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05.10.2009 // Colors 10th with Erick Morillo (by Karo)

Oh yes, he REALLY can!

Mr Erick Morillo..! I had a chance to go and check out Morillo at Pacha/Ibiza, but I had something "better to do".. luckily this time I hadn't.. He really rocked! Altho the house clubbers in finland are quite passive, they seemed to enjoy this night extremely much! There isn't really a lot to say about Morillos mixing - you just HAVE TO experience it yourself! Photographing was quite fun for a change, hope you enjoy these photos!

- Karo

04.10.2009 // Colors 10th with Erick Morillo (by Timo)

Yes he can!

Morillo kicked arse last night in Helsinki. All I could do was smile when watching him play. What a feeling! I hope that you all can "feel the same" from the pics. The night was definitely worth it even though the weather was a bit crappy. See you in the next Colors event ;)

- Timo

03.10.2009 // Golden Beats - 53 Years of total blackout! (by Timo)

Once more I'd like to congratulate Ari and Ironraver for their birthday.

The place was beautifully decorated with balloons, lots of them. :) Thank you for nice night and very good music. You cannot get enough of trance classics, seriously. Some pics from the event...

- Timo

02.10.2009 // Colors 10th anniversary 1/15 with Paul Van Dyk (by Karo)

Ladiez And Zzentlemen!!

Paul Van Dyk, one of the big stars for me when I was 18 years old.. damn, 11 years ago.. Well anyway! Massive start for Colors's 10th anniversary celebration!

I have been a bit tired lately just because there is too much to do but not enough time to for relaxing - I was not at my best at this night, but here is what I managed to get for you to see. The lightning was a bit difficult with Alphabeams and lots of smoke, but thats life :) C u next time!

- Karo

27.09.2009 // Ibiza 2009: Hush (14-16.9. by Karo)


Hush is a small club in the heart of San Antonio and it is well known for the quality house music and extremely warm athmosphere. The place is all red (as you can see from the photos) and cozy. Just to make a note, hush has been voted to be the best bar in San Antonio Awards in 2008. Their residents are Jimi Deja, extremely skillful DJ and our beloved Miss Divine who is also a resident for a well known record label Defected! People come to Hush to start the night and getting into the mood of clubbing - and Hush really gives good vibes - atleast I didn't see any sad faces coming in our out!

The place has Nexos sound system that has been installed all over the place, it works in balance even when you move around the place; you can still talk with your friends and the sound is clear everywhere (no ear exploding experiences in this place!). Hush is definately one of my favourite spots in Ibiza and I really enjoy the place and the smiling happy staff from door to the bar!

This gallery is photographed between the 14th and 16th of September and is the last club related gallery of Ibiza from our 2.5week holiday trip. I will most likely visit the island again next year!

- Karo

Web: Hush Ibiza

27.09.2009 // Colors 10th anniversary 1/15 with Paul Van Dyk (by Timo)


Three words for the night with Paul Van Dyk: Hot, Steamy, Crowdy! It was nice to see all the people dancing in every corner of Freda 51. The place was absolutely full!

This is my first gallery at Sessions2. I Hope you like it!

- Timo

24.09.2009 // Ibiza 2009: Es Paradis (by Karo)


I visited Es Padaris for only 40minutes or something. The music was not ment for me (cheap britsih NuNRG / HardHouse) but the crowd was dancing mad!

The place is very interesting and one of the "must check out"-places at Ibiza. I only got 6 decend pictures out, but they pretty much show what kind of interior is there at Es Paradis! Hopefully you enjoy this miniminigallery :]

- Karo

Web: Es Paradis

19.09.2009 // Ibiza 2009: Eden - Wonderland (by Karo)


When we arrived Eden, Timo Maas was giving massive sounds to the audience. Timo Maas was one of my favourites 10 years ago and I still liked what he was doing, altho I'm "a bit more" into house music nowadays :) The place was packed. I tried several times to go to the dancefloor for some shots but I found it to be impossible to fit there as no one was coming out from the floor. Here are the photos, hopefully you'll get a clear picture about the event!

- Karo

Web: Eden Ibiza

15.09.2009 // ONE pres. ORKIDEA 6 hour set -gallery (by Jukka)


What a night it was! Orkidea showed yet another time why he is regarded as the best DJ in Finland. Great tracks, smooth mixing and that minimal charismatic performing - that's all you need.

I had fever, but was really satisfied I didn't stay at home in bed. This ONE was just something not to miss :)

- Juki

14.09.2009 // Ibiza 2009: Be @ Space (by Karo)

Space, the final frontier!

I had an opportunity to visit Space to take clubbing photos while Wally Lopez, Elio Riso, Guy Gerber and Tom Novy were deejaying. I could talk all day about spaces spectacular tech gear, the Funktion One sound system, Alpha beam lights, the DJ booth and even just the monitoring at the dj booth.. The other day would go on just talking about the Dancing team Space has with their fine theatrical costumes, the air performances... But I'm not gonna do that, I'm just going to present this humble gallery so you can get a peek inside to one of the finest big clubs Ibiza has. Here it is: Be @ Space!

- Karo

Web: Space Ibiza

06.09.2009 // Ibiza 2009: Plastik (by Karo)


Couple words of Plastik! It's a nice and colorfull club with fabulous interior with interesting details and white basecolor. I really got fond to the use of color in Plastik which is to make the place colorful not bright, and thats the way I like it. Some of the clubs in Finland should take a few lessons from Plastik how to make cozy lights to their clubs. Plastik is located at the beach road near Es Paradis. You just can't miss it - just look for the signs that says Plastik!

