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07.01.2008 // FINRG : Hakkapeliitta Tour Main Event (By: Tuomas)

Lahti spoils the mood!

Who ever said that propably meant it as a joke, as the place was crowded with people who were totally in the mood. Music was hard and banging. Dancefloor was packed and taking pictures without bumping into people was difficult, sorry for that.

I just love events like this due to the sheer energy of the people I tent to siphon in me also. This was one of the best possible ways to start the Yule festivities


07.01.2008 // Antenniosasto Presents Depressio (By: Tuomas)

First of all, sorry for the long wait. Things have not turned out always as I would have them, but sometimes it's just better to keep hoping for things to get better.

Events like these are better! Definately! Hardcore will never die


24.12.2007 // A couple of little changes

Merry Christmas everyone!

We’ve got a little improvement to announce as a “Christmas present.” From now on the photos presented here at SESSIONS2 will be 57% bigger! The old size is 400 x 600 pixels and today we’ll publish our first gallery that uses the new 500 x 750 size. Hopefully this is something that you’ll like. From our own point of view it definitely makes a difference; bigger size means more details.

I’ve also got something else to announce; in the beginning of this year I retired as an event photographer and ever since then Tuomas, Karo and Joni have been pushing the site to their own direction. In july I gave the site to them – I’m keeping the ownership of the domain but otherwise the guys can do whatever they want with the site. I’m sure they’ll use that right in a good way. So, from this point on I’m even more retired. I still plan to guide my team through a couple of big events next spring but that’s about it.

Eat ham, turkey or whatever the traditional Christmas dish is in your home country and take it easy. :)

Kind regards,
Jouni Väänänen
Site Manager 2001-2007

23.12.2007 // Wednesday? 2007 (by Karo) -gallery is now online


Wednesday? is a little mid-week event held in a nice cafe section of Bar Stella @ Kotka. I have been visiting wednesday?-events for the last two months and picking up some photos to make a compilation which would show the feeling of wednesday?

Here you have it. There are a lot of DJ photos (almost every DJ who has been spinning at wednesday?) and pictures of people playing games and hanging around - that is all what wednesday? is about. Friends, music, games and chilling. Sometimes people have even started dancing :) Couple of photos are taken by the wednesday?-crew. I have added them to this gallery with the tag: "wednesday?".

We will be seeing each other more often next year when wednesday? starts it's 2008-season with good music and quality time!

- Karo

20.12.2007 // JACK - the 4th Birthday Party (by Karo)

Jack to the sound of the underground!

The venue was an old one, but new for me. A bit small club filled with good vibes and celebrating clubbers. JACK gathered a great deal of well known clubbers and the feeling of the party itself blew the roof away!

The lights were extremely minimal - and LJ built up the lights like never ending progressive tune. The whole DJ Orions set was lighten up with PAR-lights(!) and for the next DJ (which happend to be nothing less than Renaissance resident Ian Ossia) the LJ gave a bit more lights. The screen colored by Portugese VJ Video Jack was amazing and the minimal lights gave enough room for the screen art - I really enjoyed watching it!

Here are the photos, hopefully you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

- Karo

15.12.2007 // Stuttgart Kickers meets Jon Doe (by Karo)


It's not every day that you get a chance to photograph a pure UG event at a venue that is as much UG as the event! Deserted industrial installation, massive sound system, and lights mounted all over the underground party arena! Nnnice!

Unfortunately I only had a short period of time to photograp the venue (about 1 hour). I decided to take as wide and revealing photos of the low party arena as I could. That ment long exposure times, camera on a stand and a lot of motion blur.

If this event ever takes place again, you should definitely be there!

- Karo

14.12.2007 // FINRG : Hakkapeliitta Tour Main Event (By: Karo)

FINRG : Hakkapeliitta Tour Main Event

Hard stuff with hard attitude!

Nice stage with nice colors and lights. As it should be in an event like this, the lights were fast and blinking like hell. The artists really had attitude especially RX & Proteus and people were having a great time hopping at the dancefloor.

This time I wanted to take more pictures of the faces on the dancefloor and more pics that would show the feeling what the party people had.

