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16.12.2008 // Millennium 10th Anniversary (By Mikko)

Happy happy birthday MLNM!

Since a single photo says more than a thousand words I'll let my photos do the speaking for me. Enjoy.

- Mikko

16.12.2008 // FINRG 512 - 5th anniversary event (By: Tuomas)

I is for independence

A huge party to celebrate five years of Finnish freeform! So what if I wasn't invited to the castle to dine on caviar. I'd take this on any day with mindset to stom until my feel were numb!

Having these elaborate stages seems to be trendy now but they really are a pain to take pictures in. I squeezed trough small gaps a few times and ran contorted to strange angles to get to different side of the stage.

- Tuomas

16.12.2008 // Millennium 10th Anniversary (By Karo)

Happy Birthday Millennium!

This was the second day of my three day clubbing experience. I felt a bit tired after the night not so well slept and I actually fell asleep at the backstage during the party - but what the heck.. Altho there was some problems with the fluent use of the bar, the event itself was magnificient. Just to give the hype final and a realistic touch, I'd have to play dic'trance - and that is something I don't want to do :]

Millennium 10th anniversary took clubbers back to Turku where the concept originates. The venue, Åbo Diskotek, was actually allready closed up and millennium was the ultimate burial event for the whole two floor disco (which closed down for good at the next sunday). As I wrote earlier. I wasn't feeling as energetic as I would have wanted and you can see that in some of the photos. But after all, I really enjoyed the event and the DJ's spinning rockin' house, trance, and something harder which doesn't make that much sense to me ^.^ Åbo Diskotek was packed from the door to the top and people crowded the dancefloor pretty much all the night. Which was a nice thing to watch :)

This time I decided not to strike out too many photos, and the gallery really is big to watch thru. I hope you're up to it! Some of the persons appear a lot in the photos (f.ex Millennium-crew), but what the hell - I just didn't want to give you any less to watch :) In-Joy!

- Karo

15.12.2008 // SÄDE Presents TOKYO UNDERGROUND (By: Tuomas)


Having Guld over here is a bit like remembering why I liked stomping in the first place! Sure this was one night you all wished you were here. Thanks to all of you who really made my evening. I absolutely positively love you all.

Peace, love, unity respect and all that, but you are here for the pictures aren't you? Go on, take a peak then. LEave a comment or two, I'd appreciate it.

- Tuomas

14.12.2008 // Chicago Lounge - Special Pre-Christmas Party (by Karo)

Lahti.. .. :D

First of all, I have to defend myself by telling you that this was the last day of my three day clubbing trip from Kotka to Helsinki to Turku to Lahti (650km overall). I had slept three hours in my car somewhere near Loppi (between Turku and Lahti). Luckily i got 6 hours of sleep on a real mattress @ L'Kays house when I reached Lahti.

Chicago Lounge, as the name says, is one of the "chilling out with friends"-type of events. And that really was what we were doing. It had been a while since I visited Lahti and had the opportunity to chill out with friends. Luckily quite many old faces visited Chicago Lounge, some of whom I hadn't seen for about four years.

First of all, the pre-christmas party night started with dinner at Amarillo (<3) - then couple of basic event photos. It was my turn to spin the records and I turned the camera over to couple of "not so sober" friends. I think this is the first gallery @ SESSIONS2 that have been photographed mainly by someone else than SESSIONS2-photographer (alltho I took 10 frames of 19, they photographed a whole lot more than I. I just striked out frames of same individuals from the final punch of released photos). It was so fun to watch the frames thru, that I decided to publish them - This is all what Lahti is about. Having fun with friends <3

- Karo

12.12.2008 // SÄDE Presents TOKYO UNDERGROUND (By: Tuula)

I had so much fun that I forgot to write this, I'll do it later! Meanwhile, enjoy!

- Tuula

09.12.2008 // FINRG 512 - 5th anniversary event (by Karo)


This event was supposed to be held at Diva / Lahti. But as the venue closed down (and opened as Love Hotel) the event was moved to Gloria / Helsinki. The venue is well known amongst clubbers as the venue of Säde, Rush, and various other clubbing events. This time the event was all about FINRG's 5th anniversary. Couple of foreign stars, two live-sets (using the term "Live PA" which I just don't get) and couple of DJ-sets. People seemed to be really exited and hands raised up quite a lot of the party time.

Photographing at Gloria didn't give any suprises: basic lightning was dark, as always. Couple of times strobes and blinders took me by suprise and I managed to get some fucked up frames (read: artistic photos = not published) - but after all, it was really interesting and fun to shoot all over the stage while "da boys" were having their show <3 Hope you enjoy the pics!

