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20.04.2008 // Laserpoint Emoción photobooth's "Best of"

Hello there!

We know that you already want to see the Laserpoint-photos pretty badly and since we do want to help to quench that thirst here's the ”Best of”-gallery from our photobooth. Funny, attractive, wacky, impressive and all that... It's impossible to give you any specific reason for picking these 16 shots except the fact that they stood out. The rest of the photos from the booth will be published tomorrow. Unfortunately we can't tell you the exact time yet but they will be here before midnight anyway and that's a promise.

Jouni Väänänen

19.04.2008 // MILLENNIUM presents SASHA F 31st birthday! (By: Tuula & Tuo

Imagine if we would sing...

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Sasha! And Happy birthday to you!

- Tuomas Lairila & Tuula Ylikorpi

17.04.2008 // Hallmark - Shut up and dance! (by Jukka)


It was my first visit to Studio 51 and I really liked the venue! Dj Flight got the party started with his trademark-sound; energetic, groovy and fresh house. After that Jay Mellin took over the decks with his stylish and more progressive beats. However, I felt that people were looking forward to our own trance-heroes with anticipation :) Dj Tab and Super8 were definitely what the crowd wanted to hear at the end of the night. I took most of the photos with ultrawide lense, and as usual I was satisfied with few shots ;)

- Juki

16.04.2008 // Pacifique 2008 (by Tuomas)

Murphy is the man! (Not)

This part of photographing at Pacifique was a catastrophe. Last time we had a professional underwater photographing gear with two external underwater flashes. This time we had a plastic underwater bag and a basic Canon flash firing inside the bag.

Tuomas was using professional Canon EF 17-35mm f2.8L lens, but still he had one major problem. Even the L-series lens is an old model, it should be able to get in focus using af (autofocus). Obviously the underwater bag disturbed the focusing system enough to force Tuomas to use manual focusing which was hell to use thru a plastic bag. It was nearly impossible to guarantee a sharp image with focusing the lense manually (in party situation) the aperture was set to F9 to get a wider depth of field. The problem using that small aperture (f9) gave more problems with insufficient lights (f9 is normally used in clear sunlight, outside). Normally putting more power to the flash would help, but in this case the plastic bag decreased the flash power and made the pictures even more darker. We could have increased the shutter speed but then the pictures got blurred.

The pictures tuomas took are dark and exposured wrong because of the reasons above. Jouni Väänänen also tested the system, and as like tuomas, he found the underwater bag to be extremely difficult and fucked up system to be used at the field of event photographing. The bag might work properly in more passive enviroment, but in this kind of photographing - no way :(

We did what we could and we are not happy about the results we made. Tuomas's photos were editet by three different persons trying to make them better. We apologize this delay and that we couldn't match the standards we have set for our team. Next time we will not be using that photo-bag again.


09.04.2008 // METAVERSE: Orkidea Album Release Tour, Lti (By Karo)

Lahti gous buumbuum!

There is not much to say about DJ Orkideas album release tours stop at Lahti. People were waiting for the man himself to appear at the stage. People were dancing Tab&Super8's set but still you could see from people's faces who they came to listen. Orkidea filled the floor with promoting his Metaverse-album. The floor was filled and when Infekto started, you could see a little change at the dancefloor to a bit more agressice dancing - it was fun to watch!

Photographing at Lahti was the usual. Tele shots at the early stage of the party and when the smoke started to appear on the shots, a change to wider lense and getting into clubbers faces ^.^ Here are the photos, hope you enjoy checking them out! C U!

- Karo

30.03.2008 // Fiilis -We Love Pääsiäinen (By Karo)

Bunny hopping!

Traditional Fiilis Easter Party gathered house-lovers at least from Helsinki, Tampere, Lappeenranta, Kotka, Lahti and ofcourse Kouvola. Guest DJ's were nothing less than House Amigos who has their "Mediterraneo"-event in London and in Helsinki. These two guys really gave quality house for clubbers. I rated them to be one the top guests at Fiilis-events in my own "guest-dj's list".

The lights were interesting and gave really nice visual effect. Only problem (from the view of a photographer) that I found, was that there was not enough light pointed at the growd. But anyway. Here are the photos, we'll be seeing at Fiilis 5y/o -event!

- Karo

26.03.2008 // Hype Club Reunion (By Karo)

Hype the funk..!

When I heard that Hype Club shall once again move asses @ Presidentti club, I just had to attend and document the event! There's very little I can say about Hype, because I had never attended Hype events before. There is still something I can say just looking at the people dancing. They all _really_ wanted to be there and remember the "good old days", and so they did. Smiling, laughing, hands in the air, shouting "hype! hype!".

