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17.04.2010 // JACK - Dance Therapy (By Fredrik)

Long time no see.

Sorry for the dead air on my part for a while but I've been madly busy with work stuff lately. I also took some time off to go skiing and spent Easter in The Netherlands at Trance Energy! Wooop wooop!

We actually arrived to Jack pretty much straight from the Alps but ran out of steam quire early on ;) Redrum was Jacking like hell though; great sets from all the guys!

- Fredi

11.04.2010 // Robodisco w/ Acid Kings (by Karo)


Yeah! I've seemed to be a bit acid oriented these few weeks. 90's acid sound, hardfloor kind of stuff is just what I've been missing for a long time. Last week i had my acid-doze at bujashaka - this week at Robodisco. Although we went to listen to Acid Kings I think Pepetos acid set was more what I had in mind :)

There wasn't really a people at the event, it was a quiet night - so there is actually not many "party photos" available, but here are the few I decided to publish :) Enjoy!

- Karo

10.04.2010 // Fiilis: We Love Pääsiäinen (by Karo)

Munaa tarjolla!

Yeaah! Fiilis easter party <3 Our guest was Dermont C - Ibiza Resident - straight from England <3 Dermont was as fun as I rememberd after meeting him breefly at Club Plastik, Ibiza. People were dancing with their hands up in the air - it was nice, really nice :)

Pictures are a bit late because I had tons of school work to do (my graduation is closing in).. Not much to say about this night: Had fun, everyone had! Here are the photos, enjoy!

- Karo

04.04.2010 // Spacehouse & Bujashaka Easter Madness (by Karo)


This was not my night :( My eyes were killing me, too tired and too much to do for the past days. The party was excellent, as usual. Lights rocked and the TB-303 sounds saved my night <3

Here are the photos, Enjoy :)

- Karo

03.04.2010 // Flipside (by Timo)

Flipside goes Hardcore

Long time since last time in Gloria. This time after few hours of waiting the amount of light was… how to put it delightful :D

Music was no r'n'b, no house, it was HAARD.. Hardstyle, Hardcore… Unfortunately I could shoot the whole night because of my own stupidity and I didn't check the batteries before leaving home. Well better luck next time.

Still enjoy the pics. Cheers!

- Timo

31.03.2010 // Radio KLF Italo Party 2010 (by Aleksi)


Alexia (ITA), Ice MC (ITA/USA), Eliot Ness (FIN), DJ Pablo & MC Luca (ITA/FIN), Italian Mafiaboys (FIN/ITA) DJ-SET!


31.03.2010 // Infected Mushroom (by Aleksi)




31.03.2010 // ONE: Reunited (by Jukka)


... there was! Music was played. One & Funktion One!

- Jukka

27.03.2010 // UG² by Geezer4

Geezers of the Underground

Underground Beats..

Underground feeling...

What else u need?

- Geezer 4

25.03.2010 // Club Colors presents.. Armin van Buuren (By: Mikko)


Text will be uploaded in no time :)

- Mikko

22.03.2010 // Pacifique : Luau (by Mikko)


Text will be uploaded in no time :)

- Mikko

21.03.2010 // Spacetech: From Oldskool to Newskool (by Karo)


This Spacehouse-event was all about oldskool to nuskool -theme. I wasn't at the beginning to hear mr. Street's house set, but when I arrived Individual was in charge of the music.. and it was good. It was just plain and simple electronic dance music from the 90's. From that period of time, when there was no irritating and annoying fx-bullshit you here from the crappy dance tunes of today. I am actually really pissed of about the style composers and producers do their thing. I don't know how in the hell you could make them realize that art is all about the content WITH the technique backing it up - not the opposite. Oldskool stuff was simple, it had a groove, it had a soul, and it made you dance.. this new shit people call music, makes me more or less throw up.

Well enough ranting about the true way of electronic music. The venue, Yellari, is not the ideal place to take photos. In fact the place is just the opposite - it doesn't inspire photography at all. The roof is low, the place is tight and you just can't get the distance even if you wanted to. Yes, you could photograph with WA-objectives (as I did), but it's so monotonous. But anyway, here are the underground photos of Spacehouses Spacetech event! Enjoy :)

- Karo

20.03.2010 // Mindcore - Born To Raise Hell (by Timo)

Mindcore, Hardcore, Rock you down to the floor!

Quite speechless I must admit. :D

Music was loud, people were enjoying the Hardcore beats. I had a nice time seeing friends and photographing people having the time of their lifes. Keep up the good work Mindcore!

Enjoy the pics.

- Timo

20.03.2010 // SÄDE - Dont F*CK With Me (By: Tuomas)

A night of truly magnificent sounds!

