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20.02.2010 // 00:00 Kiss Time (by Karo)

Kiss me! ^.^ plz... !

I was deejaying at Kiss Time -event / Valentine's day. I had my camera with me after another photoshoot and my batteries were pretty much dead with 3% left in DLSR and nothing left within my transmitters battery. I just took some memories for my own archives but if you want to see them, here they are - the smallest gallery ever published at SESSIONS2!

The event was just plain house music from 12inchers, so it was pretty awesome to spin just from vinyl - I remember the days when I played just couple of songs from CD, and nowadays it's just the opposite.. but hey, back to oldskool for a change! Cu around!

- Karo

16.02.2010 // The House Special (By: Tuomas)

Dinner AND a Show!

To be honest I was a bit skeptical at first when the idea was presented to me, but most of the time it tends to be a good idea to break away from the normalcy and go for something you haven't tried yet. This time it was house music in a party which starts with a dinner.

The bizarre concept worked nicely. The meal was so much better than I expected and dinner tends to taste better if I get good music on the side. Thank you for that!

People came in to the party in a way that first there were some and suddenly the dance floor was pumping. And due to this being a special evening I also broke away from the way I usually do things. Sorry DJs, only a few shots from you, but most from the party.

I might actually do this more often you know ;)

15.02.2010 // CLINIC 2 years anniversary (By Fredrik)

Recharging at Voimala.

After a stressful week, unwinding at Clinic was a great start to the weekend. The night was also very different to my recent gigs, which was refreshing. I had previously only shot fashion events at Voimala, and the place was very different then. So new surroundings, angles and possibilities.

Unfortunately we missed Indigo, but Miazu and Polly (by the looks of it having a great time jumping around the stage) got us all psyched with their set. The unraveling continued in the same essence with Orkidea - it had been a long time since I'd last heard him at a psytrance event.

The main artist's calm appearance was certainly in strong contrast with his set! This was the first I'd heard of Astrix and he definitely rocked the dreadlocks off the crowd! To finish off the night (and everyone's feet..) Proteus and Poliisi kicked up the tempo even a notch higher.

This anniversary night was exceedingly well organized; everything ran smoothly at Voimala; more events at this brilliant venue please!

- Fredi

14.02.2010 // CLINIC 2 years anniversary (by Timo)

Red means distortion

I've never been in Voimala before, nevertheless in Clinic events. Now I'm convinced that I should have.. Astrix was the first Psytrance artist couple of years back in Konemestä which really got me going towards Psychedelic beats.

Orkidea played a good set but my biggest interest started playing half an hour after midnight. "Come on dance with me…" started hearing and It could't be anything else but Age of Love.. Psy version of course. OMG What the feeling OMG!!! :) Astrix was totally as ass kicking as he could be. One of the best sets I've heard in very very long time! Proteus and Poliisi b2b was a splendid end for the nite.

Enjoy the pics.

- Timo

13.02.2010 // Danceteria February with David West (By Fredrik)

Go West!

After a début visit to Tallinn in January, Danceteria returned to DTM buzzing with fresh drive and energy. The night worked like clockwork in many ways; the guest DJ delivered an exciting set, the crowd seemed inspired and the result was yet again a success. Also shooting-wise it was all good.

Mr Swede was exciting with his witty tech house, but imo Mr. A kind of stole the show with his closing set of the night. Heikki L was on holiday (lucky him escaping this snow-hell) and Paul Easy did a great job replacing him.

C ya next time!

- Fredi

12.02.2010 // wednesday? (by Karo)

Is it wednesday?

Yes it is! After couple of years, wednesday? is back <3 This event is just what I like: Chilling out with friends spiced with quality music. The venue is Bar Honolulu at Onnela, Kotka (ex Club Royal), and the DJ's at this first event were Daniel Braun, Doolae and I, Me and Myself aka Caro².

Music was quite relaxing, various styles of house, some trance tunes and thats about it. People seemed to enjoy and some even stayed till the end :) There was also quite many new faces which came to see what wednesday? is all about, welcome back :)

Photographing was in second place this evening because I was behind the decks at the end - but here are some frames from wednesday? and also couple of shots from disco upstairs. C U soon!

