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13.07.2005 // Pussy eau de Club 7th Anniversary-gallery is online

Pussy's 7th birthday was the second Pussy-event I ever went to and the first one on camera duty. The night was a bit of a challenge (which is always a good thing to a certain degree) but I was simply delighted to see that Taru and her crew had put a lot of work into the event. Studio 51 looked amazing, the shows and the human-cake were excellent and the crowd seemed to agree with me as the place was packed pretty tight.

05.07.2005 // Calenders for the year 2006 by SESSIONS2 &

SESSIONS2 in cooperation with has decided to publish 2 calenders for the year 2006 - One featuring female clubbers and another one featuring the male counterpart. This is a totally non-profit project (none of the people involved will get paid) which we have decided to do for fun and charity purposes. The profit of this exclussive (only a decently small amount of calenders will be available) project will be donated to a mental health organization or some other benefical cause.

More on this subject later on as the project evolves.

19.04.2005 // Laserpoint 2005-gallery is online

This year's Laserpoint totally blew the roof off. There hasn't been such a great atmosphere in the Cablefactory since Labyrinth 2001, so it was awesome to see bigger successful can still be done.

Personally I waited the night's opening DJ (Darude) with great interest - although I must admit I was more than a bit to the sceptic side. I honestly thought we were going to hear "Sandstorm" and other stuff like that, but he played a quite nice trance/proggressive set. The foreign guys after him started by some uplifting tunes and moved onto more banging beats during the night.

I walked all around the place taking photos - Rauta-arena was filled with smoke and a bunch of technoheads, WCDJ's had a wild crowd as their audience and Genki totally owned arena 2 with his stormy set. The ending DJ in the main arena (Proteus) was definitely the best shit of the whole evening; nice tunes and a totally mad & wreckless stageshow!

We here at SESSIONS2 are already looking forward to Laserpoint 2006.

18.04.2005 // Impulse 3rd birthday-gallery is online

Impulse-events are usually somewhat crowded but for some odd reason the club's 3rd birthday event was pretty quiet. I caught a mild food poisoning on the way to Lahti and spent most the night trying to cope with that. Still, E-NRG and Bates played some older tunes that forced me to the dancefloor and the Organ Donors seemed to have pretty interesting set.

Happy Birthday Impulse!

18.04.2005 // Rush - "Meltdown"-gallery is online

Rush Meltdown's visual side was one of the best I've seen in a long time in hard dance events - Lots of light (almost too much on the stage), really nice decorations and well thought stage setup.

E-NRG gave the night a kickstart with a pretty cool and banging set, which makes it truly a shame there wasn't too much audience at the time. I also very much enjoyed Pain on Creation's set with their new tune played in front of an audience for the first time. Charlotte Birch dropped a set that mainly contained UK HH, which I'm not a huge fan of. Audience seemed to like it though and even though I do think she should take it easy with the flanger the set was positive suprise.

22.03.2005 // Ota osaa kyselyyn - auta SESSIONS2:n kehittämisessä

Haluamme parhaamme mukaan kehittää saittiamme kävijöidemme näköiseksi ja siitä johtuen suoritamme käyttäjäkyselyä täällä. Kysely käsittelee käyttäjiemme mieltymyksiä sivustoomme liittyen ja sen lisäksi yleisiä käyttötottumuksianne webbipuolella.

Kyselyn tippuvalikossa olemme vielä vanhalla osoitteellamme ( Toivottavasti mahdollisimman monet teistä ottavat osaa kyselyyn kehitystyössä auttamisen nimissä - kysely ei vaadi henkilötietojen luovuttamista.

SESSIONS2 kiittää vaivannäöstä.

21.03.2005 // Hallmark : Titanium-gallery is online

19.03.2005 // Mindcore-gallery is online

I haven't had a chance to visit any hardcore events lately and even though I'm not a huge fan of that kind of music, it's much fun every now and then. I truly enjoyed Mindcore even though there were more than a few technical difficulties.

As it saturday evening and I'm in a hurry to get into another event of this weekend with my camera, I'll let the photos speak for themselves. They are like the party and the music were - a bit to the ruff side. Hope you like 'em anyway.

One more thing though: HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY CRISS!

08.03.2005 // Club Soma-gallery is online

Last friday it was time for Club Soma once again. As we don't really have that many club nights in my hometown it's always an occasion someone organizes one. This time there were two resident dj's (Simon Templar & JayKay) playing and Soma had brought over Milla Lehto from Helsinki to show the contents of her recordbag.

Unfortunately I pretty much missed JayKay's set and got to hear only about 20 minutes of it. After him Milla Lehto played some really nice and rocking heavy duty breaks, which I simply loved and the night was ended by Simon Templar's proggressive trance / trance-set. Winkee's "Whisper" was one of the last tracks and I've got to say it just keeps on working time after time.

06.03.2005 // Pacifique 2005-gallery is now online! (for real this time)

I simply loved Pacifique last year and was almost certain the event wouldn't fail people's expectations this year either. Serena Waterpark had been turned into a fantasy clubland of waterslides and tropical atmosphere and it looked even better than a year ago.

As I'm a bit tired at the moment I'll let the photos do the talking.

28.02.2005 // Rush - "Next Prophecy"-gallery is online

I just got myself a new F1.8 / 50mm lens (special thanks to DJ Criss of FHC) a few days ago and Rush was my first chance of putting it into a test. So, because of that most of the photos are closeups this time. I'm actually looking forward to getting to know the lens better because it seems to be a pretty damn cool piece of equipment considering the fact that it's pretty cheap too. Well, enough about that...

