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10.05.2006 // RAD 4-gallery (by Karo) is online

Hello there!

RAD 4 was the first one I attended. For the people to which RAD (Rave Against Drugs) is not familiar I have to point out that it's an event for the younger ravers in Finland. The age limit is 16 altho there were a lot of people who have had their 18y/o birthday a long time ago.

The music was a bit fast for me, but the clubbers at the scene seemed to enjoy their stay at RAD 4. The two stages were a bit too dark for me, so I don't have too many pictures of dancing people this time (either).

Thanks for Millennium/RAD for the photo pass. I Hope we'll see each other at the next RAD :)

- Karo

25.04.2006 // Fiilis & Trance Connection-gallery (by Karo) is online

Ding-ding-dong ^.^

The traditional Fiilis & Trance Connection easter party took place at Diva (Kouvola). There were not as much party people as the year before, but the night was a blast anyway!

Fiilis had two outstanding deejays banging quality house: Dj Robert Peterson (Bar Moskva, Estonia) and Alex Kunnari (Club Colors). People had fun all night long painting easter eggs and eating mämmi (= traditional Finnish easter food which looks and propably tastes like shit too).

Originally I had a plan to publish two galleries, one of Fiilis and the other of Trance Connection. But because these two events were in the same venue, it seemed like a good idea to combine these two galleries.

See you at the Fiilis 3y/o-party!

- Karo

24.04.2006 // Dance Republic-gallery (by Karo) is now online

Tra-la-laa <3

Jone called me couple of weeks ago to tell me that SESSIONS2 has a press pass to Dance Republic. At the same day as the event took place, I decided to come despite the fact that my wrist was (and is) in pretty bad shape.

I put a tight bandage around my wrist to limit the movement to the minumum and started shooting frames. After the night I had about 600 pictures. For some reason I wasn't able to shoot no morethan 10% of the 600 to meet my own standards (as low as they are). After striking out dozens of look-a-like frames there were 27 pictures left. Obviously this just was one of those weekends when taking pictures should have been left to the pros. Luckily the place was filled with photographers, so everyone will see loads of pictures.

Here is my 2cents :)

- Karo

23.04.2006 // SESSIONS2 welcomes Karo Holmberg!

Karo has actually been with us for some time now, so this is "old news" in my ways - I still want to share it with you though.

I started growing interested towards Karo as a event photographer by seeing his photos at Klubitus. The style of his photos set him apart of the other people whose photos are presented there. First time in a long while I was actually excited to see some fresh captures of the club culture and that was (and still is) because Karo obviously uses his head and is willing to go through a lot of trouble while experimenting with his camera. This experimental way of photography is the reason why I consider myself a fan of his work.

17.04.2006 // Battery/DJmag-photos are now online!

Battery Energy Drink provided an excellent opportunity to do a special photoshoot at Dance Republic. Our team took photos of members of the audience behind the decks posing as djs and in cooperation with the friendly people of DJmag these photos are now available as virtual DJmag-covers.

If you appear on one of these feel free to use it any way you like. Thanks to everyone that participated in this by having their photo taken and to Battery for making it happen!

- Jone

29.03.2006 // Pacifique 2006-gallery (by Tuula) is now online

This was the first time for me here, and it was quite awesome event though I didn't notice that until the next morning. I think that if I had been there before, then it could have been easier to take photos from different places and so on.

Allthough, this was really nice task to do, and I hope you'll enjoy these pictures. :)

- Tuula

21.03.2006 // Pacifique 2006-gallery (by Tuomas) is now online!


Long wait is over and these are finally up. It took quite long to tune and re-tune these pictures. But with the help of Karo Holmberg some of these look so much better now.

Actual event was a real challenge as me and Jone traded cameras for some shots, but alas. I can't work with his and he said the same about mine. So I ended up carrying the huge dive box camera set with me for the whole evening. 6 kilos, that's how heavy it was. Still I loved every second of it. Hope it shows in the pictures.

- Tuomas

20.03.2006 // Re:verse / Japan-gallery (by Tuomas) is now online!

I went to the other side of this globe and had a blast :) Knowing people who know people who know people usually helps so I didn't need to visit touristy clubs with no difference from clubs in Finland. Also I busted a myth of Tokyo being expensive. 3.5 euros for a gintonic is not expensive. Thanks go to Guld! I owe you one :)

- Tuomas

18.03.2006 // Pacifique 2006-gallery (by Karo) is now online!

Live and let live <3

I was extremely happy when Jone showed green light for me concerning about taking pictures at Pacifique. I waited this event like a teenager waits for the first one.

The warmth itself gave a nice challenge (I checked my pulse once and found out it was 160), but the event itself was something incredible. There were just too many interesting details to shoot at in 6 hours and I had some problems tuning myself into the right feeling of taking pictures, little stressed of the numerous details I suppose.

I knew that Jone and Tuomas would concentrate more of taking party people pictures and shooting the general feeling. So I tried to focus more to the feeling that Pacifique gave me. Interesting and beautiful people, astonishing colors and intriguing details. I took over 750 pictures and this gallery is definately the biggest and challenging at this moment. Just choosing the frames and editing them took three days (including my own life).

Hopefully you find these pictures visually appealing. All the best for you <3

- Karo

07.03.2006 // Pacifique 2006 afterparty-gallery (by Karo) is now online!

Greetings earthlings!

After the main event I had a real intention to attend the after party sometimes between 06 and 07 am. Accidentially I over slept and when I finally got to the scene the time was 10 am. So I had only 1.5 hours time to take the pictures, and I had no idea how many people there were earlier :(

When I saw the place I was close to terrified. Some smoke in the air and definately not enough light to take pics without a flash. Luckily there was nice spot-lights and two powerfull strobes on the ceiling.