- Karo

05.02.2010 // FURY presents: DJ X (LAB-4) (by Timo)

Unleash your Fury

It has been too long since the last event with my camera. It took few minutes to figure out that I was holding it upside down and every tiny setting was totally f*ced. haha.. Well finally everything started to work and my mind and body got some balance and I could really start taking some serious shots. :D

Few weeks ago I bought a HD video camera to have more excitement for my hobbies. I should have taken it with me also to Fury but unfortunately the bigger battery was bought too late and I didn't have time to charge it for the night. And you know it is impossible to shoot video if you don't have enough power with you ;)

Well.. Let's cut the crap and here are the pics.. Enjoy!

- Timo

17.01.2010 // Spacetech presents Nuclear Nightclub (by Karo)

Quite Underground, I'd say!

Spacetech released an event that is more underground than several events combined in Kotka lately. We had quite unique UG culture several years ago, but It's All Gone. This time Spacetech decorated the dancefloor section of venue Yellari like the old days, Camo nets all around, lots of smoke, couple of strobos and some movingheads. I felt something oldskool at this event, and it was a good thing for a change :)

The music was all about ugly guys playing raw material. Techno, Breaks, DNB - and stuff you rarely hear in Kotka. People seemed to like the night even I would have liked to see more clubbers attending Spacetech. But, here are the small gallery I managed to take - I decided to keep the feeling as underground as I could, just to respect the feeling ^.^

- Karo

14.01.2010 // Danceteria December with Mark Brown (By Fredrik)

Something Good with something great!

First up, I'm truly sorry for the massive delay with the gallery! Although I admit that I have been rather lazy during the holiday season, the fault is not entirely mine...

This Danceteria weekend was kind of a special one as Nikon Nordic provided me with their latest and greatest gear for a test run; a Nikon D3S dslr body and a Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 II lens. Cheers for that Nikon!

I have owned the predecessor, Nikon D3, for about a year now and I have been extremely satisfied with its performance in low light situations. However, the new "facelift" S-version makes the "old" one seem like an ancient rune. To give you an example, while shooting the last five Danceteria events the most common AND highest iso setting I used was 3200, while at this last event I shot mostly two stops higher (or more), still maintaining the same level of quality – which is truly an impressive improvement! This kind of light sensitivity (regardless of camera / brand) will inevitably have a considerable impact on the way it is possible to "see" (and capture) darkness through the lens. Even though my D3 is still going strong, I must admit I was completely sold and so is the D3. ;)

Unfortunately it took Apple ages (well, not exactly ages, but every day feels like a month when you're sitting on a pile of pics you can't edit...) to update their software to support the new D3S files, so you see, I am indeed partially innocent!

As for the party itself, it was a blast! Danceteria is all about quality, and they manage to maintain consistent quality from one event to the next. Respect for that! This time Mark Brown was the guest star and I must say, he rocked the place harder than any Danceteria guest so far.
While I'm at it, I should add that unfortunately there will be no Danceteria NYE Black Party pics from me as I caught a nasty virus on New Years Eve... sorry for that guys.

2009 has been a very busy year for me, and joining S2 didn't help much. ;) But luckily I still managed to pull some galleries together for the site and hopefully 2010 will be even more productive. With any luck I might finally start blogging so you don't need to read all this geeky gear stuff here anymore. ;)

I hope You all have a successful year 2010!

- Fredi

10.01.2010 // Robodisco <3 X-Rust (by Karo)

We are the Ropotzzz!

Robodisco meets X-Rust! The whole evening was all about oldskool with "real" electronic music, no colorfull dic'trance bullshit at this event!

Not much to say, I was just enjoying the tunes after a hard week. We'll be seeing, enjoy the photos!

- Karo

10.01.2010 // Bujashaka (by Karo)

Hajabusaaa! Bujashakkaaa!

How to make things insane? You find yourself a mid-size venue and you equip it with massive amount of sound, lights and ass kicking artists! Bujashaka is an cross genre event and the night was launched by Pepeto with oldskool house sounds followed by a Jazz Band called Heat Season. After enjoying the Jazz sessions it was time for fat reggae sounds with Pouta Sound. The last of the evening was Mr. Rico Tubbs with beats you just have to experience.