- Karo

05.12.2008 // FINRG Recordings-interview part 2/4

...and the FINRG interview continues just in time. Today's episode contains information about a special live PA and in case you don't want to miss it in real life you should start heading to Gloria immediately after you're done reading.

SESSIONS2 congratulates FINRG for the first five years. May there be many more successful ones in the future!

Really, run to Gloria already. It's going to be one kick ass bday party. Totally approved, supported and loved by our little event photography community.

- Jone

[Finnish only]

04.12.2008 // FINRG Recordings-interview part 1/4

Little less than a month ago I did something we haven't done in quite a while; made an interview. Taking the train to Lahti and meeting up with the friendly geezers of FINRG recordings was a whole load of fun and we ended up talking quite a bit. Even a bit too much, maybe. The whole interview is around 8 A4's and since I know our visitors have the attention span of baboons it probably makes sense to publish it in four parts.

Unfortunately we don't currently have the resources to translate the interview. My apologies to our foreign visitors.

- Jone

[Finnish only]

26.11.2008 // Renegade presents PENDULUM & NOISIA (by Mikko)


Bäck has been quite busy for the last week, so here are the photos and text will follow up later!

- Karo

23.11.2008 // Renegade presents PENDULUM & NOISIA (by Tuula)


Tuula has been quite busy for the last week, so here are the photos and text will follow up later!

- Karo

17.11.2008 // IMPULSE 2008 - The 6 Year Birthday Rave

It's tuesday morning when I'm writing this and I'm still feeling slightly out of shape. That alone should give me a right to give Lahti a new nickname; skullfuck city.

Impulse has a special little place in my tiny little black heart. The organizers have always treated me with loads of respect and kindness - not to suck up but simply because they feel like being that way. This mutual respect has grown into friendship and it's always great to see friends after a long while. So, I'd really support Impulse all the way even if they were the suckiest club concept ever introduced to mankind. They're not though but quite the opposite really. Impulse events have never been about being fancy and that's just the way I like 'em. The focus is strictly on having full on fun and putting the pedal to the metal. While in Lahti one doesn't usually have worry about appearing like a jackass for two reasons: 1) vast part of the city's population is that way too & 2) nobody will remember anything afterwards anyway.

Too many long sentences already? Thought so. Let's say the same thing in two short expressions; I love Lahti & I love Impulse.

A few thank yous: Jimmy (Thanks for offering accommodation and for your company), the two young dudes in the bathroom (thanks for a laugh and sorry about the Tarantino stunt me & Jimmy pulled on you. You should've seen your faces.), the "I'm also known as the fox" girl (I have a head full of stupid oneliners and this was the first time I couldn't think of any. It was strange. Thanks.), Tepa & Minttu ("Absolutely not!" - thanks for rocking so much once again), Tomppa (We really need to see more often!), The Stuttgart Kickers Posse (I just might take back the "yeah yeah, the next time I'm in Lahti I ain't leaving before monday"-promise I made but thanks for your company. Loved it.), Teemu (You old fucking knucklehead<3) and... and... even if there's a whole load of people I should give some credit here I think I'm done.

Lahti, see you again. Not too soon though or I just can't hack it.

- Jone

10.11.2008 // Pussy eau de Club 10th Anniversary Second Edition (by Jone)

Pussy has given me much pleasure in life and so has Pussy eau de Club. A club with such a remarkable history wouldn't exist today if the organizer and her crew wouldn't be doing something right. The dancers, the DJs, the LJ, the changing show elements and the hostess of the night together create a truly delightful concept. Seeing a bit older friendly faces for the first time in a long while doesn't really hurt either.

When I arrived to the venue and checked out the lights (one of the first things I always do) I knew flash photography was the way I was gonna go. I would've wanted to have a bit more color on the background of the photos but found it difficult to do that and to take crisp & clean images at the same time. So, compromises had to be made.

Many thanks to Taru and my dearest birthday wishes to Pussy eau de Club. Another decade of quality clubbing awaits ahead!

- Jone

08.11.2008 // The Ultimate Sound part III - The End Of Trilogy (by Karo)

Prrrr! pzzzt!

The Ultimate Sound Trilogy has come to an end - and what an ending it was! The place really got a touch of decoration and light designing. For this last event, SpaceHouse crew contacted Silto to get lights that really work, and they did. Only one minus, as always, the air was thick of fog from the hazer :( For some reason, the last part of Ultimate Sound didn't gather as many clubbers as one could hope for, and altho the floor was really packed once in a while - the absence of people can be seen in the pictures (10% of all clubbers were constantly smoking outside).