I admit it, I did wait for this party a lot. I was not disappointed. I'm sorry I arrived too late to see properly all the contest winner DJ's but the ones I did you have what it takes! Rest of the Sade crew did not disappoint me either, then again, they never do! It seems that there are always people in the audience who come to enjoy the tunes and dance to what they feel.

I'm hoping that the pictures tell you how it felt to be there!


18.03.2010 // Danceteria March w/ Nic Fanciulli (by Aleksi Alku)

This is a day for news!

Aleksi has been with us for a while, but he hasn't have the chance to photograph events for a while. This time we can enjoy his point of view behind the camera at Danceteria :)

Enjoy the pictures!

- Karo

13.03.2010 // Bujashaka: Suomi Special (by Karo)

Suomi special?!

This event must have been the oddest events in my event-going history. First of all the evening begun with two blokes whos skills behind the decks was utterly horrible, and it got worse, they played the crappiest tunes I have propably ever heard (after the list hits of today). The tunes were mainly oldskool, I believe 70-80 stuff that I just couldn't recognise. But altho it really was crap, it REALLY suited this event as a beginning, and I am not joking or fuckin' with you. It was a perfect beginning for a Suomi Special. For me (as a old bar dj) it reflected the unbelievable crappy music taste Finnish people had back in the days. After the boys, it was Mekaanikkos turn. He played similar stuff, but much, much more in a professional way. The music was better, it was selected better, mixed together better and it didn't have the same crappy edge than the blokes before him. Then there was a bunch of other stars which I didn't hear because I had to get some sleep before the morning at work. What I heard next morning, Maria Gasolina filled the floor and people had extra good time - but I wasn't there to make photographig memories about it. Well, here are the photos, try to enjoy :)

- Karo

13.03.2010 // Pacifique : Luau (by Tuomas)


After last year, I kinda kept thinking that I might skip Pacifique, then the call came and I got in line to do what was asked. I WONT REGRET IT!!!

The party was terrific, lots of people, lots of smiles, hot humid movement of bodies. How can you NOT enjoy yourself in that? Then I just kept pressing the button and at some point I noticed that the bigger card is almost full. This is how it's supposed to go down!

Before you jump in the gallery, I'll apologize for the similarities in some photos: there just were so many of them :)

- Tuomas

11.03.2010 // Pacifique : Luau (by Tuula)


This was absolutely the best Pacifique experience for me, ever! Had my own chillin' time with friends in hot tubs and waterslides (<3) without that usual panic I go through in this event. I didn't go to the cave or any other places, so that's why there is no material from outside the pool area.

Place was really nice, alltough I was missing those beautiful lasers :|

This time the equipment was loaned from a friend and it was pretty good practice for me to use a bit different body than usually. But apparently it went pretty well :D

Well, I don't know what to say anymore, than ENJOY! And ps. My toes says hello. ^_____^

- Tuula

09.03.2010 // Pacifique : Luau (by Karo)

WET, wet.. wet <3

Pacifique, one of the most interesting events there is - it really is unique even in world wide scale! I had been looking forward to this event and it was, as I suspected, beautiful, interesting and filled with happy people :) Gotta love it! I really didn't pay any attention to the deejays but every now and then some classic house tune got my ear - thats the way it goes when concentrating in photographing :)

This year I found myself trying to overcome many types of difficulties. It felt that I just couldn't get my camera setup to work like I wanted - it might have something to do with the fact that I was still recovering from an exhausting flu. Just to get things a bit harder, I dipped my infrared trasmitter in to the pool - if you ask from me, Canon should finally make a professional version of the damn water sucking sponge they refer as an infra red transmitter.. This Pacifique was the fourth for me and after the event I had a bit of a feeling that I was not able to produce anything new from this or the forthcoming(?) Pacifique-events, so only time will tell was this the last Pacifique for me or not... anyway I have had extremely jolly time with these events!

Someone is propably wondering what gear I used in this event while photographing at the pool in the middle of splashes. It was Canon's pro DSLR: EOS 1D Mark 3 with. EF 24-70 f2.8L & EF 16-25 f2.8L and the flash was Speedlite 580exII (like the year before). If you want to "try this at home" - use only professional gear which are designed and build to prevent water getting inside the body, flash and objectives. Otherwise this hobby might just get bit more expensive..

- Karo

21.02.2010 // Madwave w/ Aly & Fila (by Timo)

Second Trip

Despite of the shitty weather I was looking forward to latest Madwave event. The Promoter Sergei has had wicked line-ups earlier and I knew that the night's gonna be a blast this time as well.

Aly & Fila was the headliner of the evening. This was their (his) second time in short period in Finland.

I borrowed a 10mm Fisheye from my friend to add something different this time to my pics. I used it quite a lot but it wasn't as easy as I expected to get the full advantage of it. Well after all I had a nice time and the place was well crowded. What more do you need? ;) See ya all next time.. Cheers!

- Timo

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