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06.04.2009 // Danceteria /w Rob Di Stefano & Twisted America (by Karo)

Wickeed! Twisteed!

One of the first 12" records I bought was Size Queen's Music, published by Twisted America Records, which is founded by Rob Di Stefano - a guy who was the star of this evening! I was looking forward to hear Twisted House Beats, and that was exactly what he delivered! Homegrove started the night with a bit deeper and progressive beats and after Rob Di Stefano Mr.A gave some dancable vibrations for the clubbers.

I have had some sleeping problems for the last three weeks and it affects on my concenration behind the camera. At the end of the night I started to experience some problems with my eyes because of the non-stop-blinking and flashing disco lights and strobos. That led to a 45min visit to DTM:s upper floor where I took couple of shots (= photos). I also experienced some focusing problems with tele-objectives caused by none else than the smoke machine. Otherwise the night was pretty much the basic event photographing :)

This was the second time I was taking photos while Danceterias resident photographer is having a jolly time somewhere in Scotland. One more event to be covered, see you all there!

- Karo

24.03.2009 // Salpalinjan Puolustus vol.4 (by Karo)


SESSIONS2 is all about documenting different kinds of culture and lifestyle surrounding electronic music. This time I was visiting one of the oldest still active organisations, techmu, and their underground event in Lappeenranta. The whole idea of the event is to have fun amongst friends and there is absolutely no pre-information about this event, except amongs techmu-members - a real ug event!

Photographing at this location, which is a bunker from the period of the II-world war, was quite challenging. I had to use a modified EF-s 10-22mm lense and there still was not enough room to photograph decently. There is also couple of guest-photos in this gallery taken by Vinha Vatanen! Enjoy the photos!

- Karo

24.03.2009 // Strike The Pose @ P A C I F I Q U E : L U M I R E

Strike the Pose!

We had loads of pics of posing clubbers @ Pacifique. The best of them we published in each photographers personal gallery but the rest are here for you to see! Enjoy!

- Karo

16.03.2009 // P A C I F I Q U E : L U M I R E (By: Mikko)

Pink! Ponk?

Something will be written later on..

.. or not?

- Mikko

15.03.2009 // DanceteriA loves SWEDEN with StoneBridge (By: Karo)

Just ready to be Stonebridged!

This time I was called to Danceteria to take over their resident photographer Kinli, who is absent for the next three events while travelling in England. Let's talk a bit about the music before letting you enter my private saturation fantasies.

Three masters of House were presented, DJ Flight, Heikki L and Swedish mastermind Stonebridge. Flight kicked ass as usual, unfortunately people came in a bit late so a lot of them missed many quality tracks. Heikki L doesn't need any introductions, nor does Stonebridge. Mr. Stonebridge started with strange material which gave me the creeps, but fortunately he started to bang a bit groovier set spiced with classic remakes. Really enjoyed it - someone even saw me dancing ^.^

This night was not the usual style of photographing for me, but the club wanted a bit more artistic and colorful photos. But enough this mumbling. Here are the photos, hope you enjoy this bit more artistic gallery!

- Karo

11.03.2009 // P A C I F I Q U E : L U M I R E (By: Jukka)

I Feel Love!

It was my third time at this event, but the first time photographing. I found it a bit more challenging, that I expected. It was great to hear house music all night long and see beautiful smiling people having fun! Pacifique truly is something special!

- Juki

10.03.2009 // P A C I F I Q U E : L U M I R E (By: Karo)

Wet, wet, wet...! <3

This was my third time @ Pacifique. I had pretty clear vision what to expect and Pacifique matched my expectations fully. From the view of a photograher, this particular Pacifique gave more challenge than last year - lights were better, but somehow this year I had to use my head more. This was also the first time I really had the chance to put my gear on the edge by photographing in the middle of the pool where clubbers were splashing water all over, everything worked fine (except my infra-red transmitter which was filled with water, but it's ok as it got dry).