This was not the best night for me to take photos. In the middle of the party I had to go to another place and photograph about 1½ hours and then fly back to the event to shoot more frames. For me, it was pretty hard to focus on photographing, don't know why - sometimes it happens. Luckily there were three other photographers around, so I think people are getting enough photos to see :) (if they are published).

- Karo

01.11.2008 // pres. Halloween Hard On! (By Karo)

Hard ON!

This was my first clubbing trip to Tampere. The venue 'MIXEI', is the oldest gay bar in Finland - established in 1990. Halloween Hard On! used both of Mixeis floors: Halloween Dungeon (Bottom) and Ghoul Lounge (Top) ;) It was really nice to see so many clubbers looking like what you would expect at halloween night.

- Karo

27.10.2008 // NEO & C2C pres. Infected Mushroom -gallery is now online

Talk about a party with many dimensions! I've got very mixed (but mostly quite positive) feelings about the whole event; at first it seemed like a serious party for serious people but suddenly the whole crowd went totally bananas and athmosphere turned to really intense, organic, thick and dreamlike. The ever-shifting mood of the party almost drove me insane and I caught myself wondering how the fuck could I ever document all that with a mere camera. In the end the only right solution seemed to be to take intense, organic, thick and dreamlike photos and yeah, some serious ones of the serious ones too.

I'd trade a night at one of the Helsinki's sleekest nightclubs for a night at Voimala anytime. Fancy wallpapers, shiny discoballs and funny straws on a drink distract one's minds from a simple truth; none of that nonsense is really needed for having fun. It's easier to enjoy the ride and the real content of a night out when you're surrounded by shitloads of concrete rather than plastic.

- Jone

19.10.2008 // House Warming Party (By Karo)


It has been a while since Kotka had a club event @ Meriniemi. House Warming Party really warmed up the House once again - near future will show, if the House will be warmed for good or are the partys moving to a different venue. But anyways: Really nice event, good DJ's with good music. I was suprised that Tony Wallas (RUS) played such good music. Usually foreign guests play incredible shit (imho) but Wallas really rocked :)

This event (and couple of next to come) are pretty much learning the basics with my new camera equipment. This new DSLR workes a bit different way than my old Canon EOS 30D so it is propably going to take a while after I master the tool to get just the pictures I'm hunting for. To add more challenge I have started to use 24-70mm f2.8 lens for it's sharp image quality. Unfortunately the lens is JUST in the zoom area which I don't like to use (I'm more into "under 20mm and over 85mm" focal lenghts). So I think I have to find some new lenses to play with :)

But give or take, here are the photos. There are some pics of the general colors of the lights and some DJ photos (also Pekko Haimis picture from the Pre Party Event held in Pasaati / Kotka). It's more or less a mini-gallery. Enjoy :)

- Karo

17.10.2008 // Säde Presents: World of Trance II (By: Tuomas)

Säde may present anything and I'd be there!

Being a fan of the harder stuff myself I was doubtful in the beginning, but that was mostly in vain. Music was almost too good to be true and abandoning the camera backstage was something I thought a lot. Nice classics from times past and cheerful tunes of the present!

Dont you wish you had been there?

- Tuomas

13.10.2008 // SASH! On Tour!

SASH! on tour!

I'm propably going to get a lot "WTF" comments because of this gallery. It is almost all about SASH! and the warm up DJ. This is more or less a fan-art gallery about one of the biggest eurotrance producer of the late '90s.

The first two CD-singles I ever bought were DJ Quicksilvers Bellissima/I Have A Dream, and SASH!'s Encore Une Fois - which by the way rocks hard (escpesially Merlyn & Chuck Mellows remix)! So, for me, this was a kind of a "must photograph"-evening. Just have to release two skeletors from my closet: I also got his autograph on my two 12" SASH! single covers: Ecuador & Stay.

But hey! Enjoy the photos! There are couple of art-photos in the gallery, just to piss you off ;)

- Karo

26.09.2008 // Tokyo Decadance (By: Tuomas)

Thank God for Firewire (tm)

I thougt that pictures would have remained in the mac for ever due to broken USB-ports, but luckily the other system worked. Big thanks for lending me the firewire reader!

The Event was once again full of colour and young and energetic people. It was nice to see something different once again as the performers invited people to party up on the stage and caused mayhem walking aroung wearing thing that most sci-fi fans would wet their pants for.

Without further ado, I give you The Tokyo Dekadance!


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