Hope you enjoyed the event - hope you enjoy these photos!

C U somewhere, sometime!


23.11.2007 // Lighthouse (By: Karo)

Hello there!

It had been a long long time since Lighthouse was last visited by clubbers - almost 7 years. Today it has been re-opened and many of the old timers were found from the scene. Originally Lighthouse was introduced to local clubbers over 13 years ago at spring time 1994. This re-start was a good one. Some of the old lighthouse-dj's spinned their up-to-date records and really kicked ass! In the last hour we heard a good deal of old classics which really made the evening <3

From my point of view (behind the camera) there has been some develompent in Kotkas local events. Years before it was extremely difficult to take photos because of the minimal lights - today photographing is much more enjoyable. The events look, sound and feels good - that is all that matters!

C U at the next Lighthouse! (Better be there!)


23.11.2007 // NRGetic Romancer 3rd Anniversary (By: Tuomas)

Other peoples holliday photos just are the bestest

I just cant get enough from Tokyo. The city with the neon lights and silent cars. Lucky for me every time I have been there Dj Guld has thrown a party. This time it was their groups third aniversary with Adam and Proteus. Music was mad and the people loved every minute of it. Playing stopped around five or six and it was full on beats until that.

Big thanks go to Guld and his posse. And special thanks to Cogi for the bootleg!


23.11.2007 // Antenniosasto & Terrorcraft esittävät: Mania /w HELLFISH

Hellfish was here!!1

I was in Amsterdam in 2003 and missed his gig by few days and now I know I had a reason to feel depressed. I have never seen such work with the decks. Too bad I didn't get too many pictures from the night. But better this than none, eh?


15.11.2007 // Mosso Launch and Lift Off

A Night Of High Fashion

I thought that I was going to see a quick show of clothes in a catwalk and then jsut regular evening in a nice club. Lucky for me I dont bet. I would have been wrong again. The show was terrific with nice looking models. Place had a nice feel to it. The girl who played the violin did it with style. Some of these succeeded better than others, but I'll let you be the judge jury and executioner of that. Enjoy!


08.11.2007 // Special pictures from special party: Tokyo Dance Night

Tokyo Dances the Night away

Rarely comes the time to say that enough is enough. But sometimes you just have to accept that bright colors liven up the day. Tokyo Dance Night was arranged by J-rock Suomi and I would consider it to be refreshing. Flashing lights, music to bounce to but most importantly colors! If you dont have any idea on what I'm ranting on about, have a look at these.


08.11.2007 // Säde gallery by Tuomas finally online!

Pictures finally done!

Sorry it took so long. Personal life has gotten in my way, I'll try to not let it happen again ;)

Säde was once again a nice event to go to. Always a must and never a letdown. I remember being in a foul mood at the start of the evening but as the beats got me I felt elevated. Then again, there was the choice of either taking pictures or partying and this time I think I danced more than I shot. This is kind of a way to say "I'm sorry that there aren't many pictures"


02.10.2007 // Club Inspiration -gallery (by Karo) is now online

Well Hello!

Inspiration was originally supposed to take place in an underground parking place under the name "Inspiration: Konstruktion". Due to license & permit problems the whole party had to be held in a different venue and with totally different concept. The place was quite unique. It reminded me a bitof those old amfitheatres - DJ at the lower state and people dancing at theupper levels. The place was all about glass palace with huge sound system and a lot of lights. Actually this was one of the rare events in which I had almost no problems photographing. Local clubbers seemed to very pleased in Club Inspirations debut event and so were the artists, Heikki Liimatainen of Dallas Superstars (and Danceteria), Orion from Misc Management and JNKS from FiNRG (and Paine Records). They really gave everything to the audience.

After the main event which ended at 01:30 am, there was yet one suprise left. Club Inspiration had a little after party upstairs where Daniel Braun really kicked ass the next two hours.

Here are the most colorful photos from Kotka, Enjoy!

