work like wonder also in trance events), tunes delivered by the performing DJ's (and the live artist) were quite enough to get me going (event though some people have stated otherwise) and even the fact that most lights weren't working as they were supposed to didn't bother that much.

20.09.2004 // Building Tranzexperience 04-gallery is online

I was pretty tired after friday's Säde event when I drove to Tampere to take photos of the building process of Tranzexperience04, but it sure was worth it. I tend to get frustrated when finnish clubbers whine about the cost of tickets and checking out these photos should give everyone even a distant look into how much work is put into just building the events (which is just a small part of the work organizations do before the event is ready for clubbers). If I ever see anyone whining again I'll tell them to check out this gallery and to think again.

19.09.2004 // Säde presents Lab-4-gallery is online

Even though Lab-4 has been in Finland many times before it's always wicked to see them play live. This year many new interesting tracks were heard, which was nice because even though their classic tracks kick ass most of us have heard them countless times. Friik also kicked some serious monkey nuts with his set and I even had to abandon my dear camera for a while to get a chance to dance.

Gloria had been somewhat renewed; the bar upstairs is a whole lot nicer than it used to be, but the little bar downstairs next to the dance arena could've been at least a bit camoflaged as it's fridges show through the whole damn room. BTW, DominikH is the new owner of my Sony DSC-F707 and the goodies that go with it. Start expecting photos from him soon. ;)

12.09.2004 // Nousu launch party-gallery is online

Fairly low amount of people showed up, which is a shame but in a way quite understandable - September's Rush-event had been only a week before at the same venue. This was the first in which I was using my new Canon EOS300D instead of the old camera and I must admit I was a bit confused with it.

09.09.2004 // FINRG Tour 2004 (Lahti)-gallery is online

It seems Lahti never fails - As a matter of fact you could say Lahti is Finland's new Turku. This was the last event in which I used my old camera set and it felt a bit weird after 2½ years of shooting photos with it.

08.09.2004 // Rush : Hard Generation-gallery is online

Description later on.

13.08.2004 // Dance Valley #10 - "A Decade of Dance"-gallery is online

It's best let the photos speak for themselves as it's simply impossible to describe the way Dance Valley #10 was. 50 000 people, perfect weather, amazing stages and artists...

This was my first time ever partying and taking event photographs outside of Finland and it was a total blast even though it seems parties as big as this one are a bit overwhelming to a smalltown finnish guy. It was a real pleasure to meet some of the people of PartyFlock (dutch party forum) and I hope to see you again soon! Some more photos of Dance Valley will be published on Proteus' ( ) website tomorrow.

10.08.2004 // Bussi-04, todellaki!-gallery is online

Rush organized a trip to Dance Valley #10 - "A Decade of Dance" and what a trip it was. 36 hours of sitting in a buss to get there... Extreme solutions were required whether it was about keeping people awake or getting them to sleep. After a whole lot of alcoholic beverages, sausages, sandwiches and gigarettes consumed we reached Amsterdam.

We are gathering all of the photos taken during the trip and will publish them here at SESSIONS as "Bussi-04 - Todellaki!"-gallery. To get your photos published here, send them to .

10.08.2004 - Photos by Elsa Crockatt added
12.08.2004 - Photos by Jouni Väänänen / SESSIONS2 added
09.09.2004 - Photos by Jouko Raudasoja added
09.09.2004 - Photos by Teemu Keisteri added

25.07.2004 // SESSIONS2 takes a summer vacation

SESSIONS2 production crew will be on summer vacation until the 1st of september. Before that we will not be developing the site, taking photos in any domestic events (Afternoon in the Sun being an exception). Many of you have been asking about videoclips; they will be published as soon as they're done.

Enjoy your summer and eat a lot of strawberries!

23.07.2004 // Afternoon in the Sun will be held once again!

SESSIONS2 organizes Afternoon in the Sun-event third year in a row to celebrate the birthday of the man behind this site. Once again the event will be held at Hietaniemi beach, Helsinki. Hopefully the weather will be better than it was last year; it rained quite a bit during the day but still quite a few people showed up.

As the event is held at a public beach we can't use a massive soundsystem if we want the party to continue as long as is planned. DJ's will be playing mostly house and trance (possibly also psytrance) + the evening will close with a hardtrance set.

22.07.2004 // Rush meets Dragon : The Awakening-gallery is online

Description later on.
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