The Lights were once again designed extremely well by Silto and at least I found myself several times just staring the beams dancing through the venue. The audio aspect was once again massive, pure and clear - nothing you have experienced in Kotka. Just a day before HAD Audio finished their EarthShakeBass section which was presented here at Bujashaka. It reached easily 20Hz while Tubbs was kicking his tunes! HAD's stack has an exceptionally natural and clear sound compared to huge amount of other PA-systems I have heard. But.. enough of this chit chat, here are the photos, enjoy :)

- Karo

24.12.2009 // Merry Christmas

SESSIONS2-photo crew wants to wish Happy Holidays & Joyful New Year with positive vibes!

As like the last year, the year 2009 was pretty good for us. It wasn't just easy flying from a flower to another, but more like a year which defines the future of SESSIONS2. Codename SESSIONS3 is on its way and the new layout is more or less ready. The server problems are more or less solved and we will be "moving" to a new server next year.

Three of our resident photographers shifted from our active roster to "passive roster" as they took a vacation from event photographing. As our active roster got a bit small we managed to sign up two magnificient new photographers in our team, Fredrik Lindblad and Timo Torvikoski. We still have one photographer hiding in the shadows. He will be presented to all when it's the right time - All of our new photographers really rock!

In the field of event photography we were lucky enough to cover approx. 80 events including this years biggest events like Pacifique, Laserpoint/Labyrinth, Konemetsä, Colors's "Music For Life"-events, Danceteria and a great deal of other club partys. We still have couple of galleries to publish from the year 2009 including "Our favourites 2009"-gallery.

For the next year we don't have any concrete "christmas present" to give except to inform that we are working to make the site better, agile and more flexible, and ofcourse our photographers are sharpening their skills to give you better and more beautiful shots next year!

Remember to take it easy! Happy Holidays for everyone!

With <3,
Karo Holmberg
Site Manager 2nd grade

20.12.2009 // Colors 10th with Lange (by Karo)

Lange Time No See :)

Last time I saw and heard Lange was In Kotka very many years ago when he was visiting Club Target if I remember correctly... Well, anyway.. When I entered the arena, Alex Kunnari was banging some trance tunes which even I recognized altho they were some remixes I hadn't heard earlier - what I'm trying to say here is, that the tunes rocked :] The night was all about trance and I think that people got what they came to collect.

This was the last event from the chain of events by Colors, Music For Life as they put it. Altho I just payed a short 2 hour visit to the event (just 20 photos), I think with this gallery combined with every other Colors gallery we (especially Timo) have delivered, You get the big picture about Colors's events: Fun, dancing, and extremely huge names on the stand giving people what they really are looking for! Hopefully you have enjoyed this little journey into the Life Of electronic Music :)

- Karo

18.12.2009 // Darude On Tour / Kotka (by Karo)

Da Rude boy!

It just happend to be, that Darude was visiting my home town for a long time. After thinking about it for a while I decided to pay a visit with my dear Mr. canon. I took some shots from the backroom just before they started and about everything else is about Darude & his team on stage. This event was more like a "band"-event, so I just didn't concentrate on the audience that much :)

You really can't pay attention to the music while you're photographing coz the concentration is so in to the photographing - but in the end of the set Darude played Sandstorm with a pretty groove and strong beat. The melodies were softer and I actually liked that version. But enough with this babling. Here are the photos!

- Karo

13.12.2009 // Fiilis : We Love Pikkujoulut (by Karo)

Merry Fiilis!

Friends, Music, Relaxation - the secret of good Fiilis (engl. Feeling) - and it really works! Fiilis gathered visitors as far as from the land of far far away (well, atleast Helsinki). This evening was as much Fiilis's pre christmas event as it was Ammas birthday - for birthday present she got a little cd-flap filled with fiilis -mixtapes. Some relaxing coming up, I think :)

The visitors this time were non other than Jesper Funk with his funky tracks and one of the founders of Fiilis, DJay-B who nowadays does magic and stand-up all around Finland. They both rocked, have to say!

As I was more or less in the mood of having a good time, a friend of mine also took some shots and his shots are also published within this gallery. Keep up feeling! C u soon!

