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09.10.2006 // Unity 10th birthday -gallery is online

The evening started with a lovely meal... *muttering* *muttering* UPLIFTING TRANCE!! *muttering* ...I was enjoying the view with Homegrove and some other guy... *muttering* A blowup alien-doll! *muttering* ...I sank my spoon into the chocolate cake... *muttering* ...and there it was - Orkidea's first recordcase! *muttering* Colors, strobes, smiling people... *muttering* The swans carved out of ice! I'm afraid I was very, very drunk!

Yes, I was very very drunk and didn't take too many photos. I'm awfully sorry about that but I really wanted to take it easy and relax with my friends - something I haven't had a chance to do in a while. Many thanks to Unity org and DJ Orkidea - you organize the most amazing events and I'm forever grateful for the fun I've had in them.

Happy 10th Birthday, Unity!

- Jone

11.09.2006 // Hallmark "Elevate" -gallery (by Jone) is online

Hallmark "Elevate" literally raised things to another level - I had a bit of trouble trying to locate the DJ at first but soon saw that the new DJ-stand at Virgin Oil Co. is on the 2nd floor way above the dancefloor. I'm not quite sure what's my opinion on that yet but it certainly made photography interesting and challenging.

I arrived little before 11pm just in time to see the riot police outside packing their bags and to hear over an hour of Mr. A's lovely set. The club itself was pretty as a butterfly and I must congratulate Hallmark as an organization for clearly having the most succesfull club concept in the country - there was a steady flow of people coming in through the night and the place was packed.

Most of the photos of the crowd have been taken upon request. I tried my best to find my way to take some dancefloor-photos but that was pretty near impossible because of the amount of people that were on it all night long. Had fun though!

- Jone

29.08.2006 // [Reiv:]-cruise -gallery (by Jone) is online

Cruising along the coastal line of Gulf of Finland with ~80 clubbers onboard was definately one of the highlights of the summer 2006 - at least for me it was. At 28 I tend to feel a bit old every once in a while and feeling old pretty much means I'm not so much into dark clubnights anymore. I definetely still enjoy them but it's cool to be able to something else for a change with the same people and "the same" music. Club [Reiv:]'s cruise was a great event for that - great tunes, lovely weather, meat & mushrooms from the barbeque, a couple of beers and nice group of people to do all that with.

Special thanks to Mr. Pink-Sami for buying the ticket for me. Even though I wasn't focusing that much on photography I think the mood of the cruise shows nicely on the photos. Hopefully we get to do this again next year!

- Jone

27.08.2006 // Säde pres. Lab-4 -gallery (by Jone) is online

"Hot" and "humid" are the two words that describe this event perfectly - It was actually so damn humid that our team encountered some of the same problems as we did at Pacifique which was held a spa! Joni's lenses seemed to get fogged and my speedlite transmitter stopped functioning properly for a while. Also the dancefloor was slippery and wet which made me avoid it.

Otherwise the night was close to pure perfection. Ioni, Triton, Friik and Neon delivered solid sets and it was really nice to see / hear Proteus play as it's been a while since the last time I've had to chance to do that. I was already pretty tired when Lab-4 started and tried to focus on my photography duties but I've got to say they're pretty much the best live act I've ever seen. The set was a nice combination of newer stuff and the old classics. Even though I've heard most of them countless times I was really looking forward to hearing them for the last time in Finland and the guys gave the audience exactly what it had come for.

- Jone

23.08.2006 // Afternoon in the Sun 2006 -gallery (by Karo) is online

Burning down the house!

The annual AITS was a hit! Party people up to a couple of hundred having a picnic at the fields of Alppipuisto, few dozen even dancing to the beats of the deejays.

As some of you might know, I broke my camera while shooting the Das Boot gallery a month ago. Luckily my big brother lend his equipment so I was able to take photos. This was the first time I carried two cameras suited to different situations: Canon EOS 5D (24-105mm f4 L IS) and Canon EOS 20D (100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L IS).

Weather was (as it has been thru out all summer) extremely dry. Grass was burned and there was no freshness to be found from the nature surrounding the venue. You can propably see the dry athmosphere from the pictures, as they look like they had been taken near sahara :)

Cu all next year!

- Karo

10.08.2006 // Danceteria-gallery (by Karo) is online

Once again, most refressing party to take fotos of. Mr.A & Orkidea played banging sounds while kicking the party people to fill up the dance floor. And filled up it was! In the middle of the night came Mikko Leppilampi with his bachelor party crew and gave kind of unusual show by singing Robbie Williamses and Frank Sinatras tunes to the party scene.

Photographing at DanceteriA has always a little twist near by the dj booth. Martins smoke machine gives a real thick cover which makes it almost impossible to take fotos. Just when you find a spot to focus the smoke comes again. But that's the way it is in a place with powerful air-conditioning. Despite of the air-conditioning the place was like an oven filled up with sweaty and happy people. Thanks to Anton Sonin for aSsisting me with the flashlight!

C u all next time!

