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15.02.2007 // Club Y -gallery (by Karo) is now online


The whole project is amazing. It takes two-three days to put up this event, adjusting lights, PA-system, dj-booth, etc etc. Club Y is an UG-event @ Lappeenranta, which unfortunately wasn't that underground this time. Like one of the "resident clubbers" put it "I didn't know if I were in a Club event, teenage disco, or in a student party"; Club Y also suffered a bit from lack of clubbers.

Deejays put quality sets and the sound system really kicked ass while Nikke (techmu) and later on DJ Poliisi (Housenation) moved the crowd. Other deejays were DJ Flea from Club Lift, JNKs of RAD and Safe Mode, Mick Elsa from B:e:r:u:n:a, and the last was Illustrator of Techmu. The crowd seemed to enjoy the event while other "not-so-clubbers" enjoyed having a Sauna.

Lights were little flashy to be used for the good of photographing but the fog wasn't a problem in this event (which is nice for a change) :)

Here is the gallery of Club Y, enjoy!

- Karo

23.01.2007 // Säde pres. Trance Generator -gallery (by Joni) is now online


Hello All! It has been a while since I have taken part to Hard Trance party and I really have to say that i enjoyed the evening. The dance floor was already half full when I arrived and Eewol was playing his set. I liked the Triton set most because it was a little bit lighter that others. ( As you know I am not such a fan of Harder styles). Unfortynately I have no photos of our foreing quest Trance Generators because it was not allowed to take photos of them ( They had their own photographer). After all the evening was great but I really needed to work hard to get pictures because this venue has allways been a hard place for me to take photos.

- Joni

23.01.2007 // Techmu pres. Konehuone -gallery by Karo is now online

Did you order your wake up call?

In Nightclub Diva @ Lappeenranta has four rooms. Pop-, Lounge-, Rock/Poprock-, and Oldskool-rooms. Techmus Konehuone took place in the Oldskool side, which is normally only in use at saturdays. The main idea of Konehuone-project is to bring electronic music closer to the people who hadn't found clubs or clubevents but like to listen to electronic music. The first night showed a lot of new faces dancing I hadn't seen at Lappeenrantas club events earlier. So the night was a good start for Techmus project.

I counted about 60-70 people at "Oldskool"-side which was pretty good amount of clubbers at "Oldskool". If there had been more people, the place would have been crowded. The music was all techno for the first 3.5hours by Matula & Fokus. The last two hours was trance played by Wegez & Nic.Silver. People enjoyed the night and we all are looking forward to the next Konehuone-event.

- Karo

19.01.2007 // The best of 2006 -gallery is online

Now that the party year 2006 is left behind all we have are the memories. My own memories of the past year are quite warm and I want to cherish them with these photos the rest of the SESSIONS2 crew has selected for us all.

The gallery contains photos from at least the following events: Laserpoint 2006, Pacifique Mystère, FINRG Barbwire Tour's main event, Pacifique's afterparty, Konemetsä, Danceteria, MLNM's Love Parade warmup, [reiv:] cruise, Afternoon in the Sun 2006, [reiv:]'s anniversary party, Pussy Club's anniversary party and Club Unity's 10th anniversary party. I know these aren't the precise names of these event and that some events aren't on this list - but it's 03:18 AM and I'm pretty tired, so try to cope with it. ;)

On behalf of our entire crew I would like to thank all the people that visited the site in 2006 and all the organizations we had the pleasure to work with. Especial shoutouts to the following people; Teemu and Petteri of Carbon Based / FINRG, Lauri of Laserpoint / Pacifique, Mr. A of Danceteria, Proteus-Harri, Neon-Tony and Friik-Ville of Säde, Orkidea-Tapsa of Club Unity, Tommi of MLNM, Joonas of Hallmark /, Anqqa of Klubitus, Taru of Club Pussy and Esa of Sweetspot. Live long and prosper!