Anyway I felt more at home taking these after party pictures than I felt at the main event. Main event was filled with things to photograph, at the after party I could use more of my imagination to invent interesting angles. Hopefully the artistic look is good enough for you too. Enjoy!

- Karo

06.03.2006 // Pacifique 2006-gallery (by Jone & Tuomas) is now online

Here you go - the first photoset from Pacifique 2006.

The event was really interesting and I did had (and still have) very mixed emotions about the whole thing. It was a visual heaven - nice decorations, lights, environment and shows. Everything was just like it should be but I felt really stressed out through the evening. There were simply too many visual impulses for a photographer and being able to only capture a small fraction of it made me feel a huge pressure to succeed.

SESSIONS2 had 4 photographer at the event; myself, Tuomas, Karo and Tuula. I teamed up with Tuomas to take some underwater photos (coming up) and when I was shooting with the diving cam Tuomas shot with my 300D (...and the other way around). That's why some of the photos on this set are by Tuomas and some of the photos on his set will be by me. Alltogether it was a really interesting experience.

I've been editing photos ~8 hours today so you could see them as early as possible and am pretty exhausted because of that right now. Hope you enjoy them even if I didn't wait to edit them with fresh eyes.

- Jone

04.03.2006 // Your picture on the cover of DJ Mag?

Your picture on the cover of DJ Mag? Battery Energy Drink organizes a fun photopoint at Dance Republic where you can have a photo of yourself behind the decks put on the cover of the famous "TOP-100 DJs" magazine. SESSIONS2 camera crew has been booked for this exciting task. The DJ Mag photos will be available at right after the event!

03.03.2006 // Entropy pres. TRESOR-gallery is online

It was about time to go deeper underground for a change, which was a refreshing thing to do after shooting mostly at bigger events & established clubnights. I met with Tuomas at the venue and he was kind enough to let me use one of his L-serie objectives - gotta love the damn thing and it's owner. After thinking about it a bit I ended up not taking many recognizable shots of the clubbers that attented the event to make my photoset go along with the mood of this underground bass-mayhem. Even though the music didn't really do it for me this time it was a real pleasure to be there.

- Jone

02.03.2006 // Fiilis (by Karo)-gallery is now online

Ping? Pong!

Fiilis is a sunday club of soulful electronic dance music in Kouvola & Lappeenranta. The formula of Fiilis is a sum of different factors: Friends, music and relaxing. Sometimes people relax thru dancing, but this time Fiilis was all about chilling and having a jolly time with friends.

More about fiilis from their web site

- Karo

01.03.2006 // Laserpoint 2006 (by Mikko)-gallery is now online!

Laserpoint 2006 was the first major event ever for me as a event photographer and I felt a bit of pressure about that. The camera crew proved to be excellent and the whole party experience left a good taste in my mouth. Thanks!

- Mikko

28.02.2006 // Pacifique 2006 preparty-gallery (by Karo) is now online!

Well hello everybody!

I am pleased to announce, that from this day forward I have been given a chance to be a part of the SESSIONS2 camera crew. That makes Pacifique the first project I am in as a part of the team. Looking forward to the main event btw <3

I thought that it would be nice to have some photos from the pre party. It turned out to be one of the most difficult scenes for me to photograph. I need quite a lot of light because I don't like to use the flash, but instead of the light the main side was filled with smoke. That's why all the pictures (except one) are taken from the chill-out zone.

Here are the few pictures for you, hope you like them :)

- Karo

27.02.2006 // Laserpoint 2006 (by Tuomas)-gallery is now online!

Laserpoint was the biggest event I've been taking fotos in and the difference was as big as the whole thing. So many people and so many stages. I had to take a break from shooting at some point and dance a while to ease the tension. But all in all I had so much fun! Well organised big events also bring new challenges to taking fotos, mainly the thing that all the time I had the feeling that I cant possibly cover everything that went on. Well I tried and I managed to get a few good one also.


- Tuomas

08.02.2006 // Laserpoint 2006 (by Martin)-gallery is now online!

First of all thanks to Jone / Sessions2 for choosing me as the part of Laserpoint 2006 event photographers.

There were so many beautiful females out there that it was almost distracting me. ;) The lasers and the main-stage lights were outstanding...must say closing act (Genki & Dr. Bone) rocked the house big time at Club-stage. Mad props!

I shot around 600 frames and after 4 hours of editing etc. there were left only 90 frames and half of them are viewable here on Sessions2. See for more pictures! Blablablaa... Enjoy photos! :)

- Martin

07.02.2006 // Laserpoint 2006-gallery is now online!

My Laserpoint was mostly about 1300 RAW-frames ( ~2,89 photos / every minute the event lasted). Now 00:27AM after some 12 hours of editing I'm done with them - the final count of photos is 65. Enjoy!

Laserpoint was a pretty big challenge for SESSIONS2. I gathered a team of 6 guys to capture the event for the audience to remember - Antti of Klubitus (photos already published), my wingman Tuomas (photos will be published here soon), Martin of (photos also to be published here), Nomify-Mikko (even more photos!) and Typ0-Jari (video footage will be published here as soon as he's ready with it.). Massive thanks to every one of the guys! It was a pleasure to work with you.

So, many updates are on their way. I just need to sleep a bit before that. ;)

- Jone

13.01.2006 // Rush NYE2006-gallery is online

Happy new year, everybody! I sure am hoping 2006 will be better than 2005 (which was a horrible year in so many ways).

I spent my new year's eve second time in a row with Rush and it was actually loads of fun. I had to improvise a bit since my trustworth speedlite transmitter had run out of batteries (which was my own fault) and didn't quite fancy that but in the end some of the photos came out quite alright.

- Jone

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