- Karo

09.08.2006 // Das Boot-gallery (by Karo) is online

For the past 5 years or so Das Boots venue has been an old lighthouse boat called Relandersgrund aka 'Rellu' at Port of Kotka. This year Das Boot had to be moved to Varissaari-island near by because of the repairs of 'Rellu'. The night was near perfect Finnish summer night. Das Boot really gave the best to the people who attended the party. The Evening started with summerly house sounds aired by Caro² continueing with Pekko Haimis progressive beats and Mikis Mau's kickin' party house. The Fourth Dj was mr Daniel Braun with more electro flavoured grooves and finally Radiac played trance waves to the party people.

Due to the lack of disco lights photographing had a nice challenge with bringing different colors to spectators. I had to use the flash more than I would have liked, but hey, life is x) Here are the fotos, hope you like them!

- Karo

28.07.2006 // MILLENNIUM Loveparade warm-up -gallery (by Joni) now online


I was quite tired after spending the whole weekend in Konemetsä but still I decided to head to the Loveparade Warm-up event, because the event was held in a unique place called Nightclub LUX. When I arrived to LUX I was quite suprised how awsome the place was. It was so splendid that there were no extra decorations at all. The bar was in two foors and both floors had a big balcony. So that set me a challenge how to get pictures that I could share that sight to other people that werent there.

The lineup was of course the same than in Loveparade in Berlin exept Luka and ALT+F4. Mostly I liked DJ Tab & Super8 set, the dancefloor was full and people were really enjoining themselves.

But this time photos will tell really more than a 1000 words =) so enjoy.

- Joni

24.07.2006 // [Reiv:] 2nd birthday-gallery (by Jone) is online

Happy birthday, [Reiv:]!

There aren't many clubs in this country that reach their second birthday before I've had a chance to check them out at least once. I'm glad I finally did it with [Reiv:] since the birthday party kicked some major donkey cojones. Even though the crowd came in pretty fast around 22.30 (which is really early in Helsinki) it's a shame most people missed at last half of Mr. A's set - a shame because he dropped a great tune after another and at least I was quite excited about it.

Orkidea delivered as he usually does and I quite enjoyed his set too but still decided to spend most of it in the lounge listening to Mekaanikko's selection. Mekaanikko and Samuli Kemppi got the lounge started like no lounge I've ever seen before - I'd hardly call it a lounge at all, it was the second main arena!

I had no idea what to expect from Farley "Jackmaster" Funk and am still quite confused on monday after hearing his set on friday. It was really interesting, that's for sure. Jackmaster is quite a character and seems to have so magic tricks in his pockets by which he hijacks the whole damn dancefloor - even though the set didn't have a clear theme, it lacked logical progression, the mixing skills he demonstrated were rather average and there was some rather radical jumping from one genre to another and back all this added up to an experience I will end up remembering for a long time is really positive way. There's just something about that man and his performance that makes me grin like an idiot - sure wish I knew what it is.

Eliot Ness' set ended the party and that was really the best thing at that point. I'm not saying I didn't like his stuff (because I did) but there event had turned into absolute mayhem and anarchy long before that. This is also a twisted compliment - the damn place was on fire and the crowd seemed to have lost all control of themselves. All that mattered was having fun and that's the way it should be.

- Jouni

23.07.2006 // Kaaospuhallus-gallery (by Karo) is online


This year's most waited and wanted beachparty @ eastern Finland, Kaaospuhallus, combined four organisations to three different stages. Horros's awesome chillout tent just next to the path leading to the other two stages. Housebase & Dimensions party-shed right by the beach. And the third, T.A.T.'s psy-stage in the middle of the forest.

There were couple of hundred people visiting three arenas pumped by more than 15 deejays/artists. The music selection had it all. From chill-out thru breaks to steady psy, trance-sounds and house-beats.

I was playing around with the flashlight transmitter from Tuomas, using couple of frends as assistants. There were not much lights to use, so the pictures are pretty much exposured with a flash. Hope you enjoy them!

- Karo

21.07.2006 // Konemetsa-gallery (by Tuomas) is now online


I've been to few parties lately but Konemetsä has been a "must go"-event for the last three times already. I've had so much fan before so expectations for this time were quite high. Sad to say this, but I almost wished that I woudn't have been taking pictures. The event rocked so hard!

Friday night was such a chain of artist that I just jumped from stage to stage and tried to get it all in. Saturday was hot and I felt it in the evening as Joni who is younger than me had still strenght left to jump around and take pictures.

- Tuomas

17.07.2006 // Konemetsa-gallery (by Joni) is now online

Hello everyone!

Some of you might have already heard that I recently joined SESSIONS2 camera crew - Konemetsä was my first project together with Tuomas.

This was the first Konemetsä I attended. It was a little bit different to take photos in the middle of forest than in a normal club night. But after all it was fun to spend a weekend in Konemetsä and the weather were fine. Actually It was quite hot during daytime (over 25 Celsius).

here are the photos, hope you like them =).

- Joni

11.07.2006 // annual meet-gallery (by Karo) is now online


This time the traditional gathering of took place at Otaniemi, Finland. There were a little under 20 of the active members hanging around at the backyard of Zebir's home.