My own role as an event photographer will be far less active this year than it has been during the last six years that have passed. Tuomas, Karo and Joni will continue my work with their own ways and styles and for that I'm thankful. It's also possible we'll recruit one more photographer during the year 2007, but we're still thinking about that and it might as well not happen. Anyway, SESSIONS2 will continue the quest for the perfect photo, so remember to check back for updates!

Cheers everyone!

- Jone

15.01.2007 // Anjunabeats Worldwide Tour -gallery by Karo is now online


Trance lovers had it all in Lappeenranta! DJ Flea, Mick Elsa, DJ Tab and Super8 were the stars of the night banging more trancier tunes one after another. People came a bit late to Cannibals and the floor got filled just after midnight. The lights were (once again) spectacular and there really was enough fog in the air (you can see it in the pics).

People were having good time and lifting their feets at the dancefloor, despite a few "boten anna"-requests pointed to the deejays. Photographing at Cannibals has always had extra-difficulties along the way. The place is quite low and the roof keeps on getting into the pictures no matter what. Cannibals also has one of the most powerful ventilation ever. It sucks the fog out almost immediately - which leads to the point that the LJ keeps his finger on the "smoke it"-button all the time. Anyway I had a good time, once again, watchin vertex's visuals and admiring Huvipaja's lights. Keep up dancing and prancing!

Feel the photos!

- Karo

10.01.2007 // Illusions-gallery by Joni is now online


This was the first time I went to the Illusion event. It was also the first time for me in this venue called Nosturi. It was also Illusion's 10 year party "Ten years of Illusion" I didn't expect anything special for the event but It totally suprised me. Decorations and lightning were quite nice.

I spent lot of time in downstairs listening different house set's and it was also good place to took photos. But the evening last set was Dj Neon's so I really wanted to check that and that was really what I expected and also the audience seemed to like it wery much.

It was quite a nasty place to take photos. And at first it seemed that I didn't get anything nice ( one of the reasons I didn't have so much interest editing/publishing the photos) but afterall I am really satisfied on the results. So enjoy ;)

- Joni

09.01.2007 // Spice Beachparty -gallery (by Karo) is now online

Foam me up Scotty!

I never thought I would publish these photos.. Two obvious reasons. First of all these photos doesn't make justice to the Spice Beachparty which were phenomenal. And second of all the incredible feeling what the party people had can not be seen from these photos. There are photos from the main event and also from the afterparty we had in the morning with a smaller group at the beach.

We arrived to Restaurant Comeetta with Toukka (of Club Fiilis) at the same time as Klabi (of HUGC). While we were checking out the place DJ Ice, Promoter of Club Spice, told us that it was a Foam party!! To be honest I was little suspicious how clubbers would react with the idea of foaming the dance floor. Knowing what the deejays would propably play, I was also a BIT suspicious would it work on the audience.

More clubbers on the dancefloor - more foam in the air; that seemed to be the main princible at Spice Beachparty! When Klabi started to spin his beats the amount of foam was something incredible, really! I had to find refugee behind the bar with my gear because 2/3 of the club was under a metric foam layer.. and more was yet to come. It was about 3am when I noticed that the foam was up to clubbers neck and there was a foam pyramid up to three meters(!) under the foam machine. I just coudln't see the people, only their hands were waving "up in the air" thru the foam (and they were dancing on a rised platform).

The Party was phenomenal - I've never seen a foam party which REALLY was a foam party.. until now. Unfortunately I coudn't take photos at the end of the night because I was bit afraid how the foam would react with my camera - and believe me, there was foam everywhere except behind the bar.

If these partys occur next year - I just have to be there with my gear and be more prepared!

- Karo

20.12.2006 // Rave Against Drugs -gallery (by Jone) is now online

This was the first time ever for me in a RAD-event and to be honest I propably wouldn't have come this time either if it wasn't for Mayah's set and her request to take some photos. Well, it was an interesting experience - I felt like I had been thrown into a whole another realm where the audience consists of hobbits. This group of little people seemed to have fun though and it was nice to see how easily they get excited - Whistling, yelling or clapping your hands was really effective as most of the audience followed the lead.