- Karo

02.10.2007 // Afternoon in the Sun 2007 -gallery (by Tuomas) in now online

The traditional Finnish summer party was just the thing I was hoping it to be. Nice weather, good music and people having fun all around. Even if the venue changed quite a short moment prior to event people turnout was big. Everyone seemed to have a good attitude and also the traditional photographer taking a photo of a photographer taking a photo ... picture worked out nice also.

My highlight for the evening was the sandwich made from Foxmagon, me and Caro :) Thanks you guys and good luck to Jone.

- Tuomas

28.08.2007 // FINRG Presents FUXX -gallery (by Jouni) is now online

Just about a month ago I was in Lahti for a weekend. The plan was to take loads of promotional photos of such artists and DJs as Carbon Based, Anton Sonin, Rx, Jinkso, Swoosh, Shkuroff, Drumhead, Alek Szahála, Pain on Creation and VJ Move during saturday and sunday but since I was in town anyway Teemu of Carbon Based asked me if I could take some photos at the FINRG Presents FUXX. w/ ALEX KIDD -event also. Well, I hadn't taken any event photos in 6 months or so... I thought I might as well give it another go now.

Unfortunately nothing has changed. 6 years of event photography is just about all I can take. I just can't force myself to be interested in it anymore and that really shows in the photos. As an event photographer I've become everything I hate; sloppy, lazy and willing to settle for less than I should. So, I did just the thing I always do when I'm not in the right mood for taking photos at a certain event; started taking closeups. While nice and clean closeups aren't easy to take in many situations they're the slacker's choice during a clubnight. Just turn on your flash unit and start shooting... Pffft.

I will definetely do some events also in the future but not until I'll actually feel an urge to do that. Photography without passion is for someone else.

- Jouni

28.08.2007 // Afternoon in the Sun 2007 -gallery (by Karo) is now online

One event with a name that really means something. Temperature was about 26°C all afternoon, in the sun. This year AITS took place at Aurora's Park. AITS has been the more or less official birthday party of the main organizer and also one of the few events which is organized by SESSIONS2.

This years music was pretty much the same as AITS last year. Good tunes after another despite the genre in hand. People did the same thing as last year, had a warm picknick amongst friends. Some even danced a bit.

Here are the photos from (propably) the last AITS. Let us remember the warm feeling and happy faces all around us.

Cu all somewhere else, in some other events <3

- Karo

28.08.2007 // Kicks You Too -gallery (by Tuomas) is now online

Kiksu You has always had a warm spot in my hear even though I'm not exactly a big fan of the lighter side of dance music. White Room is magnificient place for this kind of a party. White halls, rooms and corridors all scream in unison: "KIKSUUUU!!!"

This set of pictures and the one taken the day before in Säde have lots of pictures taken with a new way. I still have to put the technique to good use, but the way of trial and error makes us perfect! Thanks to all people who were here a crowd like this is a rare sight.

- Tuomas

01.08.2007 // Chill Out Sunday -gallery (by Karo) is online

I had been waiting this little trip like a child waits his saturday candy. I have really wanted to play in Turku and the gig was what I expected. People hanging around and feeling the nice house rhythms played by the residents and deejays of Club Fiilis.

This event is a "must visit" for a clubber into House music. This sunday it was a bit more quiet than usual. Down By The Laituri (DBTL) -event was a obviously bit too long for the locals who didn't have the strenght to visit Chill Out Sunday at the end of the partyweek.

Here are the few photos I managed to take despite the "few drinks" I had internalized.

- Karo

01.08.2007 // Das Boot II -gallery (by Karo) is now online

And so the story goes..

Very nice but bit windy weather, just a few drops from the sky in the middle of the night at the fabulous Fort Elisabeth. All of the deejays were more or less locals but that didn't slow anyone down. Every one of them banged quality tunes and the main line of the evenng was a bit progressive or breaks-stuff spiced with trance and house.

Clubbers were having a great time listening or dancing to the beats of Varissaari (Crow island) enjoying the special athmosphere of Das Boot -event. Once again the party was a success and it will stay in clubbers mind for a long time, atleast until Das Boot returns next summer?!

Enjoy the colorful photos from the island, and c u all next year!

- Karo

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