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29.11.2009 // JACK - Seventh Birthday Party (By Fredrik)

Jacking with Jack!

Congrats to seven-year-old Jack; what a massive night! It's always great to see so many devoted people turning up - and this bash was no exception because there was pure exhilaration in the air in honour of the birthday celebrations.

The line-up promised a lot - and delivered on all fronts. Unfortunately we missed the warm-ups, but Orkidea was, yet again, just genius. And Mr Seaman had the dance floor trembling and oozing with excitement.

As usually at Jack (/Redrum), the VJ knows his stuff and the repertoire of lights is brilliant considering the club is so dark and small. The old-school lights around the DJ booth transmit a great vibe and atmosphere for shooting. Added to this, the new light-show at the back of the main room gave this underground place one more interesting detail to capture.

- Fredi

29.11.2009 // Colors 10th with 3 Drives & Andy Duguid (by Timo)

"lötkö trance"

Yesterday I was feeling the flu catching me. Luckily it didn't go worse during the night. I had some new gear with me this time and I couldn't wait to try them on my camera. I also got some nice new Tips for processing my pictures earlier yesterday in a training session with S2 crew. :) Great success!

Kimmo played the best tracks I've ever heard him play, Cheers for that! :) Andy Duguid was very pleasant surprise for me based on the tracks I've heard from the past. Of course Three drives guys were the perfect end for the night.

Greece 2009 BIG UP!

- Timo

24.11.2009 // Colors 10th with Aly & Fila (by Fredrik)

A blast through the lens.

As mentioned before by Timo, the anticipated Egyptian duo of the night turned out to be a solo performance by Fila. After the sets by Anselmi and Ali, the first baseline by Fila bounced so deep in everyone's chest that if left no one in two minds about the magnitude of night to come.

But unfortunately his monologue seemed to be lacking something, perhaps his partner in crime. Fila's melodic breaks had everyone reaching for their lighters, the baselines were superb throughout the set, but he only gave short teasers of the tunes before rushing in to the next one.

With so many desert-storm style uplifts, the night was a pleasure to shoot. I was looking for some fresh angles and circled among the cheering crowd a lot. However, being my third Colors photo gig, a dose of different scenery was in place so the next gallery from me will be from Jack/Redrum.

- Fredi

23.11.2009 // Club Clockwork 10th Anniversary -gallery (by Jone) is online

HBD Clockwork. HBD Vellu.

Visiting Vaasa and seeing faces I haven't seen in years and years was definitely worth the exhausting drive. Club Clockwork's 10th Anniversary was a demonstration of clubbing as it should be and the way it was before - People weren't there to polish their egos but to enjoy the event itself and to get lost in music. On the main stage Orkidea delivered a solid quality set, Sasha F showed his skills as a DJ with some wicked techno tracks and Proteus dug deep into his record case pulling out tunes I hadn't heard in ages.

The photos in the gallery tell at least as much about me as they they tell about the event itself. An old man doesn't see the need to practise what he preaches or to do what he's told. As an event photographer I've become everything I hate but at the same time my shit here on SESSIONS2 is more together than ever as a photographer - at least for myself.

- Jone

22.11.2009 // Colors 10th with Thrillseekers (by Timo)

killer tones, killer tunes...

Once again the night full of trance, quality trance. 3 Djs, Martin Roth, Thrillseekers, Mark Eteson, what more you need to have a weekend in trance. These guys really made my Saturday.

Thrillseekers does it every time. No wonder if he is wanted in Finland. He plays the best trance tunes, he knows how to entertain, he's the man behind the decks. Here are some pics from the event.

I hope Colors never end :)

- Timo

21.11.2009 // Danceteria November with FERGIE (By Fredrik)

V for vivacious.

"Remember, remember. The sixth of November."

We didn't get to Danceteria until sometime after 1.30am because I had a gig of my own earlier. The night was therefore a bit of a quickie this time.

DTM was rocking sky-high at this point and you could taste the satisfaction in the air. But the addiction to the dance floor seemed more intense than usually, and after a few beats by Fergie we understood why - he was outright astonishing! The tunes were almost hypnotic making it impossible to leave the dance floor! Mr A and Heikki continued in this spirit and DTM was buzzing right until the end.

So it was a pleasure to shoot again in Danceteria. Especially because of the extremely cool animations by the VJ. Sorry it took me a while to get the gallery online. And hey ho, Colors gallery coming up soon too.

- Fredi

16.11.2009 // Colors 10th with Aly & Fila (by Timo)

I feel Trance

We were expecting two Djs from Egypt. We got one. It doesn't matter if he played twice as good tracks as if they were together. who would know.. :)

Anyway for some reason I was a bit tired.. Maybe it's the flu season or something. We arrived just when Anselmi Kuusisto and Ali switched places behind the decks. Aly & FIla, actually only Fila was a glad surprise for me with his nice melodies combined to groovy and powerful baselines and of course the sweet and syrup break downs. The night in total was a great success.