Normally we are used to the idea that all the bars and clubs are expensive in Ibiza but Plastik was a nice change with the same kind of prices you have in Finland - except there really is alcohol in the drinks unlike the usual 4cl you are used to. Plastik is a place where you really get value for your money - if that is something you are looking for at Ibiza.

Plastiks resident DJ Paul Reynolds was spinning house tunes with a bit classic vibe at the time we entered the scene (bit after 22:00). Toukka was about to jump into the DJ booth to give a taste of Fiilis-sound he has been playing back in Finland. It was interesting to see clubbers entering the place and it was about one o'clock when the floor was packed. Lots of happy faces <3

Well, not much to say about the photographing at Plastik. It was mainly basic event photography without problems (except the low roof). Here are the pics, enjoy :)

- Karo

Web: Plastik Ibiza

04.09.2009 // Ibiza 2009: Pukka Up -cruise (by Karo)

Pukka UP!

We had just arrived the white island, Ibiza, and got just few hours of sleep until we met the hotel owner (Toni). He asked would we like to go to a party cruise to take some photos. Well what the heck. We had about 40mins to put the gear ready and find the "Pukka boat" from the harbor. Nice and soft start for a vacation (I thought we could take it easy for a couple of days and hang out at the terraces or something).

The Pukka Up -cruise took about 3.5hours at the coast of San Antonio. It was just the right time to see the fabulous sunset spiced with banging house beats. Photographing just after couple hours of sleep wasn't a soft start for this trip, but it was a pleasent one <3

I was a bit lost with my camera at the beginning, because the event was such a different type to what I'm used to. I just started to take photos and tried to get into the soul of this event. Well, here are the photos, I think you get the picture what the cruise was like!

- Karo

Web: Pukka Up

27.08.2009 // Säde 11th birthday (by Tuomas)


10.08.2009 // LOVE feat. Paul Oakenfold -gallery (By Jone) is online

My own affection for the club culture has been slowly dying during the last couple of years. While I'm still fond of the music actually going to a party becomes harder every week. Well, usually I just don't see the point in doing that anymore. Having said that I'm glad I didn't stay home this time around; it was great to see "the Circus" (The place is pretty awesome, really) and to remind myself what it's like to take event photos.

Well, I'm not in our active roster anymore and it certainly shows in the photos; event photography is something one would have to do quite often to keep delivering delicious images. Some of the younger lads I met on thursday do quite amazing job at that and... the future possible holds a few surprises for our visitors.

- Jone

04.08.2009 // Sinkkuluukku The Comeback (by Mikko)

No text available.

29.07.2009 // Enonsaari Festival 2009 (by Tuomas)


I had little time to chat with Tuomas before he left for his road trip, but he mentioned that he really loved the event. It had the certain kind of original feeling what he has been missing while photographing in bigger events. He must have had a good time :)

From my behalf theres not much to say. I just editet these photos and boosted up the feelings what Tuomas had captured. Hope you like them!

- Karo

19.07.2009 // Club Terraza @ Kotkan Meripäivät (by Karo)

Club Terraza is a "basic" club-music-at-terraza -like event. Nothing fancy, nothing special, just good music for clubbers who likes to chill out in the sun with friends and still listen to good music instead of the basic crap that is played at normal finnish terraza. This particular Club Terraza -event took place at the most active and busiest day that Kotka can have: Kotkan Meripäivät. Kotkan toriterassi (Kotkas market terraza) was packed to the fullest and people really got up and danced at the end. Unfortunately I wasn't there at that moment to document that.

Here are some more or less not editet photos of Club Terraza. Hope you enjoy :)

- Karo

17.07.2009 // Love feat. Pete Tong (by Tuula, Karo)


There are few ingredients combined that give you faboulous outcome. If you're making food, they would be 1kg of cream, 1kg of butter and then something you like - If you're clubbing, the ingredients would be Unity (club organizer), Misc Management (booking agency) & Circus (venue). MASSIVE! Pete Tong from BBC Radio 1, Pacha Ibiza and FFRR Recordings, here in Finland.. MAS-SI-VE! First of all the venue is one of its kind in Finland. It even searches its equal from Europes most known clubs! That place is a phenomenal clubbing place! The Lights, the whole desing, DJ's in their Booth, dancefloor and the Precision Audio PA really kicks your ass just to make some moves at the floor <3

This was really a kick start for bit-like european clubbing style in Finland. Unfortunately I wasn't able to enjoy it fully. I came straight from Konemetsä and was dead tired. I had only couple of hours to take these photos before I had to drive back to Kotka. Luckily there were three of us at the same event. Tuula was having a blast and she managed to get some shots while dancing - this gallery is a combination of Tuulas visions and mine. Mikko's gallery will be uploaded in a few days!

- Karo

16.07.2009 // Konemetsä 2009 (by Tuomas)

Forest outing of the year once again!

Damn the party was nice once again. too bad that the rain made things a bit more chilly than most would have hoped, but then again. Dancing should keep you warm. It was so nice to see how people behaved in a setting quite unlike a club downtown.

Taking pictures turned out to be more challenge to me and I thought that most lacked color, but then Jone stepped in and made magic happen, thanks man :)

Hope you enjoy my mini gallery after the hueg blast that Caro just put there!

- Tuomas

14.07.2009 // Konemetsä 2009 (by Karo)

Hello :)

Have to start this by telling you folks, that this was my first time at Konemetsä. I had no idea what to expect and I decided to focus on documenting the event like I am: A first timer @ Konemetsä. This gallery should be quite good overall view of the festival.

I don't have much to say about the event. I'm still quite buzzeled of the whole thing. To say at least, it was interesting and hopefully we'll be seeing each other there next year. The acid-stuff @ X-rust and Torakka were my favourites <3

- Karo

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