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30.06.2009 // Kouvola House Mafia @ Beach Connection & Fiilis (by Karo)

Kouvola House Mafia!

This gallery is all about different kind of clubbing culture. No fancy dresses, no glow sticks, just house music at the beach and later on at the cafe! Beach Connection organized once again a DJ-booth to a junior beach volley competition. All of the DJ's are from Kouvola House Mafia (Kruuwi & Fiilis Deejays) and the tunes really rocked the beach. After the beach volley games we headed up to a place called Coffee House, where Fiilis DJ's spinned records for the chilling terrazza folks. ant0n° was the guest star at Fiilis, but unfortunately I didn't have time be there that late, so no pics of the old timer :(

This gallery is not actually very interesting. I had very limited time to take photos compared to the last time (when I photographed for two days). There still are some decent shot for you to drool. Next photo-trip is Konemetsä, c u there!

- Karo

06.06.2009 // SUNRISE: PHOENIX /W DANIEL KANDI (By: Tuomas)

And I thought that I'd need the earplugs to keep the cheddar away!

FSK that!! I had a brilliant night! The artist was an amazing dude, easy to talk to and nice enough bloke to like. Had Tequila and lost a wrestling match to a cheesydnb-DJ ;) I can just say I loved the event so much, that I almost danced.

Decorations were done truly nicely. Loved the gigantic mirrorball. And for a change the DJ was situated so that is was possible to take pictures easily without having to climb to a narrow ledge. Thanks guys, this was a perfect start for summer!


30.05.2009 // ONE w/ Niklas Harding (by Jukka)


Obviously no text coming up. Let the pics tell their own tail.

- Karo in behalf of Jukka

25.05.2009 // Pussy eau de Club 11th Anniversary -gallery is now online

Happy birthday Pussy eau de Club and Taru!

I had quite an interesting night behind the camera; one of my CF-cards seized working five minutes after I had got done shooting Orkidea and a couple of dozen pretty nice photos were lost. As if that wasn't enough the AF of one of my lenses jammed, I had to shoot with MF for quite a while, the receiver & the transmitter of my flash unit started playing tricks on me and... and... somehow even all this didn't ruin my mood.

The event itself was like Pussy's events always are - pure quality. I'm already waiting for the next one!

- Jone

24.05.2009 // Let's Get Funked With Puuhaphiit (by Karo)

Funk up!

This session was a part of my Jean Michel Jarre -trip to Helsinki. As I had finished photographing the grand o' master, I made my way to downtown seeking a little place called Lime Cocktail Bar. Music helped locating the place; Puuhaphiit was spinning the grooviest house tunes I've heard for a while - had to enjoy <3 With Puuhaphiit, Dj Upi and a sax-player were hitting the grooves that night. My visit ended up short as I was going to pay a visit at Redrum (that visit ended up even shorter as I had to drive to Kotka in time to get few hours of sleep).

This 'Lets get funked with puuhaphiit'-event was a bit of a test drive to my new objective I bought couple of days before - It seems to work just fine :) Enjoy this mini-gallery, and pay a visit at the grooviest house-lounge next time!

- Karo

18.05.2009 // Jean Michel Jarre : In Doors World Tour 2009 (by Karo)

Mr Jean Michel Jarre!

When I was a little boy, I used to listen Jarres music. Not much, not as a fan, but I still did. For me Jarre became a inspiration behind the screen, influensing my journey to fall in love with peaceful and landscape type of arts (music, pictures, etc).

Suprisingly I have met a handful of people who has absolutely no idea who Jarre is. Some of these individuals are clubbers, some even DJ's, which was the most suprising part of it all. For you all, here are some specs of Mr Jarre: Born 14.8. 1948 in France (Lyon). He has been regarded as a pioneer of electronic music (synthpop, ambient, etc "landscape-music"). He has sold over 80 million albums and singles world wide and is well known of his live spectacles combining visual, audiovisual and pyrotechnics. 1997 Jarre made a world record entry with a biggest concert ever with 3.5 million watching at Moscow's 850th anniversary. Oxygene part IV is propably his most famous melody. Jarre is also the first to release a full surround Album in 2004 (AERO).

