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23.09.2008 // Fury's 3rd birthday gallery and a few words


It's time to deliver some tough love.

Some of the photographers of SESSIONS2 have had trouble delivering their photos to the site in a timely fashion. Even though as the father of this site I don't believe in whipping my own guys and completely understand the time consuming working process behind delivering a single set of photos to the site after doing years of it myself I've got to say it's just not acceptable that things don't get done. If I could choose a simple slogan for SESSIONS2 it would be "we deliver" - First and foremost I want this site to be known for the outstanding quality of work we do. When the quality isn't that and you have to ask for the photos over and over again during a painstakingly long period of time it's fair to say we've failed to be what we want to be.

Event photography isn't always easy. Actually it can be really damn though and in my opinion it's acceptable to fail every now and then. When that happens the thing to do is to admit the failure and move on. With this set of photos from Fury's event that isn't the case. I mean, look at the photos - many of them are nothing short of excellent. The not so excellent part is publishing them God knows how long after the event.

Even though I don't particurlarly like editing some elses photos that's just what I did with this set so you could finally have them. As our visitors, audience and clients don't accept this kind of delays in the process. If the photos aren't on the site within a week after the event exercise your right to bitch about that.

To the rest of the SESSIONS-team: the purpose of this message isn't to humiliate anyone but to make you understand that being the best (which we are in the narrow field of event photographing finnish raves, clubs and such) doesn't come for free. It requires pushing yourself and I expect that from every single one of you. Push yourself, find new angles and fucking be all you can be. You know I love you all, but sometimes a bit of tough love seems to be in order to wake you up. When I gave you this site and told you to do whatever you want with it I expected you to build something new and better out of it and not to run it to the ground. Let's get back on the right track, shall we?

I'd like to make apology to the Fury organization; sorry - failing your expectations sincerely wasn't our purpose.

Jouni Väänänen
The retired Site Manager of SESSIONS2

15.09.2008 // Colors Festival 2008, sunday (by Karo & Tuula)

The Sunday!

I'll just start with the easy part to understand: Beautiful lasers, massive lights, Nexo's sound system, "couple" of thousand clubbers (and not just from Finland)..And then the not so easy part: DJ Tiesto, Erick Morillo, Marcus Schulz.. do I need to continue? OK then: Sander Van Doorn, Stonebridge, Hoxton Whores, Alex Kunnari, Käpä, Heikki L (from Danceteria music), K-System, Jay Mellin, Joonas Hahmo, Anselmi Kuusisto, Johnny Wild, Toukka, Cosmo, Defa, Jace and George L.. phiif.. This just is the most massive dessert table what Finnish club scene has tastet!

As I told earlier we had wee bit o' trouble with Sigmas focus (Fish Eye) and I had to borrow a new 30D body from Joni Rolig for this sunday just to test if mine is broken - but all well, we managed to get some pics for you to see!

Massive Thanks from SESSIONS2 goes to Colors crew, especially to Alex Kunnari giving us the permission to photograph at Colors Festival 2008 - and to Anselmi Kuusisto making the proper arrangements to make things work so easily.

- Karo & Tuula

15.09.2008 // Colors Festival 2008, saturday (by Karo & Tuula)

The Saturday!

I had actually no kind of thoughts about Colors Festival beforehand - nothing except it was obviously going to be the biggest dance festival in Helsinki so far.

Saturdays artists were nothing less than: John Digweed, James Zabiela, Cosmic Gate, Matt Darey, K-Klass, Ian Carey, Raul Rincon, Mark Doyle, Marcus Schössow, Miika Kuisma, Danny Monaco, Johnny Boy, Käpä, Jokke, Hert&Klaus and DJ Jean.. O M G.. I thought it woudn't get any better - but sundays line-up.. Really, and I mean really, Kicked Ass..

Tuula was struggling with sigmas fisheye and I On the other hand had some focusing problems with my well served EOS 30D but we got enough pictures in to be publish. This wasn't the best evening for the equipment to be freakish :( Anyways - hope you like the pics!

- Karo & Tuula

10.09.2008 // UNITY THE ISLAND

Unity The Island was one to be remembered!

Although we were supposed to manage a photostand it was cancelled for two obvious reasons: One of our studio flashes broke down and the final killer reason - it started raining. We had the opportunity to take a "never before"-picture of at least 300 helsinki clubbers screaming at the beach.

At the end of the evening we encountered another rare problem, we coudn't fit inside the party palace with our gear because the place was packed, and I mean packed.. The feeling at the beach was Unity at it's best - athmosphere was astonishing.

All the best for Unity crew with big thanks from SESSIONS2 and from our photographers at UNITY The Island 2008 (Tuula, Jukka, Mikko & Joni)!

- Sessions2 Crew

05.09.2008 // DJ Proteus Album Release Party (By: Tuomas)

The call came in and I'm glad as hell as I took it!

Dj Proteus Record release party was one hell of a night out. Industrial bands and kick ass tunes. Several times I had to keep myself working as I would have jsut wanted to dance instead of recording the event.

Some might say that this is a fan gallery. I rightly wont care. His party, his pictures. There will come times to take pictures of audience, but tonight was mostly about him.

The king is not dead, he released an album! Long live the king!

- Tuomas

21.07.2008 // The Ultimate Sound Pt.2 - Second Coming of Energy (by Karo)


The Ultimate Sound part 2 delivered the second coming of energy as it promised. I entered the party at midnight after photographing 8 hours of wedding seremony. I decided to experiment little with the refreshments Spacehouse-crew had come up with. Photographing at this event was more of a documentary-type shooting than photo art. But either way, I had fun while shooting frames :)

There was quite many new comers at The Ultimate Sound, and in addition to that, there were many ravers from other cities, especially from Lahti. Nice to see "new people" raving in Kotka. Well enough with this chit-chat, enjoy the pics!

