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04.04.2014 // JKL2Ibiza Presents: Hilton Caswell (By: Tero)

Good times, ibiza times ;)


20.03.2014 // Bass - 4th Anniversary (by Timo)

4 years of Bass

and more to come..

Check out the pics, Aye!

- Timo

20.03.2014 // Waterland 2014 Friday (by Karo)


So wet, so wet...!

Photographing at Serena is always a challenge! This time it was even more moist so I had to wipe my objectives all the time when entering the highest level of Serena near the beginning of "villivirta".

People seemed to enjoy the event and didn't see anykind of negativity at the scene - we'll be back next year, i hope!

- Karo

20.03.2014 // Kaivohuone presents: 1996 (by Karo)

Call me dr dick...!

Cappella and E-Rotic.. or more likely what is left from them, original artists changed but the music stays the same!

There were a bunch of oldtimers listening to these two euro-classics. Not much to say about the acts - pretty much the same stuff one would expect.

- Karo

19.03.2014 // Waterland 2014 Friday (by Timo)


Serena, Heat, Girls, Party!

Nuff said!

- Timo

16.03.2014 // Waterland photobooth Saturday (by S2)

Waterland & Summer heat Photobooth

Saturday pics


16.03.2014 // Waterland photobooth Friday (by S2)

Waterland & Summer heat Photobooth

Friday pics


03.03.2014 // Armin Only - Intense (by Riku)


Missed me? Good! Missed Armin? SHAME on you. Magnificent show!

- Riku

03.03.2014 // Armin Only - Intense (by Karo)


Armin Only: Intense, was, intense! Technical production was very well made - one of the best I've seen. The place was loaded with Armin-fans!

Enjoy the photos!

- Karo

03.03.2014 // Armin Only - Intense (by Timo)


Something that still gives me the good chills!

Check it out!

- Timo

27.02.2014 // Tuborg Klubikysely 2013 (by Henri)

Howdi ho!

SESSIONS2 congratulates all the winners!

- S2

23.02.2014 // 12 years of FINRG (by: Tero)

12 years of awesomeness!

There are no words for this, you should have been there!

- Tero

22.02.2014 // Clublife w/ Headhunterz (by Timo)


Wicked Clublife night with Headhunterz!

Check out the pics!

- Timo

13.02.2014 // Mindcore (by Timo)

Hardcore all the way!


Check it out!

- Timo

13.02.2014 // Floorluv (by Timo)

Floorluv Baby!

Once again crazyness in Venue!

Check it out!

- Timo

09.02.2014 // RoomService 2014 Starter (by Karo)

This is your photographial RoomService!

Well done RoomService! One of the highlights this year! Everyone attending was enjoying - no crappy nightclub posing, just the music and the feeling! Top stuff!

This time RoomServices venue was in Linnanmäki amusement park, more precisely at Funky Kitchen. RoomService was broadcasted live through - and you can check more about the feelings from their site!

- Karo

03.02.2014 // House of Hard Music presents: Chain Reaction (by. Tero)

Bring the Hard On!!

Boom boom ;)

- Tero

01.02.2014 // Revealed Sessions


New trance club in Kerava. This time I also played a dj, haven’t done that in 2-3 years. That’s why also a bit smaller gallery.

Check out the pics!

- Timo

01.02.2014 // Clublife w/ Noisecontrollers & The Prophet

Feel so GOOD!

Clublife, nuff said!

Check out the pics!

- Timo

01.02.2014 // Colors Festival 2013 - Day 3 (by Timo)

Final day

It’s all about trance today. Imo the best day in musical point of view. Decided also not to take “take my picture” pics at all..

Till we meet again!

- Timo

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