There's not much to say about photographing @ hype, except that I counted six or seven event photographers from the scene. Altho the event was sold out, it was also "filled" with photographers. Deejays played legendary hits one after another. Altho I didn't hear anything from Black Box, I can say, that the athmosphere was filled with Positive Vibrations :) I hope you like these photos, we'll be seeing somewhere!

- Karo

25.03.2008 // METAVERSE: Orkidea Album Release Tour, Tre (by Jukka)


Firstly, it's the first time for me to publish photos at SESSIONS2 and I'm pleased to do that :) Last saturday Dj Orkidea's Metaverse Album Release Tour visited Tampere's famous penthouse-bar called Hämeensilta, which was packed fully of smiling people from the very beginning. It was obvious this night was going to rock!

Each dj did their job properly, but it was Orkidea himself who really set the dancefloor on fire.

Photographing was nice and sweaty as always, and I was surprised so many people asked me to take pictures from them. Maybe that's a sign of a great party :)

- Juki

19.02.2008 // Pacifique 2008 (By: Karo)

Wet, smooth & groovy!

How do you make a perfect event even better? You just don't, you make it different, you start an evolution. The elements that makes Pacifique were still there. Music, humidity, water, mediterranean athmosphere, clubbers enjoying the unique feeling, good music, and almost everything for everyone with five different stages.

I'm always keen to see how clubbers react at Pacifique. Are they dancing in the pool, hanging out in the jacuzzi or what. Once again, it didn't matter where the people were, they had a great time. Pacifique really graps a large variety of people to have fun with each other.

Photographing at Pacifique is always a bit of a challenge for the equipment and for the people behind cameras. There is about seven hours to be covered at summer temperatures in a humid conditions with equipment that really doesn't like water (I almost broke my flash during the photoshoot). Physically it is a bit hard, but it still gives a great satisfaction. But enough with the talk. Here are the photos! Enjoy!

- Karo

16.02.2008 // Pacifique 2008 (By: Tuula)


Oh my, the heat and the humidity! It was my second time at The Pacifique, and it just gets better every time! Usually u don't get to have fun at a party while u're working, but this time I even got an opportunity to dance and get a bit wet too. x)

The atmosphere was much better than last time; people were much more tolerant and the arrangements worked greatly. The small part of my evening, that I got to listen to the music, assured me that it really got to the people. Wonderful people, wonderful moments, and the best atmosphere ever! I got a huge amount of pictures, which I'm surprised of - positively thou! AGAIN, AGAIN! Can't wait till the next time!

But enought talking now - enjoy the pics.

With love,

Tuula / Foxmagon

14.02.2008 // Pacifique 2008 (By: Mikko)


Just like Joni, this was also my first time at the Pacifique. Joni has already described most of the feelings about this great event, so it's quite hard to tell anything new to you all people.

I enjoyed photographing this event so much, that I took many times more pictures than I promised. People who knows my normal methods might be surprised of seeing this much pictures in my gallery.

However, I have nothing else to say anymore that this massive pool party was definately worth of 42 euros, so hopefully we will see many friends, friends of friends and any other people at next year having fun. Now, enjoy my pictures and let them speak their own language.

Mikko Bäck

12.02.2008 // Pacifique 2008 -gallery (by Joni) is now online

Hello Everyone!

This was the first time for me at the Pacifique event, and hopefully not the last. Even though the atmosphere was pretty hot and humid, which caused me and my equipment to get a bit wet, I lasted through the night.

I can't actually describe the environment and feeling in there, so the ones who weren't there, need to check the pics. If I had to say something negative it would have been the music. I expected more "summer sounds". But after all, the whole night was perfect :)

Photographing was at a totally different level than in any other events so far. Venue was quite large and there was many stages, artists, show dancers, and details, so it was not possible to capture everything... But hey, that's the reason for teamwork ;)

OK, that's enough small talk, let's see the photos.

Joni / Impezki

11.02.2008 // Club -tf- presents kuulovaurio!? w/ Dj Proteus

Harder, Faster, Proteus!

It has been a real eye & ear candy for clubbers @ Kotka. A punch of quality club nights in a short row. This time clubnight was specially ment for the lovers of Hard club music. Psy-stuff, hard-nrg and the last but not the least, Mr. Proteus - he is always a DJ to be seen dancing behind decks. Clubbers seemed to be thrilled about what Club -tf- and the deejays delivered.

Here you have it! I'm in a bit hurry to pack up my gear and "fly" to the next event - but see you soon!

