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11.07.2007 // el Balearium -gallery is now online

The winds of change are blowing here at SESSIONS2 - more news will soon follow. Because of that our updating speed has been close snail's pace lately and we're sorry.

Some time ago I did a cooperation at the el Balerium with two of our assistant photographers, Tuula and Mikko O. Here are the photos from me and Tuula - hopefully Mikko's will soon follow. He has been unable to edit them due an unfortunate incident; one of his hard drives broke down and experts are now trying to save the data. So, remember kids - RAID is neat little thing to use to avoid this kind of stuff.

As an employee of the company my own focus was only on the laFraise fashionshow. Tuula's photos show a bit more of the rest of the party.

- Jone

11.06.2007 // Fury-gallery (by Karo) is now online


Not much to say. People having a jolly time, dancing and prancing, jumping and mayby humping (later on). Decorations were a big step forward compared to earlier Club Furys. They were UV-decorations mainly on the main arenas wall and behind dj booth.

Photographing at Fury is always very difficult because of the low ceiling. The lights must be stationed near the dj and no additional lights in the middle of the dancefloor because there is no room to set up the lights. This means, that all the colors are infront of the place, and they are mighty bright :(

Hopefully you enjoy of these pictures, they are a bit different style I normally do :)

- Karo

11.06.2007 // Kruuwi-gallery (by Karo) is now online


Kruuwi is a nice little club back here in southeast Finland. It's held in Coffee House, at the same time the whole building is open. Many mainstream clubbers visit Kruuwi and find themselves dancing to club beats. That's nice imho :)

I wasn't there but just couple of hours. I had time to take photos of Nikke and Putte (from Techmu) spinning records and I had to leave before 1 am :(

Soundsystem was pretty amazing to be in such small club and the atmosphere was quite "chill-out" and friendly - must visit again in near future :)

- Karo

11.06.2007 // Vesku 30vee -gallery (by Tuomas) is online

Happy Birthday Vesku! Hope you had a good time at your party.

Judging from the looks of the pictures it would seem so :) Horde of good names were playing and the party was pumping hard from the beginning to the end. To cut the long story short: We hope to see you around, even if you are a bit older now.

- Tuomas

29.05.2007 // Frozen Pirates -gallery (by Tuomas) is now online

The legendary Bommari at Tampere was harnessed again for an event. It wasn't totally for electronic music but I still felt that I had LOADS of fun. It took quite a roadtrip to get there so I was happy to have a good navigator/driver. Also the native guide we had showed us the TKY way of drinking and I ended up singing the tune of Titanic on the street of Hervanta. Never again until next time! YARRRR!!!!!!

- Tuomas

08.05.2007 // Laserpoint 2007 -gallery (by Mikko B.) is now online!

Mikko B. will write his intro a bit later, but in the meantime... enjoy the photos!

02.05.2007 // Fury meets FINRG -gallery (by Joni) is online!


So, this event was quite a surprise for me. I hadn't planned anything for this evening but then just a few hours before event Jone called and asked if I would like to go to Lahti and photograph this event. So, I packed my stuff and headed to the Fury Event. This time I didn't have to rush as much as at Laserpoint so I also had time to listen to the artists. There were two artists that played tunes I liked; at the beginning of the evening Anton Sonin played quite nice trance sounds and Infecto was the last artist on the main stage and his set was a quite nice surprise. He played an awesome set including old legendary tracks from for an example the Prodigy and Dune. I really enjoyed that :)

This venue has always been a challenging place to take photos in because of the lightning and the floor and the wall materials. I decided to focus on closeups and artist photos this time - at the end I'm quite satisfied with the results.

Take a look =)

- Joni/Impezki

27.04.2007 // Laserpoint 2007 -gallery (by Mikko O.) is now online!


It's been quite a while since the last time I was taking photos at a party and I've got to admit I felt the pressure. Even though I haven't had the time to take photos lately I'm actually pretty satisfied with the results - so, see you again next year!

Many thanks to the organizers and the SESSIONS2-team with the rocking team spirit - cheerz!

- Mikko

26.04.2007 // Laserpoint 2007 -gallery (by Tuula) is now online!

Tuula will write her intro a bit later, but in the meantime... enjoy the photos!

26.04.2007 // Laserpoint 2007 -gallery (by Tuomas) is now online!

A whole new world. I spent friday and most of the saturday at the Cable Factory with Jone preparing the photo booth so I wasn't at my most focused when the event started. Visuals were stunning and clearly the sponsors made their presence known but in a good way. I have had the feeling that rave-events should stay low profile and kind of out of the way, but after this I am no so sure anymore.

I had fun even if I'm bit dissapointed with my work there. I seemed that my camera didn't listen to me at all there. Luckily all was not lost and I managed to get a few good ones also. Also, Laserpoint had the bestest chillout ever!

<3 k-0ne

25.04.2007 // Laserpoint 2007 -gallery (by Joni) is now online!

Hello All

So, the party is over but not forgotten. It was really nice to see what the Laserpoint organization had arranged for the night. Of course the lasers were main thing in the visual look but there were also lots of other nice other things in the venue to see. Actually I realised after the evening that i had kind of missed the party and many artist because Jone had tightly cordinated our work. Each of our team member had task list what to follow and we had littele pressure all the time to keep our minds in photographying and follow the schedule.