See you again next weekend. :)

- Timo

10.11.2009 // Liquid feat. Marcel Woods -gallery (by Timo) is online

Cherry Blossom!

One thing I love about Tampere is that it's totally different than Helsinki..:D what I mean is that atmosphere in clubs is different, people are different and for some reason even music sounds different.

I myself had a blast in Liquid. Music was fresh and it varied nicely from beginning to end. The main Star was Marcel Woods, one of my favorite producers ever. He was really a nice guy and JEEEESUS what tracks he played. Only thing that bothered me about him was that he couldn't stay still a second so that I could get a good picture of him.

Liquid was so HOT that even the fire dept. was there to check how HOT is was.. I was hot too.. Were you? ;)

- Timo

08.11.2009 // S|deffect (by Timo)

Smoke it up!

Now it's proven that man can do 2 things at a time. I managed to take pics and play records at the same time.. or at the same night at least ;)

S|DEFFECT is a nice concept of having fun sober. It is a K16 event with domestic and international Djs. This event we had a change to enjoy classic tracks from the past. What can be more exciting? This time the headliner was a JS16, one of the BIGGEST producers from Finland.

I had some difficulties with the smoke in the pics but here they are. Take care.

- Timo

27.10.2009 // Extremely Miscbehaving /w Andy Moor, Ian Ossia (By Fredrik)

Battle of the Djs.

You'd imagine too many Djs with outrageously different tastes would lead to chaos. But not tonight - not with dazzling DJ Hero in the house. This surprisingly witty game (similar to Guitar Hero etc.) was launched upstairs at Helsinki Club and loads of people managed to resist the pull of downstairs' hammering to have a go at it. Which is saying a lot indeed...

...Because in the main arena there were no signs of chaos, in fact the night was silky smooth music wise. Despite of the kick-arse foreign guests, Orkidea won the "battle" in my eyes - or should I say ears. Some technical problems with the lights (not my lights this time) hampered the feeling at the start of the night, but otherwise there was contentment and pure gratification in the air, which was clear even through the masks. A pleasure to shoot!

So all in all a very successful event from the Misc management team, yet again!

- Fredi

25.10.2009 // Colors 10th with Filo & Peri (by Timo)


When I entered Freda 51 and Club Colors yesterday my feet were like macaroni after running the hill up and down many many times.. Sometimes I don't know if the superstar Djs should play first because once again Alex got me and everybody else to the groove already at early hours.

Now I also know that US Djs know good trance. OMG what a basslines! Here are some moments from last nights Colors. Cheers!

Unfortunately I must pass the two next Colors events but I'm 100% sure that you will see mŠssiv Quality photos from other S2 photographers. See you later.

- Timo

20.10.2009 // Colors | Ernesto, Bastian & Ronald van Gelderen (by Fredrik)

Blast away the cheese.

This will be quite a short one as I'm in a hurry and the gallery should have been up and running yesterday (sorry for that guys).

Not my best night, it has to be said. I was still depending on my backup flash-gear due to last night's unfortunate mishap, but at least this time I was mentally prepared for it, so not a biggie.

The music was rocking; I was really enjoying the anticheese blasting.

- Fredi

19.10.2009 // Bujashaka (by Karo)


One thing I like in events located somewhere else than in Helsinki is that the production is done usually much better. Better lights, better sound, same DJ's, interesting decorations etc.. There is an easy explanation to all this, and it is called "money". In helsinki everything costs two to three times more than f.ex in Kotka, so with the same amount of Money you just get more.. Much MORE!

Bujashaka really shaked the place. They had special effects from Pyroman including waterwall, CO2 cannons, Heavy fog, Confetti cannons and some other stuff. Light tech came from AK Sound including brand new Robe lights which were a bit like alpha beams, but much more nicer to photograph. Sound system was from HAD Audio which kicked ass like no other PA system used in events at Kotka - HAD's strenght is in overall clear and dynamic sound which has powerfull bass section without hurting your ears - really rare combination in clubbing enviroment.

But enough with the tech babbling! This was pretty different event. Bujashaka had DJ Yuhis for starters giving electronic tunes from classics to nuskool stuff, GroovX -band playing finnish groove stuff (Aki Sirkesalo, Suurlähettiläät, Janne Komi etc), then CeeMon & Hege spinning Hiphop and the last but not the least, Top Billin DJ's! Really different kind of event and hopefully people got the best of the night, at least I did!