As usual, I couldn't concentrate on DJ's / artists even barely - House Amigos, Flight and Pacifique Allstars still managed to spin some records that cought even my ear while concentrating on taking photos <3 The place was filled with beautiful people, Barbies, Kens, "normal folks" and more muscular type - it was real eye candy! This time you will get a REAL massive gallery of over 100 photos - I know you'll get bored, but I just didn't want to strike anymore photos out :(

See you somewhere, hope you like what you're seeing!

- Karo

09.03.2009 // P A C I F I Q U E : L U M I R E (By: Tuula)

.."'Cause you're hot then you're cold, You're yes then you're no You're in and you're out, You're up and you're down" Tralala!

This was my third time here, and I really got myself in the right mood for taking pics! Got my new camera, new lenses and pretty needed experience from the two earlier Pacifique event. Girls and boys were beatiful creatures and decos, lights, Nexus dancers and music really blew up the atmoshpere <3

I had really phun, and I hope it'll show in these pictures. Enjoy!

- Tuula

09.03.2009 // P A C I F I Q U E : L U M I R E (By: Joni)


This was my second Pacifique event, so I already knew what to expect. Hot and humid environment and funky lights. All in all the evening was quite good and quaranteed Pacifique quality. I was supprised that many people wanted a photo of themselves so I tried to fulfill their wishes.

I was quite busy and consentraded to my work so I actually have no furher comments about the evening. So let's check the photos.

- Joni / Impezki

09.03.2009 // P A C I F I Q U E : L U M I R E (By: Tuomas)


I finally outdid myself :) Pictures were done on sunday evening. Then just the waiting of aproval from organization. But here they are!

Pacifique is kinda strange place to shoot due to moisture and water. Just sand shot of beach in the tropic. Hard work as pulse shot trough the roof when simple things became taxing, but rewarding as the conditions and settings were so different from anything else.

Here's my contribution to Pacifique Lumere hope you like the pictures, I certaily liked taking them.

- Tuomas

05.03.2009 // We've got a new feature on the site

Click on the thumbnail on the left for further details.

05.03.2009 // Get yourself in the right mood for Pacifique 2009!

Back in 2004 our new site was published and just before the first Pacifique-event we released the first SESSIONS2-promomix. Today we're re-releasing it for a week or so to get all of you ready for Pacifique 2009. I'm currently listening to the mix myself and even after 5 years it just makes me want to go all bananas in our office, throw my hands in the air for the DJ and dance my ass off. Oh, sweet memories are flooding back to me!

14.02.2009 // Spacehouse - Something Wicked This Way Comes (by Karo)

Friday the 13th! Wickeeed..!

There are days when you just should stay in bed - this was one of them. When you are too tired to take photos - don't take them or expect that you're going to be fucked from the behind and front ways.

The party was interesting. Massive PA-system in enviroment too small, live set and three DJ's giving really ass kicking ear candy to clubbers and regular nightclubbers. Lights were made by Judge Silto and they once again rocked even considering that the roof was really low.

Well. Here are the photos which in my standards are not so good. Technique doesn't save poor content and the content doesn't save poor technique. But this is how it sometimes goes.

- Karo

13.02.2009 // Clubbing Photo Exhibition @ Spacehouse-event, Kotka

We at SESSIONS2 are proud to present a clubbing photo exhibition at Spacehouse-event to be held this friday (13.2.2009) in BePop, Kotka.

We are aiming this photo exhibition for regular people who spend their weekends in ordinary nightclub surroundings with minimal knowledge of finnish club culture. This way we are hoping to do a small bit of our mission by showing people what clubbing is all about: Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and Harmony. Kind regards to Spacehouse promoters for making this exhibition possible!

Maestros of the night are nothing less than Joonas Hahmo, Beach X -live (Finity Recordings), Individual and Turbulenc.

- Karo

01.01.2009 // Graveyard Party vol III (By: Tuomas)

Bring out your dead!

This kind of party is right up my alley! Metal and harder part of electronics. I mean, how can you NOT like this? Then again, it's funny to see how different the long haired crowd is when compared to the ones with shining pants and metro-looks.