Photograping at Jarres concert was allowed for the first three songs only (so you won't be seeing the whole show in these pictures!). There were about 8 photographers at the scene, and all of us were using long tele objectives - as you could imagine. The technical quality is not as good in all of the pictures. With these lenses it seems to be crucial to have long lenses with fixed focal lenght and large aperture ("prime lenses") to quarantee the quality and sharpness. Here are the pictures for you to see, pictures of an artist who has been, and is on of the pioneers in our clubbing culture too. Big thanks to Eastways press manager Tomi (and ofcourse Jarre) for making this phototrip possible!

- Karo

14.05.2009 // Danceteria Loves France with Chris Kaeser

We Will House You!

As I walked in I was bit suprised with what I was hearing. It sounded like bit more classic House that I was used to hear at Danceteria. Chris Kaeser started his set with tunes that were suprisingly also within my favourites - that made it a joy to shoot frames while having a real ear candy that made everyone smile!

Photographing at Danceterias last three events have been quite educational, but now it's time to focus on summer season in my work and give the photo spot back to Kinli (who hopefully had a nice time in Scotland). As you might have realized this was my last official "take over" gig at Danceteria, hopefully we will see each other soon!

- Karo

09.05.2009 // SÄDE VAPPU - MEGARA vs DJ LEE (By: Tuomas)

Hyvää vappua, PERKELE!

I can only imagine what it is like for foreign stars to come to Finland on vappu. Yeah, I know it has another name in English, but frankly my dear, I don't give a damn! Loads of people in various states of celebration all in the glory of Lenin or something. Really who needs a plausible excuse to drink anyhow?

Taking pictures on vappu is another thing altogether. I had to dodge a guy who kept trying to grab my face. I did not lose my temper for which I'm proud. Then again people do still dress up more on this special day. Thank you kindly for it.

Here you go, one week from the event, the pictures are now published!

- Tuomas

01.05.2009 // MILITARY Moist eau de Club -gallery is online

I don't usually do event photography anymore but when Taru calls me I hardly ever decline a gig. The events she organize are always a blast and I have loads of respect for her.

Event photography really isn't all that easy and since I haven't done much of it lately I soon realized I'm in desperate need of practise. To keep taking good, interesting and technically pleasing event photos I'd propably need to attend at least one club / month with my camera. So, my apologies but these photos aren't really the best set I've ever published.

- Jone / SESSIONS2

27.04.2009 // Labyrinth // Laserpoint 2009 (By: Karo)

Ding Dong!

It has been a week since this even took place - I've been a bit busy during this week, that's what kept you waiting for these shots. The Laserpoint event itself and leading the SESSIONS2 -team gave some challenge, which was refreshing for a change. A Member of our team got sick and had to leave just after photographing couple of hours - we managed to fill his place with a bit of re-planning. Everything seemed to be ok but suddenly my stomache announced a new problem - I spent approximately an hour by doing something else than photographing. We also broke some flash batterys and some memory cards were missing. But everything went pretty well after overcoming these minor setbacks. Tuomas Lairilas photos (those 12 he had time to take before leacving) are can be found in this gallery.

The night itself was as massive as you would and could expect. Lineup was pretty amazing - gathering Finlands finest and BT - a fellow needing no introduction. Well.. enough with the bla-bla, here are the pics!

- Karo

24.04.2009 // Labyrinth // Laserpoint 2009 (By: Mikko)

Labyrinth // Laserpoint was... well, words fail me. I believe "amazing" is the word I'm looking for.

I tried my best to capture it all with a camera and the photos I took are filled with colors and contrast - the two things I think represent this event the most.

I'll let my photos do the rest of the talking and hope you'll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them. See you next year!

- Mikko / SESSIONS2

22.04.2009 // Labyrinth // Laserpoint 2009 (By: Jukka)


That's just what this event was. I especially appreciated the athmosphere, the PA, the lights and the way they were used. The only negative thing I encountered during the night was the intense heat.

Flight & Orion, Wispy, Infekto and BT were the names that played the sets I enjoyed the most. I hadn't used a teleobjective before while taking event photos and this time around I mostly used one. Taking photos from a distance & the smoke was a bit of a challenge but I enjoyed it.

