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12.01.2006 // Unity - The Island (The white party)-gallery is online

Thought I wouldn't publish these either? Well, I certainly did think so.

The combination of feeling sick, having a terrible weather outside and my camera being busted after a certain european tour didn't really encourage to stay at the island for long even though I really wanted to. After hanging around for a couple hours and getting frustrated with my camera's AF I decided to call it a night and went home.

- Jone

11.01.2006 // UV:UG-gallery is (finally) online

A year late, a couple of dozen photos short... I bet you thought I'd never publish these!

Due to some unfortunate things that happened just hours before I entered this event I wasn't really in a mood for photography. I only took a very few photos and consider most of them to be way below my standards - still quite a few people have requested me to publish them during the past year or so. Here they are.

- Jone

02.01.2006 // Säde vs. [Reiv:]-gallery is online

A cooperative event between Säde and [Reiv:] was certainly interesting. It's been quite a while since there has been a lounge at Gloria and I hadn't seen Eliot Ness behind the decks in a long time. Neon, Proteus and Eliot Ness were the definete kings of the evening even though Eliot's mixing style was a bit to the heavy side most of the time. It made absolutely no difference anyway - I had a blast!

- Jone

31.12.2005 // Mindcore II-gallery (by Tuomas) is online

Fucking A!

All night of hard banging, mind bombing beats and furious anger comming from the speakers. Those of you who attended this were blessed by the sounds that make lesser men tremble. As the stoneface of the Finish scene has said: "Tää ei ole mitään maitopersemutsinnussijamusiikkia" Dont bother translating it wont do the word or the music any justice! Hardcore to the bone! Sorry for the slow delivery of the pictures, I know, I'm lazy.

- Tuomas

30.12.2005 // FINRG Comminatio Arctica Tour-gallery is online

Uh-oh, it's been a while since I've updated the site, but 3 more updates (1 set of photos by me and 2 by Tuomas) are just around the corner. Be patient!

FINRG's Commination Arctica-tour had quite an spectacular ending at Diva, Lahti. Although there were some technical difficulties it really didn't matter that much as the crowd seemed to love what they heard and saw. Most of the night the dancefloor was on fire.

- Jone

18.11.2005 // KS2 CRMMP - klubitus/SESSIONS2 Calendar Release Mega Mayhem

17.11.2005 // Rush pres. Hardtimez (by Tuomas)-gallery is now online

The holidays were long gone and I had to blow dust of the lenscovers. The usually so familiar camera felt quite strange in my hands and I had to check and recheck the settings which have never been so well off. Thankfully the hard and banging music made me feel more than just okay in the set. Towards the end I found myself holding the camera with the same ease as ever. Still I must apologise for the small amount of presentable pictures, but hey, not every time is a success even if the surroundings rock!

Thanks again for the Rush organisation for great event even though people don't seem to appreciate foreign artists :(

- Tuomas

16.11.2005 // Rush pres. Hardtimez-gallery is now online

Unfortunately Rush pres. "Hardtimez" was a bit ironic name for this event. Usually I try to write very positive feedback, but it's about time to face the facts - there weren't nearly enough people at the event even though Rush had brought over Gaz West and Phil York. There was no apparent reason for the crowd not to show up. Gloria looked fine as hell. Parker Kane worked the lights and the lasers like never before. The VJ squad did their part. The DJs and Carbon Based delivered tune after tune after tune. The price for advance tickets was 12e, which should give no reason not to come.

To be quite frank I feel that the finnish audience can't always appreciate the amount of work that is getting done in order to guarantee a continuous stream of quality events for them to enjoy. Everything should be cheaper, yet at the same time people are demanding more and more. Then again it seems low prices are more important than quality. It just doesn't add up.

- Jone

02.11.2005 // Säde Halloween-gallery online

After I had already spent one night photographing and it was time for the second one in a row I felt exhausted. Well, a couple of drinks and a bit of fooling around (Triton, sorry about that sitting down on the dancefloor-stunt;) with my mates later I was ready to go at it again.

Unfortunately my exhausting shows on the photos this time. It was still cool to shoot at the Säde Halloween event and I've got to say the highlight of the evening for me was when DJ Hellraiser played Marc la Cruz's "Future Prison." It's one my favourite tunes of all times and I hadn't heard it in a bit.

- Jone

01.11.2005 // Klubitus' The Mansion-gallery is now online

Klubitus' "The Mansion - Halloween Masquerade" was also the 5th birthday party for A lot has changed during just a few years time - The last Klubitus' birthday party I attended was held in a small cabin in Järvenpää. This time the venue was a bit fancier - Kaivohuone had been decorated to fit the mood of the event and I have to say I loved the way it looked.

I was on a photo duty all night long, but spent most of my time at the photopoint we had set up for the Battery's costume competion. So, my apologies for bad photos, but I was in a terrible hurry most of the time!