When I look now the photos that I have taken I can see that they dont't have so much artistic touch. It seems that I have focused mostly to technical side when working. One of the reasons is that I bought new Canon 30D just one day before event and I didn't have time to "test drive" it.

But after all I really enjoyed the night! It was really nice work with our team including our quest members.

So here is what you have waited =)

- Joni/Impezki

24.04.2007 // Laserpoint 2007 preview -gallery is now online!

Hello everybody!

We know that you're eagerly waiting for our event photos from Laserpoint. All of our photographers are working hard on them at the moment and you can expect to have full galleries from the events shortly.

While you're waiting for those here's a little preview of our photos...

23.04.2007 // Canon photo point @ Laserpoint 2007-gallery is online!

Here are the photos from the Canon photo point - some 300 of them! We were expecting it to be quite popular but still the popularity got us a bit by surprise. Hopefully a fair bunch of the crowd also got their photos as prints. Canon SELPHY ES1 was used to print ~220 photos on the spot.

We would like to thank the members of the audience who had their pictures taken and hope you have fun going through them, which may take a while. The actual photos from the event by our team of 5 photographers will follow in a few days time. :)

With regards,
Jouni Väänänen
Site Manager

18.04.2007 // Photo exhibition @ Laserpoint

SESSIONS2 will host a photo exhibition at Laserpoint. Around 100 photos from Laserpoint '05 & Laserpoint '06 will be on display. The exhibition will be located at the Gatecrasher main arena in Merikaapelihalli.

Check it out and if you see a photo of yourself at the exhibition say hello to the host for a small surprise!

13.04.2007 // Huhuu 2nd Birthday -gallery (by Tuomas) is online

Huhuu 2 vee Happy Birthday to HuHuu!

The club was new to me as I rarely listen to happy carefree nice trance, but It was definately fun for a change. People seemed to have put effort to the dresscode and managed to turn the greek restaurant into ER with attitude! It would seem that I should be around more to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

- Tuomas

12.04.2007 // Ten Years of Techmu / Fiilis -gallery (by Karo) is online

Congratulations Techmu!

The history is simple. Ten years ago some students of Lappeenranta University Of Technologies put up a new organisation of electronic dance music called TechMu. During the history I had a privilege to be Techmus Chairman for five years. Nowadays techmu is led by miikkag and it was time to celebrate the tenth anniversary.

At the same time upstairs had an easter House event powered by Fiilis and their guest Jake from Lux. Massive experience of deejaying floated all around the building while the party started. Stars below the deck were Andy Braun, Indigo, OlliS and Orion. All of whom has been playing for several and several years entertaining clubbers all over Finland.

Photographing at Fiilis's event was more or less "playing with camera" and downstairs more like "documentary shooting". I hope you get something out of these pictures :)

- Karo

12.04.2007 // Trance Connection : Easter Bunny Hunt -gallery (by Karo)


I had a short visit at Trance Connections pre-easter party. I was there just about two and a half hours and while I visited the place I decided to take few photos "while I am here".

There wasn't much visitors at the early point of the party. I left the building at the moment the partying just started. But here are few photos of the deejays (of course) and couple of leg throwers.

Enjoy while your at it!

- Karo

16.03.2007 // Have your photo taken at Laserpoint

Gatecrasher and Laserpoint "United as One" event will definitely be visually amazing - as well as the audience. We are extremely pleased to announce that Laserpoint will have a photo point kindly sponsored by Canon where you can have your picture taken by our camera crew. All the photos taken will be published here at SESSIONS2 the following day.

The photo point is likely to be very popular. Therefore, we recommend that you visit us early in the evening to avoid the rush hours. Some of the photos we take will be printed on the spot using the new Canon SELPHY ES1 photo printer. If you find yourself in one of the pictures you can take the photo with you. We are looking forward to see You at Laserpoint!

27.02.2007 // Fury Grande Electronica -gallery (by Karo) is online

Quite a list of performers, altogether 16 deejays or artist groups. The music? Well, not to my taste but the clubbers seemed to have a splendid time. Some even danced with fury, to say at least!

But... The Grand Arena... One of the organizers asked "is it hard to photograph?" - oh yes, hard indeed! The problem at Grand Arena (The Venue) is quite unique. The difficulty wasn't in photograping itself, but the place instead. The floor of the venue is quite frankly _more_ or "less" hideous and so are the roof structures. No matter what you did those two elements kept on haunting in the pictures because the place is a bit low. Smoke also made it's own twist to this dance but luckily the floors wasn't smoked all the time.

Here are those carefully hand picked photos for you, enjoy!

- Karo

23.02.2007 // Sinkkuluukku 2 -gallery (by Tuomas) is online

So How are Ya doing?

After a long perioid of not doing anything it was certainly refreshing to go take up the camera once again and try to capture the look and the feel of the pairings that this party had going all over. Still I think that the long remission had some effect on me as there is only so many of these frames for you. But I hope you like these, I'll be seeing you around :)

- Tuomas

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