- Karo

13.12.2009 // Colors 10th with John Fleming & Jon O’bir (by Timo)

Let it be Colors

After recovering from swine flu it was good to be back in business.. I mean photographing. :) This was the second last event of Colors this year with the Djs Käpä, John 00 Flemming and John O'Bir.

I must say this night was the BEST of all from the musical view. I thought that Käpä, the old House man wouldn't surprise me but he really did. Käpä plays a massive trance set with the Killer tunes of 2009, SUPERB!! :) I knew that John 00 Flemming plays PsyTrance nowadays and after a couple of tracks I was so ON FIRE!! MASSIVE! John O'Bir had more basic Uk Trance but when you fall in love it there's no turning back. Shame on you all who missed thi.

Some pics..

- Timo

09.12.2009 // Colors 10th anniversary Main Event (by Karo)

Main Thing!

It has been 1.5months since I last photographed anykind of club event. Main reason was that my 1Dmark3 body wasn't working (it had a little water accident) and it waited for repairs and some parts for a month at JAS. I finally got my camera back and decided to do some testing and compare it to 5Dmark2 -body. I'm thinking of changing my camera body to that particular model - not because of event photography, but because my work at hand demands a bigger and more accurate photocell. 5Dmark2 worked for me pretty well despite a bit slower autofocus plus it sometimes miss focused. It was a bit interesting to find out, that 5Dmark2 was really easy camera to photograph at events. I think it has something to do with the fact that the cell is bigger. Well, enough with the tech shit :)

Colors changed the venue from Kaapelitehdas to Helsinki Onnela. I had been looking forward to photograph at Kaapelitehdas and was at the same time bit down and somehow enthusiastic to photograph at a totally new venue for me. Unofortunately I was a bit tired so I left the place just after midnight. But anyway, here are the photos from that event, hope you like them :)

- Karo

03.12.2009 // UG by Geezer 2


I don't really remember much about this evening - but thank god my camera doesn't loose it's memory even tho it's master is as drunk as a baboon...

So, not many pics here as I was clearly concentrating on something else. No flash, no primes, just an ultrawide zoom, very high ISO and lots of booze.

Judging by the pictures it was a wicked night though so hopefully we get to do this more often!

- Geezer 2

02.12.2009 // UG by Geezer 3 -gallery is online


Event photography has been about the quality of the photos for far too long. I mean, what's clarity anyway if you start thinking about it? Why is it so important that you can recognize the people and everything else in the picture? Why are we focused on trivial issues when we could indeed be making art?

I tried my best to find a whole new angle to event photography and... well, not to bang my own chest but I think I came up with pretty awesome stuff. From this point on I'm going to be calling my style "advanced ePhotography 2.0" and am thinking about getting the name registered.

Bring it on, Geezer 2. Let's see if your shit's got anything on me.

- Geezer 3

01.12.2009 // UG by Geezer 1 -gallery is online

Hullo there!

This attempt to be funny was doomed to fail the minute we got the idea but... here goes anyway. Three older geezers met at an underground party and started talking about event photography:

Geezer 1:"So, you came to the party armed with professional photo gear again?"
Geezer 2:"Yeah. I really dunno why though. What's that you've got with you?"
Geezer 1:"Well, it's pretty much the newest shit Canon has to offer when it comes to compact digital cameras."
Geezer 3:"Is it any good?"
Geezer 1:"Dunno."
Geezer 2:"Do you know how to use it?"
Geezer 1:"Not really."
Geezer 3:"In that case it's just about as much good as the camera on my cellphone."
Geezer 2:"Wanna do something funny, guys?"
Geezers 1 & 3:"?"
Geezer 2:"Let's all take photos with the gear & the skills we've got and publish it on SESSIONS2 no matter how sucky it turns out!"
Geezer 3:"Sure thing. I'll make it my main goal to get a photo of a boob!"
Geezer 1:"...and hey, since this is an underground party let's hide the identities of the people in our photos."
Geezers 2 & 3:"... Alrighty then."

Yup, sorry everyone. This is somewhat juvenile but here's the photoset from geezer 1.

...and hey, about the party itself: It rocked. We need more of this and less of the hyper commercial bullshit the scene has become all about.

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