- Jukka / SESSIONS2

21.04.2009 // Labyrinth // Laserpoint 2009 (By: Joni)

Hi Ya All

The event was so crowded that taking photographs the traditional way was quite hard. So I tried to focus on doing some things the way I have never tried. The effort was not rewardes as I had hoped but still I think that you can see what the event was all about!

I also spent quite much time on our foto booth so I had little less time to document the actual event.

After all it was nice event and LP crew had spent much effort to lightning and pyros.


21.04.2009 // Labyrinth // Laserpoint 2009 (By: Tuula)


Not one of my best nights, but I still managed to get some pics!

Not so many pics of dancing people, i think it was too crowded to cram between everybody, so I just skipped that part near the end.

But, great party, great people, greatness! Loved the lights and happy faces, music especially turned me on! But well, enough of the chitchat, enjoy. Wat you seez iz wat you getz.


20.04.2009 // Labyrinth // Laserpoint photobooth -gallery 2/2 is online

...and here are the rest of the photos from the booth!

700 photos were published. A photo was taken at the booth roughly once in every 20 seconds. 10 hours were spent editing and publishing these. Now we're quite happy and hope you're too.

We would like to thank Seat for sponsoring the booth and the Seat promogirls for cooperation.

Our event photographers are currently editing the official event photos and they will be published as soon as possible.

- Jone & the rest of the SESSIONS2 crew

20.04.2009 // Labyrinth // Laserpoint photobooth -gallery 1/2 is online

The first 50% of the photos taken at the Labyrinth // Laserpoint -photobooth are here.

If you can't find yourself or your buddies on any of these photos please wait for a few more hours. 350 photos more will be published and we aren't publishing all of the photos at the same time because of a fairly simple reason; our server would probably crash if we did.

Have fun with these. ^_^

- Jone & the rest of the SESSIONS2 crew

19.04.2009 // Labyrinth / Laserpoint 2009 Preview Gallery

Hello there! It was nice to see so many happy new clubbers enjoying one of the best productions what Finland has to offer in 2009! We are going to give this little preview glimpse to our five forthcoming event galleries from Labyrinth / Laserpoint 2009. Pictures are being editit as your reading this text and hopefully they will be published in next few days.

See you all next year!

- Karo / SESSIONS2

19.04.2009 // Labyrinth // Laserpoint photobooth's "Best of"-gallery

Hello there and many thanks to all the people that visited our photobooth yesterday.

I'm currently working on the photos (and have done that for 4 hours already) and all of them will be published tomorrow. I wanted to publish just a few of the most funny ones for you to see before that. Enjoy!

- Jone / SESSIONS2

17.04.2009 // Surprise surprise - One more gallery from Laserpoint 2008!

Tomorrow is a Grand day; Laserpoint is here again and this time they've joined forces with a name we all remember; Labyrinth. The first gallery ever published on this site is from Labyrinth 2001 - a legendary event in the finnish scene's history. The headliner for tomorrow is legendary as well. BT's here and some of us have been waiting for that moment for a decade or more.

In order to get you all going we're opening our treasure chest and publishing a gallery of photos from Laserpoint 2008. None of these photos have seen the daylight before this. Enjoy them, travel back in time, embrace the memories and prepare for a spectacle tomorrow!

- SESSIONS2 crew

15.04.2009 // SÄDE Proudly Presents HARDSTYLE (By: Tuomas)

Stomp to the beat

The night of hardstyle would have been better off dancing than taking pictures. It was kinda hard to concentrate on pushing the trigger while my foot kept tapping the ground.

MY favourite parts of the night included the part where one of my favourite songs came out, nothing is quite like Fire Wire! The other was when Dj Proteus jumped on the table behind the decks with his broken foot and stick. That energy was something you had to see for yourself.

The amount of pictures taken was not big, so the gallery is small, for that I apologise. Then I still learnt something nice. The picture IMG_1755 is something to try to figure out. I'll keep the inside joke until someone threatens to kill me for it :)

- Tuomas

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