- Karo

15.07.2008 // Konemetsä 2008-gallery is now online

Yup, Konemetsä 2008-gallery is the 250th SESSIONS2-gallery since 2001. We've now got well over 7000 photos online and the number of visitors has been constantly increasing since the new site was launched in 2004. It makes me proud in many ways and I guess a long list of thank you's would be in order but... nevermind. Just enjoy your stay!

Oh, about the event itself: I can't say I was overwhelmingly excited when I got booked to Konemetsä. After all the festival is in the middle of nowhere and full of dirty hippies. I didn't expect much and I certainly didn't expect to have loads of fun. In the end that's just what happened; the festival was visually very inspiring and stimulating, the music offered a nice "something for pretty much everyone and a lot for the open minded individuals"-buffee, the food was great (for festival food which I usually hate) and the company was quite excellent. Many many thanks for the organizers of Konemetsa, Esa, Lauri, Pinkki, Joha, Ninni and Pekka. Next year I'll be back and I'll bring my own soap bubble gun. Or two. Or a dozen.

- Jouni

08.06.2008 // TIDY : Finland, with Amber D (UK)


There really was a party going on from the very beginning of the night. Meke, Sergei Shkuroff and Amber D rocked the crowd, but Proteus himself was definitely the king of this event.

Hope u like the pictures!

- Juki

28.05.2008 // Lighthouse : Kevätkauden päättäjäiset!

Show us the way!

"The oldest still going on"-club @ Kotka, Lighthouse, gathered once again a group of clubbers to dance in joy! This time we had several new comers at the event and luckily they seemed to enjoy dancing amongst 'techno hardened' clubbers. The lights and sound system were once again massive as hell and the deejays (Deca, Radiac, Holle and Miksta) really delivered some kick-ass material to dance to!

Fotographing was interesting while I was using EF-S 10-22mm obj. for a chance. Hope you like the pics!

- Karo

26.05.2008 // helsinkiLIVE pres. DRUM´N BASS LEGENDS

I'm pretty much done with event photography as a hobby but since I've got a few photos from helsinkiLIVE presents DRUM´N BASS LEGENDS that fit that description I thought I might as well publish them. I attended the event for a whole another purpose but hopefully you like these. Special thanks to helsinkiLIVE crew for letting me do my thing.

- Jouni

17.05.2008 // Säde Vappu (By: Tuomas)

Getting to Gloria was kind of difficult due to the police storming the Mannerheimintie Euromayday was taking place and also the traditional wappumeininki was in its fullest. Having the high expectations at this point Säde didn't fail me.

Music banged hard and loud all night. I tried to stay focused with the camera, but some days it's just a bit harder than others ;) Sorry for the waiting, but here they are at last.

- Tuomas

06.05.2008 // Laserpoint 2008 - emoción (byTuomas)


One thing I keep wondering is that when does the party actually reach it's peak. Every year they topped itself and did something bigger, and better and more awesome. It's like one of those motivational posters where someone says: "I cant hear you from the sound of how awesome I am" Just without the sarcasm in it.

I am truly sorry that it took so long for me to get these out but I hope you like them and also I'm sorry for almost crashing to that one guy with my camera while trying to reach the main stage before the flames went off, no hard feelings I hope.

- Tuomas

04.05.2008 // SÅINT pres: John Candy (Pacha St' Petersburg)(by Karo)

St. clubbers Hi'o'hoy!

Another club-event in a short period of time which introduced a foreign DJ to the clubbers in Kotka. This time it was John Candy from Pacha / St.Petersburg.

Theres not much to say from the view of a party photographer. Everything seemed to work just fine and people had smile on their face! Here are the pictures! Until next time :)

- Karo

03.05.2008 // Laserpoint 2008 - emoción (byTuula)


Comments will be added a bit later! Enjoy the pics!

- Tuula

29.04.2008 // Laserpoint 2008 - emoción (by Joni)


Description will be added later :)

- Joni

26.04.2008 // Laserpoint 2008 - emoción (by Karo)

Phazer banks 1 to 11 fire at Will!


Hope you like the pictures - they just might not do justice to the actual event.

- Karo

22.04.2008 // Laserpoint 2008 - emoción (by Jukka)


Laserpoint-crew really did an amazing job organizing this party, thumbs up for them!

I can't complain from anything; the artists and the crowd really made this night to remember :)

I feel a bit irritated that I only got 23 photos published, but luckily there are plenty of pictures coming later :)

- Juki

22.04.2008 // Standard with Makoto & Deeizm (JPN) (by Jukka)


What a great night! I truly enjoyed the atmosphere of Rose Garden at this current event. L.A.O.S-boys were just what I expected - quality and dancefloor-friendly tracks with style. However, Makoto & Deeizm were the stars of the night, crowd really loved them <3

Rose Garden at it's full capasity isn't really the best place for photographing, but at least I got few proper shots. Hope u like it!

- Juki

21.04.2008 // Laserpoint Emoción Photobooth-gallery (Part 2/2) is online

...and here are the rest of the photos from the booth!

Some 20 photos are possibly missing due to a little software problem in the process. That will be checked first thing tomorrow though. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos. :)

Jouni Väänänen

21.04.2008 // Laserpoint Emoción Photobooth-gallery (Part 1/2) is now onli

Hello again,

Here's the first part of the photobooth-photos. Due to the extremely high amount of them (Around 600 will be published) and the fact that our gallery system only supports ~30 pages in one gallery (16 photos on each page) we'll publish these in two parts.

It should also serve your needs better. The second part of photos will be published later on today (you should expect them after 7pm or so).

Jouni Väänänen

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