I didn't take that many photos besides the ones I took of Mayah, but here they are anyway. Special thanks to Manna & Tommi for the pizza and the softdrinks. Also thanks for the RAD-candy even though no sticker came with it.

- Jone

15.12.2006 // Fiilis' We Love Joulu -gallery (by Karo) is now online

What a feeling...!

Traditional Fiilis Christmas Party took place where it usually does at sunday nights, in Diva (Kouvola). The idea of Fiilis (Engl. Feeling) is very simple. Gather around with your friends to take some relaxing refreshments and listen to a bit more soulfull dance music what you are used to. We call it House <3

This is the thing I love about Fiilis. People laughing, no stress, warm and welcome atmosphere, a lot of places to sit and hang around amongst friends. Some clubbers are playing pool, some are throwing cards.. some eating pizza. The rest are dancing or just hanging around. There's no rush while the deejays spin their records, no fighting, no quarreling. Just gotta love it <99

There wasn't as many people around as there were last year. It might have something to do with the next monday which was a normal weekday. As usual, people were hanging around and getting themselves to the mood for dancing. Klabi(HUGC) was the star who started to bang the people around the dancefloor. Photographing was quite nice and I had enough room to take photos with 70-200mm telezoom which is not possible in every event. Here are the photos for you, enjoy!

Love to all <3

- Karo

14.12.2006 // MLNM 8th anniversary aftermatch -gallery (By Karo) is online

Event took place in Club Underground at Porvoo, a small town 40km east from Helsinki. The place was all about UV lights, the dancefloor was quite small and the lounge area was in "play room" filled with different kind of games.

The main area was all about trance and harder edm stuff. The lounge was entirely about House music. The crowd was a bit few in numbers but the party compensated the loss quite well with clubbers dancing like hell.

There was not much fog, so photographing was quite easy. "Unfortunately" half of the time was spent behind decks at lounge, but thats the way I like it ^.^

Hope you enjoy these photos! Until next time.

- Karo

13.12.2006 // Lahti spoils the mood -gallery (by Jone) is now online

Lahti, Lahti... Always such a nice place to visit, but also a place that would ruin me for good if I stayed for more than 2 days in a row.

FINRG's Barbwire Apocalypse Tour's main event was held at nightclub Diva just like the main event the year before. In 2005 the place was packed and it seemed this year the crowd arrived even earlier. It was hardly 11pm when the dancefloor was already packed - something I'd love to see in Helsinki every once in a while but propably never will. Beer was good, friends were up for a laugh, music was as banging as it should be and the athmosphere was in one way like a meatpie - uhh, you could cut it with a knife, I mean.

Thanks to Ari for a ride to Lahti, Osku for company, Teemu for being himself, Dirty for DJing and beer, Petteri for keeping my camera safe after the party and Genki for making faces. Also thanks to the Stuttgart Kickers crew for the most amazing afterparty ever, Iwo for being there and Tuukka for the much needed ride home.

- Jone

11.12.2006 // Säde & FINRG-gallery (by Tuomas) is online

Big Ba-Da Boom!

The place looked like there had been detonated a human bom - Gloria was filled with party people dancing like maniacs!

The Music really kicked arses! It was quite difficult to focus on taking photos while the music was shouting: "Drag your ass to the dancefloor!".

These pictures are also edited by Karo.

- Tuomas

11.12.2006 // Entropy pres. Tresor -gallery (by Tuomas) is now online

Entropy presents Tresor was a pleasent change to the never enfing flow of edm partys. Lights were extremely unfavourable concerning photographing but i still had loads of fun.

I thought that I could not do anything with the photos but luckily I have had such a rush at work that I gave the editing to Karo who put his magic touch to the raw-photos making them suitable for publising!

- Tuomas

02.12.2006 // Supercool-gallery (by Karo) is now online

It was one of the most interesting Supercools I've attended. First of all it was the first Supercool I went and second, there were little less than 150 people inside at the same moment Supercool begun (There was a private party just before Supercool).