- Karo

19.10.2009 // Puuhaphiits birthday event (by karo & Friends)


This is more an archive mark than a complete event gallery. Anselmi Kuusisto and I were spinning records at Puuhaphiits birthday event (Crush Coctail bar) and here are couple of photos from that night. The main reason why there is not more of these, is that we spent over 2 hours behind the decks, so there wasn't mush time to take photos. Some of the photos are taken by guests at the event and I have no idea who took them, but here they are :)

- Karo

19.10.2009 // Danceteria October with Add2Basket (By Fredrik)

Right. What a night.

First of all, it was great being back at DTM / Danceteria with Add2Basket, Heikki L, and Mr A's birthday bash. There were loads of people about, and the wicked set by the boys meant the dance floor was even steamier than usually.

But for me, the night was mostly about technical pickles. To cut a long story short, a critical component of my flash system got lost in the midst of the whoops quite early on. I won't include too many excuses here but suffice to say, I was fairly peed off by this. Luckily, I managed to work around it by "borrowing" a bright light pointed at people by some guy's video camera; cheers for that!

And when he ran out of light, I took a cab and fetched my old backup gear. At the end of the night, I was sort of enjoying this technical deja vu and managed to get a decent gallery together; enjoy! Hopefully I will get my flash system together soon, but in the meantime I also shot at Colors the next night - keep an eye on that gallery tomorrow!

- Fredi

18.10.2009 // Colors 10th w/ Ernesto, Bastian & Ronald Van Gelderen (Timo)

Tech-Trance for life

To be honest I wasn't sure what to expect from the 2 Dutch Djs last night. Both of them have been my favorite producers in early 2000s. I haven't seen them playing before live, only on Youtube.

When Ernesto vs Bastian started with their first few tracks I was sold, Amazing energetic trance and tech-trance tunes from both stars. Surprisingly there was no basic proggy or cheesy trance that normally almost everybody plays nowadays. I could even feel the excitement even on my photographing. I was jumping all over the place with a big smile on my face.

"7 days and one week" until the next event :) See ya soon!

- Timo

13.10.2009 // Colors 10th with Matt Darey, Agnelli & Nelson (by Fredrik)

Something old, something new, and music for life.

It was interesting to see the new Freda51 bathing in Colours 10th Anniversary Tour, because the club has seen so many different faces along the years. Thank god the current concept of this semi-huge club (folk music...) was hijacked with first-rate trance Dj's, and the evening didn't let anyone down! Probably because the doormen were polite enough to instruct anyone trying to come in to sing their heart out on the karaoke arena to go home...

Being an old-school trance fan, I was hoping to hear more classics during the night, but nevertheless, the sets by Matt Darey and Agnelli & Nelson were hugely satisfying, and the crowd of the night seemed to agree. Both Dj's seemed to have a blast too!

Shooting wise, the evening was okay. No major drama one way or the other. But hey ho, Danceteria rocking at DTM this Friday! Catch you there.

- Fredi

12.10.2009 // Goodgreef & Judgement Sundays @ Club Tall Trees (by Fredrik)


Club Tall Trees was the place for a mad Judgement Sunday earlier this year, and this massive club in North East England really showed what clubbing in UK is all about! Unfortunately the venue management is no longer organizing events at Tall Tree's (the recession biting everyone's arse), so we were lucky to witness one of the last evenings at this renowned club. (

The place was jam-packed, but to our surprise they didn't even have all the arenas open (the venue can hold up to 8 000 people) - so it wasn't that heaving after all. Interestingly, they had implemented a no-glass policy at Tall Trees (awesome) and sold laughing-gas (NOX) at the bar (bizarre).

Judge Jules played to a sweaty crowd warmed-up by Yoji and Aly & Fila, and delivered his hammering set with such style that the night turned into an exciting mayhem. To finish off, Lisa Lashes lashed down the place with furious anger - and really didn't look too bad doing it.

Thanks to the rubbish bureaucracy at Tall Trees, my shooting at the club was quite restricted - hence the gallery is rather small and doesn't really meet my standards. But hey ho, this is me joining SESSIONS2 - you'll get a better taster of my style soon enough (Colours 10th anniversary Gallery coming up).

- Fredi

11.10.2009 // Clinic (by Mikko)


No story available. Obviously Mikko had enormous trouble with the smoke at this event. These photos were extremely difficult to edit but here they are anyway .. almost seven months too late, sorry.


11.10.2009 // Colors 10th with Matt Darey, Agnelli & Nelson (by Timo)


I must say I really enjoy my Saturdays at Club Colors. This time we had a change to enjoy good trance music with Matt Darey and Agnelli & Nelson. These guys have been my favorite producers in past years. I also had a opportunity to test wireless flash the whole night and it was really fun, thanx to Kinli. :)

We really had a blast last night! Enjoy the photos..

- Timo

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