Lighting conditions were kinda hard as I'm pretty used to the lights that they usually put up so that meant a lot of work on correcting configurations, but so far I think I pulled this one trough quite well. Some pictures turned out with more noise than I would have liked, so I'll accept donations while wanting to buy newer camera body :)

Thanks to the people who made this a possibility! I'm sure I'll come again next year to bang my head!

- Tuomas

30.12.2008 // The City Cancn / Mexico (Guest gallery by Karri Holmberg)


"The City Cancn - The Best Nightclub in Cancun, Mexico and Latin America". The capacity over 5000 people. Three floors, 9 bars, over 60m's of videoscreen, and over 1.000.000 wats of PA-system(!!1). The City Cancn is the most important entertainment center in Latin America. All this info can be found from their homepage.

I got this photo-report from my older brother Karri as he visited Mexico last spring. With his permission, I decided to publish these few photos of the place, just to give a glance to Finnish Clubbers of a club in Mexico. I was told, that the roof was filled with lights and the PA-system _really_ kicked in with every single bassdrum that was given to people. And that is a considerable statement from a guy who has worked, designed, and built professional audio systems for over 10 years.

But anyway, here you are! A peak to Mexico and The City Cancn! The pictures were taken with Fuji FinePix 30 -camera :)

- Karo

27.12.2008 // One presents SOLARSTONE (by Jukka)


The Best Event 2008 @ Tampere!

Rest of the text will be added later

- Jukka

24.12.2008 // Merry Christmas

SESSIONS2-photo crew wants just to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This year was a pretty good year for us. We signed three more photographers in our team: Tuula Ylikorpi, Mikko Bck and Jukka Aro. Jouni photographed SESSIONS2's 250th gallery and we passed a magnificient marker "1.000.000 individual visits @". We also managed to publish over 50 club event galleries!

For the next year we don't have any concrete "christmas present" to give except to inform you that at this moment SESSIONS2 is going thru some re-designing & planning. Some day (hopefully next year) we will get a better and more versatile web-site to serve clubbers better!

Remember to take it easy! Happy Holidays for everyone!

With <3,
Karo Holmberg
Site Manager 2008 ->

22.12.2008 // Fiilis: We Love Joulu (by Karo)

We Love Fiilis!

Fiilis-crew organized their 6th annual pre christmas event at Kouvola. The venue was the same, and the DJ's were most of the Fiilis's residents (Anselmi Kuusisto, Toukka, OC, Caro, Pelle D & Niki Suhonen) and as a guest, House Amigos! This time the music wasn't so "classic" house what I think people were expecting, but it still was House :) People were a bit passive all the night - sitting amongst friends, drinking and having a good time - but not really dancing (outcluding the last half an hour). But Fiilis is all about relaxing, this time the relaxing was in the form of sitting and listening to good music :)

Photographing at Fiilis was all about just documenting the event, not trying to do anything special. As I was one of the DJ's and organizers I wanted to be in the mood of relaxing, chatting with friends & listening to music, not to achieve a load of extra fine photos. I also got a change to check out Peleng's 8mm fully manual objective and there is couple of test photos to be seen in the gallery.

Here are the documentary gallery of Fiilis : We Love Joulu. Just to throw in a little bonus: We at Fiilis are happy to announce, that starting from january we will be playing quality house two times in a month, sundays as before :) read more from: !

- Karo

20.12.2008 // S|deffect @ Jyvskyl (by Karo)


This was my second trip to Jyvskyl. Last time it was a DJ-gig, this time it was "teen-rave" at Aalto-Sali. The venue was new to me (obviously), but I really liked it. It was simple with desing and the arena worked very well in this kinf of event. I didn't hear any resonance sounds from the structure and the PA sounded clear and powerfull.

I thought JKL's teens and party people would rush in by the hundreds but I was wrong, the place was not crowded - but still there was a desend party from the begining. I was pleased to see so many minor ravers having fun with this kind of harder electronic music - it's good to see the "next generation is out there" :)

Photographing was more or less the basic frame shooting, nothing special from that direction. Here are the photos, hope you like them :)

- Karo

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