Few words about the House set I played. It was quite interesting to start spinning house tunes which could fit into the minds of the workers of Nokia who were celebrating the forthcoming Chirstmas eve. Some people were dancing from the beginning but after midnight it started to slow down leaving the most loyal "supercoolers" hanging around while having fun :)

Photographing was quite fun! Quantity of smoke was minimal, lights were ok, and there was enough room to take photos (even with a 200mm telezoom!). There is not many photos available because I had only about 1 hour to take the photos until goodbyes and the trip back to Kotka.

It was nice to see familiar faces and change few words with friends.. and Thank you Tuomas for the equipment <3

- Karo

07.11.2006 // Support Proteus @ HDA06

The Hard Dance Awards are here again and the voting has already started. Proteus has kept himself busy this year producing new tracks, hosting a show on the radio and of course touring the world and lighting the crowds on fire. It would be amazing if Proteus won the title of "The Best Hard Dance DJ in the world" for the third year in a row! To make this "hat trick" possible your support possible your support is needed - please also tell your friends to vote here.

31.10.2006 // Choon! The Birthday -gallery (by Karo) is online

Mmm... Cakes, tex-mex sauce, tacos, chips, dip sauce, yam.. oh, sorry.. Something about the event :D

Choons birthday @ Klubi was the second club event I attended in Turku. This time I was impressed by various things. Aura Audios sound system rocked, lj and the lights rocked, vj and his screen rocked, deejays rocked and the crowd rocked all over the place.

I met some "web acquaintances" for the first time and enjoyed their company while taking photos. This time photographing was't especially difficult <3

Thanks Tuomas and for lending camera equipment and Happy Birthday to Choon!

- Karo

19.10.2006 // SESSIONS2 goes to IBIZA 2006 -article (by Karo) is online

At the end of the Finnish summer SESSIONS2 payed a visit to the white island, Ibiza! This is a little report of the trip. What happend and what kind of a place Ibiza is viewed thru the eyes of a first timer.

The trip lasted only 9 days, so a lot of places left to be seen next year. There is also couple of photos with the article and moro photos in a separate Ibiza-gallery.


- Karo

19.10.2006 // SESSIONS2 goes to IBIZA 2006 -gallery (by Karo) is online

This gallery is more like a view of Ibiza than a regular event gallery. There are shots of clubs like Eden, Love, Hush, Pacha and Privilege. Some are big clubs some are small. There are also some pics of the scenery and of normal life at ibiza.

I was travelling with the rest of Club Fiilis -Crew plus some other acquaintances. All together we had a massive group of eleven and I really enjoyed the company having a great time with each one of them!

Ibiza was quite hot and dry at this time of the year. Music (mainly House) was played almost everywhere by dj's, even the small cafes had their own dj booth. Just over a week was not enough time to check the whole island.

BTW. There is also a little journal coming up in the near future. This gallery supports the journal (if you are wondering why certain photos have been published at all).

- Karo

19.10.2006 // MLNM Summer Club-gallery (by Joni) is online

18.10.2006 // Säde & FINRG-gallery (by Jone) is online

Now that Säde-events have become a rare treat I noticed I'm really looking forward to them. Seeing these friendly faces at a same place only a few times each year usually leads to absolute insanity - it's like a family gathering with the exception it's everything but boring!

To be honest I had my doubts about DJ Guld (I had never seen him perform or heard any of his sets) but once again they were proven wrong. Guld seemed like a awfully nice fellow (I always love foreigners who appreciate the finnish beer) and his set was full of treats. I especially appreciated hearing (and even dancing to - would you believe?) The Final Frontnose - one of my alltime favourite tunes.

Special thanks for a great time go to Guld (sorry for bugging you and your girlfriend so much), Sae (you're such a nice girl!), DJ (thanks for the shirt, man - hope you like mine), Anne (Luppakorvanorppa rides again!) and Tuomas ("Hinttivissy", anyone?).

- Jone

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