The dj-booth was probably the lowest I have ever played in.. the table was almost 20cm high from the ground x) Almost everyone concentrated on the essential, drinking, eating and chilling.. oh, and the music (spiced up with "couple" of horse races while the deejays sat on car tyres) !)

- Karo

26.06.2006 // Svartholman juhannus 2006-gallery (by Karo) is online

Summer in da city!

The mid summer festival at Fort Svartholm, Loviisa was a nice change compared to a normal beach party or to a normal club night.

Svartholmas mid summer festival held two stages, Mixx and Teho. The whole island was a nice and impressive place, as was the list of deejays and artists at the event.

Although it was a two day event I only have photos from friday. They say that saturday was more like a party day.

But here are the few photos from Svartholm, see u all next time <3

- Karo

23.06.2006 // Säde-gallery (by Jone) is now online

Since you keep asking for them, here they are.

To be honest I really didn't feel like publishing these photos at all. At their best they're rather boring and many frames are just plain bad photography. Well, maybe they serve as an example of how things shouldn't be done in the field of event photography and remind me that the next time I'm going to a Säde-event I should propably drink less and shoot more.

- Jone

22.06.2006 // Beach Volley Junior Tour 2006-gallery (by Karo) is online

Too damn hot!

Those are the words to descripe this event. The temperature was about 27°C and there really were a lot to photograph x) I took about 950 pictures and I had to leave a lot of pictures out of this gallery so it wouldn't just be a beach volley -gallery. I tried to pick up pics of all the things that happend at the beach. Sun bathing, beach volley, deejaying, chilling, swimming, and some quite tame ducks also found their way to my SLR's cell :)

The music was mainly groovy house played by various deejays from organisations such as Kruuwi, Fiilis, Hunaja, Spice and People were really enjoying the music and beach volley. Even the organiser of the beach volley tour was impressed of the music played at the beach.

Personally I found it quite difficult to shoot at the players in action. I had never ever photographed pictures like this, so the first day was practising and checking out angles. The second day was photographing 6 hours straight. There were a lot of "not so nice" pictures, but all together, I managed to get some nice looking volley-pics :)

Quite nice event overall, hopefully we'll be seeing more beach party photos <3

- Karo

12.06.2006 // Pussy 8th Birthday-gallery (by Jone) is online

Hooray for boobies! Ehrm - SESSIONS2 congratulates Pussy Club for the 8th birthday.

The event was nothing less than what I expected and I expected it to seriously kick butt. Kimik, Chloe Harris and especially Slacker truly delivered and I found myself getting very excited over tunes I propably would've hated a few years back. It was also very nice to notice I had fun taking the photos and experimenting, which rarely happens anymore (after all, over 5 years of anything gets you numb). Early on the evening I decided to dedicate the night for stalker/paparazzi/observative photography - I tried to catch people with my camera without them having a slighest clue about it. Ok, the moral of such photography is rather controversial, but I don't think it did any harm this time around. ;)

Special thanks to Taru for everything and Ville & Vaavu for equipment.

- Jone

11.06.2006 // Danceteria-gallery (by Karo) is now online

Yeah! Check out that body!

Dtm had a quite sweaty athmosphere at the end of the night. Couple of hundred people dancing and having a jolly time with Dallas Superstars and Mr.A!

This was the first time I photographed using a flashlight. I thought that if I'm going to use it, I could take as much out of it as I can. I borrowed an IR-transmitter from Jone and asked Pekko Haimi to assist me with the flash.

Unfortunately the night was pretty much learning to use the equipment as well as learning a mutual sign language between "the photographer and his assistant". It was fun and challenging.

Thanks to Aki Honkasuo (Canon 420EX), Jouni Väänänen (ST-E2), and Pekko Haimi (Assistant).

Peace and love <3 Hopefully we'll see at the next DanceteriA!

- Karo

26.05.2006 // Euphonic Night-gallery (by Jone) is now online

To be quite honest I had my doubts about Euphonic Night as an event, but I'm glad to report I was all wrong. A steady flow of people started coming in as soon as the doors were opened and just before midnight (which is pretty early in Helsinki - people usually come in really late) the event had already kicked off with a bang. The crowd got what they had come for as the DJs delivered on the main stage delivered the newest trance tunes (as well as some older ones) one after another.

The Helsinki Club isn't the best possible venue in town from photographer's point of view because of the bright red walls and the high roof but I still tried my best. Sadly some of the photos came out rather boring but I still wanted you to see them. I assure you the event was nowhere near boring but quite the opposite!

Special thanks to Flaikku. Everything worked just the way it always should.

- Jone

16.05.2006 // Finnish Club Awards - The results

The votes are out for the Finnish Club Awards 2005 and SESSIONS2 claimed the title of "the website of the year." Many thanks to each and everyone of you that supported us by voting! We have no illusions about this victory - it's very clear we only got it because the audience couldn't vote for Klubitus or Platinum+. Having said that I must also say we still value the award and are quite grateful.

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