Special thanks to my assistant Mikko "Nomify" Oinonen

- Jone

20.10.2005 // Competition & Photopoint @ Klubitus' "The Mansion"

Battery energy drink is organizing a costume competition at Klubitus' "The Mansion"-event. SESSIONS2 photographers have been booked to organize a photopoint in which the audience can get themselves photographed for the competition.

04.10.2005 // Rush 3rd birthday-gallery is online

I still had fever and an awful flue on saturday morning when I woke up. Feeling shitty and weak almost made me call Sebastian to inform that I couldn't unfortunately do my share of the event and stay home. Somehow I managed to pull myself somewhat together and headed to Gloria.

It was awesome to see I didn't do it for nothing - Saco had made some new cool decorations for Rush, Parker Kane did a kickass job in the LJ-duty and most of the DJ's and other artist that performed that night were on fire. Special "big up" goes to the Chix on Dix-crew; I haven't always been the biggest fan of their shows, but it's strikingly obvious the shows have become better and better over the years. This time there was so much going on all the time I even had trouble keeping up with it and I didn't get it all on my camera.

One more time - Happy birthday Rush!

- Jone

03.10.2005 // Rush 3rd birthday (by Tuomas)-gallery is online

Wow! Things were definately organized big time for the birthday event. Music banged hard and loud from the start and the big name dj Lisa Lashes did a good job of finishing the evening once and for all. If things escalate like this what will happen next year?

Even though I managed to take pictures of all the performers and more people that are shown I must appologize for the bad quality of most photos must have been related to the ammount of sunspots and the average annual outcome of peruvian defence ministry. Hope you like the ones that passed trough the screening.

- Tuomas

30.09.2005 // Säde "Proteus's 10th DJ Anniversary"-gallery is now online

Too much hurrying will never get me there. I tried to get to the site early, honest. There just were too many things occupying my mind just then. This unfortunately shows in the pics I took when I arrived. Luckily I managed to get a few good ones later on. Seems I still need to get used to crowded places as Gloria was packed with people who all wanted to see Lab-4 and celebrate Proteuses 10th DJ anniversary.

I sure had fun and hope that we'll get to see at least another 10years of hard energy from Proteus and loads of high quality events from Säde.

- Tuomas

29.09.2005 // SESSIONS2 welcomes Tuomas Lairila!

I'd been watching Tuomas' way to move around the crowd and the artists at a few partys when he asked me if we have a strict "one photographer only"-policy here at SESSIONS2. I was actually delighted by this question as I had already started seriously considering asking him to join our crew.

I've known Tuomas for some time now - he's a nice bloke that seems to get along with people well, is quite polite and considerate with his camera, has good equipment, skills to use them and (first and foremost) is very eager to learn more. I consider myself somewhat of a fan of his attitude and expect he'll be shooting better photos than I ever have in no time at all.

28.09.2005 // Proteus EP release party-gallery is now online!

I expected there'd be nothing to take photos of at Helsinki Club, but fortunately I was wrong. Wednesdays are usually quite quiet but there was actually a fairly nice amount of people at Proteus' EP release party.

I'd never been to Helsinki Club before and was suprised to see it was smaller than I expected - a pretty cool venue though.

Even though the red walls look pretty nice they're a photographer's personal hell as using flash becomes quite challenging. On the subject of flash photography; I got my flash unit (Canon Speedlite 420EX) either stolen or lost somehow. If you have any information about it, please call me at +358 40 7021070.

19.09.2005 // Säde "Proteus's 10th DJ Anniversary"-gallery online

Lab4's annual visit to Finland has become kind of a tradition and something I've grown quite fond of. It was really nice to see the blokes (and Kym too - a definete queen of clubs) once again in Gloria. Their set was pretty much just what I expected it would be; a nice bunch of new tunes and a couple of classics. Adam even had something I've never seen before from Lab4 up on his sleeve and rocked the crowd twice by climbing to the DJ table in front of them.

Our very own Proteus was celebrating his 10th DJ Anniversary and did it with style as propably everyone expected. It was also very nice to see his brother Sickboy behind the decks (for the first time in front of audience?). Also many thanks to Triton, Friik & Neon - loved your sets.

15.09.2005 // Rush - "Nymphetamine"-gallery is online

Rush - Nymphetamine was quite an interesting event for me as an event photographer. I had to borrow a camera from a friend of mine (thanks Kalle!) as my own had some autofocus- and exposure-problems. It was a suprise for me to notice that 2 camera bodies that should be identical in fact weren't.

Rush had brought over LJ Parker Kane from Tampere and he arranged the lights in a way I wasn't customed to in Rush-events. It was actually really cool he had arranged two spotlights pointing to the DJ and one pointing to the drummer Kris Kylven. I had quite a bit fun trying out different photography techniques and strategies - some of them more successful than others.

04.08.2005 // Rush meets HQ-gallery is online

03.08.2005 // Säde Reunion-gallery online

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