Rush had moved from Aktia-sali to Gloria this time and I think I've never seen Gloria's stage look as good as it did now - Saco of Dust Decorations had made some really nice and massive new decorations. It's a shame the PA didn't function as well as it should've because DJ Rx started the night with a pack of definite hard dance classics ("Pentium", "Reformation 2" and "Photic Zone" just to name a few.) and his set was followed by Carbon Based's that totally blew the roof off. The night's international guest star DJ was Superfast OZ and unfortunately he got more than his fair share of the difficulties with the PA. I've got to say I still loved the tunes he delivered and that personally I haven't been quite as excited about any foreign star since Rush brought the legendary Captain Tinrib over.

Special thanks to Petteri & Teemu for the ride to Helsinki and Rx-Ville for the ride back to Kerava.

23.02.2005 // Iglu Tour @ Tampere-gallery is online

Iglu Tour is on the road and this saturday they had an event in Tampere. OlliS started the night with progressive tunes and slowly built his set into bit more uplifting stuff. Somewhere in the middle he even did some backspins - something I've never heard in a set of proggressive trance. I don't quite know if I loved it or hated it, but it certainly was something new.

Somehow I had a memory of John "00" Fleming playing stuff I wouldn't like, so it was a lovely suprise to notice that my memory had failed me once again. J00F's set consisted mostly of psytrance and some of the tracks he threw in were total killers that set the crowd on fire. I didn't care that much about Robert Miles "Children" (which is a terribly overplayed and corny track if you ask me) though - J00F played it in the end his set.

Photography was a bit dodgy because of the blueish color theme used on the lights. Still putting all this, the massive decorations, nice sound and friendly crowd together it was a terrific night.

22.02.2005 // Impulse pres. "Infection"-gallery is online

Impulse's "Infection" was simply fantastic and I actually got a bit infected by the tracks DJ Poliisi delivered. I'm not usually that much into psytrance, but the stuff Poliisi played impressed me quite a bit from time to time.

Even though the event was in Lahti quite a bit of people from the capital area had shown up, which is always cool. Personally I think Impulse-events are always worth the drive and it really doesn't take much more than an hour to drive there from Helsinki anyway. Special thanks to Risto, Tomppa and Teemu (CB) - you all kick ass.

20.02.2005 // The Saunaboys' "In the Heat"-video is published

Prepare for a spectacle; SESSIONS2 & FINRG Recordings in cooperation present Saunaboys' "In the Heat" as a music video. The video is available at and comments are very welcome. Get your chips, a few frosty beers, sit back and enjoy.

This the first official cooperative project between the two parties, but certainly not the last.

17.02.2005 // DJ Proteus interviewed by SESSIONS2

SESSIONS2 attempted to do an interview with the hottest DJ in Finland, DJ Proteus, as soon as the official results for the Hard Dance Awards were published and this opportunity came up last monday. Due to a very busy schedule on both parts the interview was done over the phone, which as a though made me a bit restless. Luckily Proteus had a lot on his mind and the interview was done in a relaxed atmosphere.

06.02.2005 // Säde Season Starter-gallery is online

Säde Season Starter really started the club's 2005-season with a bang - Especially Genki kicked ass with his d'n'b-set and Proteus feat. Relic & Adam of Lab-4 was something quite unique. The best Hard Dance DJ in the world, two sets of drums played by Relic's drummer and Adam of Lab-4, Proteus' brother behind a synth and some crazy guy with a guitar... Basicly all that worked together pretty well and the tracks Proteus spun crowned it all - loads of older Lab-4.

Special thanks to Octan & Triton for the fresh new mixtapes.

02.02.2005 // "Kemiallista rakkauttako?" - Artikkeli ekstaasista

Arvioiden mukaan Englannissa ekstaasia käyttää joka viikonloppu jopa miljoona nuorta. Siellä ekstaasikuolemia raportoidaan noin 50 vuodessa. Vuonna 1999 Suomessa takavarikoitiin runsaat 17000 kappaletta ekstaasitabletteja, mikä on yli viisinkertainen määrä edellisvuoteen verrattuna.

[Finnish only]

17.01.2005 // Rush NYE Banger-gallery is online

Happy new year 2005! I'm sorry it has taken this long for me to update the site, but I've been unbelievably busy lately with all kinds of projects.

Rush's NYE Banger was a great party - once again. Rush has grown to be a name you can count on in the field of hard dance in Finland. Alek Száhala's and Pain on Creation's live PA's were the cherry with a sugar coating on top of it all for me. It's a shame we didn't get to hear Carbon Based this time because the party was ended just when their set was supposed to begin due to some clubbers leaving the venue on ambulances after overdosing illegal substances. This is also the reason why an unusually large portion of my photos are of the artists; I usually take most photos of clubbers just before the party ends and this time it wasn't possible.

Following is a personal opinion: If you really feel you need to take drugs at these events at least be smart enough to know what you're doing. I'm sick and tired of seeing kids that are in a totally fucked up state just because they had to prove something to their buddies. It was quite close enough anyone didn't end up in a bodybag this time and I very much hope I don't have to hear such news ever again.

07.12.2004 // Rush - Winter Mayhem (/w Yoji Biomehanika)-gallery is online

03.12.2004 // Backlash pres. Rank1-gallery is online

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