- Karo

09.02.2008 // A little something about Pacifique

Today is the day many clubbers have been waiting for anxiously – Pacifique is here again and 1500 of us get to enjoy a touch of summer in the middle of winter. Serena should be prettier than ever before and the whole event is going to be a spectacle that is pretty hard to forget. Personally the thing I’m looking forward to the most is the Lowland piano concert in the beginning. I’m expecting it to be serene, calm and beautiful.

SESSIONS2 is on the spot once again. In 2004 and 2005 I was photographing the event alone and in 2006 there were four of us ([1] [2] [3] [4]) working as a team. Since there’s more to see every time and we’d like to make sure as much as possible of it is captured by our cameras in 2008 our team is bigger than ever before – 5 photographers and an assistant. We’re going to be doing our best to get a load of quality photos and will publish them as soon as possible.

It’s possible that we’ll already have something to publish on Sunday but please be patient. Photographers need to sleep too and for an example I’m travelling abroad only a few hours after the event so it’s impossible for me to publish my photos right away.

Have fun today. I know we will.

With regards,
Jouni Väänänen
Team leader / Pacifique

07.02.2008 // Inspiration : Sounds of Summer -gallery (by Karo) is now onl


If Next time I'm having anykind of organizing job, I will definitely NOT be photographing. All the time my thoughts were on the event and checking out different stuff. I just couldn't focus on taking photos at all.

The event was pretty amazing. 100% summer party inside a glass house, about 28°C mediterranean athmosphere and great DJ's banging quality House. Roof filled with moving heads and pure sounding & kicking PA-system. What more could you need? There was even a little Icecream bar at the end of the party arena!

Hopefully you'll get some kind of idea about Inspirations Summer event. We will be seeing each other at Pacifique in couple of days!

- Karo

28.01.2008 // [reiv:] Farley "Jackmaster" Funk -gallery is online

Since nobody reads these anyway it doesn't probably matter too much if the text comes a bit later. Also a couple of photos still to come. Enjoy. ;)

25.01.2008 // SÄDE meets FINRG /w Organ Donors

I had so much fun! It took me a long time to realize just what the thing that was tingling on my face was, but then it hit me: Smile. The whole event felt like PLUR all over!

I was quite uncertain of how would I do this evening as for some reason I was a bit uneasy to start with. But then the events atmosphere grabbed a hold of me too and the camera felt just right in my hand. Here are the results on how the night went. Post comments so that I know where to put more attention the next tim!


08.01.2008 // DTM & DANCETERIA Presents "The Black Party" (by Karo)

Happy New Year!

New Year 2008 celebrations went by at DTM's & Danceterias 'Black party' surrounded by all the colors of the rainbow. The first sight was amazing while arriving at the venue. There was a line about 50m long and 2m wide from the main door and it kept on growing for the next hour reaching the street of Frederik. As always, Danceteria filled DTM with a nice mix of people and made them dance the whole night. Despite the fact that I didn't have the best evening of the year (stress and stuff) I really loved watching shiny happy people jumping on the floor.

Hopefully everyone had a nice last year! If you didn't - things will hopefully get better! Happy new year 2008 to everyone and we'll be seeing each other at numerous events this year!

- Karo

08.01.2008 // Radio KLF 2 Year Birthday Party

Hello everyone

First of all, I want to apologise the fact that it has been a while since I published any new photos. There were many reasons to that. Anyway here's something to make it up for everyone.

Lets get back to the "KLF 2 years" -party's feelings. Cosmo and Alex Kunnari started the night with their sets. The BIG thing was Chicane and their first, and maybe last, visit to Finland. The "show" was a little bit different that I expected, because it was a live performance and because they had some different instruments that included acoustic and electro acoustic instruments. The sound was more like a "rock band" - but in a good way. They played some new material with the known classics like Saltwater. In one of the pictures, as you can see, they had also taken care of the sound quality - that mixing table was the same one that was used in the concert of the Rolling Stones in Finland. ( I didn't dare to ask the price of that :).

After Chicane, JS16 finished the night and played an unusual live set (Nope - you don't see him behind the deck on club nights too often!). WCDJ played with happy smiles on their faces in the entrance hall :D Tommi Savolainen played some fine quality tracks for a while too(Yes, just look at the photos.)

Well, for the conclusion, here's some words of photoraphing: I actually focused on Chicane's show. It was quite challenging for 2 reasons. First, there were some limitations with the use of flash and second, was the stage and the crowd; It was hard to move around the stage and to not disturb the audience. But after all, I am satisfied of the overall results (Exluding some details ;)


07.01.2008 // Hakei Waveform (By: Tuomas)

All the colors made me feel like I could see forever...

Thanks again to J-Rock Suomi for organising an event so fun. I still think that Suomi lacks events of this category a lot. More Industrial I say. I'm glad that some deliver!


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