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13.06.2010 // Säde : Infinity (by Timo)


Massive coolio Trance explosion in Gloria!

No hard, No progressive, no house, ONLY TRANCE.. the most beautiful melodies from the past until today.

Pics - Cheers!

- Timo

26.05.2010 // Fiilis : We Love Seven w/ Alfred Azzetto (by Karo)

Summer soundz<3

Fiilis summer season started at Amarillo/Night with Alfred Azzetto (Purple Music, Italy). Unfortunately the place was not as filled as one could hope :(

We had a great opportunity to enjoy quality house music from afternoon hours to early morning. People who attended this event really seemed to enjoy the beats and melodies! Until next time!

- Karo

23.05.2010 // HDDC (By: Aleksi)

A warm day kept the party people outdoors late as always, but in the end Kaivohuone was packed! HD/DC also saw a battle between sound pros - Battery Sound System on the main arena and Precision Audio on a side arena. My honest opinion? Precision Audio rocked!


- Aleksi

23.05.2010 // Clinic (By: Timo)

Are you ready for some old school?!

Marcel second time in Finland. This sound like a party :) Few years back almost every month there was some cool happening in Kaivohuone. Nowadays not so much. That is unfortunate because I like the place. During the years only one thing has gone worse. No smoke is allowed.

Good music, Cool people..

Here's some pics.

- Timo

17.05.2010 // Golden Beats - Back to basics (by Timo)

Golden Beats is back!

Cool nite, cool beats!

Sergei smoked it up. Thanx Ari for the party once again.

See you next time.

- Timo

16.05.2010 // Millennium "Fenix" (By Karo)

Hello :)

I'm pretty tired right now so I'll keep this short:

It rocked.

- Karo

14.05.2010 // Millennium Fenix -gallery (By Timo) is now online

Back to the heavyweight jam!

A last minute call and me and my girlfriend decided to drive to Turku. Earlier that day I was celebrating quickly my best friends birthday. After that there was also another friend who got older and we were there too.

It was warm and sunny.. .blah blah :D Börs was a bit labyrinth at first and I only recognized the smaller arena because I had coffee there once, daytime. Anyway thanx to Tommi for a great party. Millennium still keeps banging!

Here are some moments..

- Timo

10.05.2010 // Graveyard Party IV (By: Tuomas)


09.05.2010 // Laserpoint Labyrinth Whiteout (by Tuula)

Laserpoint // Labyrinth 2010

Hello all! Sorry for this massive delay. Here is the last Labyrinth/Laserpoint photo gallery from SESSIONS2, made by Tuula, our bonus photographer at this event.

Not much of a story to be told, enjoy the photos!

- Karo

01.05.2010 // Colors presents...Vappu 2010 (by Timo)

Klara Vappen!

As usual Club Colors brings us the biggest names, the best venues. Vappu, another day to get waisted, also brought lots of people to Vantaa.

This was a new venue for me. Some challenge with black walls and roof but what the hell.. Unfortunately my timetable was slightly delayed and I couldn't shoot all the Big Dj names who played in Colors.

Enjoy the pics. See ya later.

- Timo

22.04.2010 // Laserpoint Labyrinth Whiteout (By Fredrik)


I attended Trance Energy 2010 @ Utrecht / Holland this Easter, and while it was the most massive and laserfilled event I've ever been too, it has to be said, Finns just do it better! The visual experience and the sheer quality of Laserpoint/Labyrinth was just mind blowing! I'm really wondering what's going to happen next year as the organisers have to exceed themselves yet again.

This was my first time shooting at The Cable Factory and naturally I liked it a lot because of the colossal size of the venue. The logistics worked great and thanks to the well planned Sessions2 shooting strategy, I think we got all aspects of the event covered pretty good. Thanks again to Nikon Nordic for lending me a 24mm tilt / shift lens; it was exciting to play with a new lens and get something special out of the night.

Anyway, this is my share of the night, hope you like it, and if you don't, well not to worry, there is still one more gallery in the pipeline!

- Fredi

21.04.2010 // Laserpoint Labyrinth Whiteout - Photobooth photos 4/4

...and here are the last photos from the Laserpoint Labyrinth Whiteout -photobooth.

There are still two more sets of event photos to come though. ;)

- Jone

20.04.2010 // Laserpoint Labyrinth Whiteout (by Karo)


Lots of lazers.. lots of lights.. lots of music.. lots of people.

Nice ideas and the production rocked.

Enjoy the photos :)

- Karo

20.04.2010 // Danceteria w/ Tim Sheridan (by Aleksi Alku)


Yet again a truly great Danceteria night! Tim Sheridan's sound made at least my dace feet bounce like they haven't for a while! Have a look at the photos and feel the vibes yourself. As always when I am having too much fun there will also be way too many photos. Hope you bare with me through them all! ;)

- Aleksi

20.04.2010 // Laserpoint Labyrinth Whiteout - Photobooth photos 3/4

Yet more photos from our photobooth at Laserpoint Labyrinth Whiteout are here! Tomorrow we will upload the rest of them.

- Jone

19.04.2010 // Quién es tu papi, perra? (by Timo)

Achtung Baby!

First time in Grecia and gr8 success. :)

Plenty of frends, it is always nice to see you. I had pretty easy night for taking photos. Thanx to Ville for the great party and have a nice time in Spain. :)

See ya soon.

- Timo

19.04.2010 // Laserpoint Labyrinth Whiteout (by Tuomas)

It was like a deathstar fitted in a huge room

Got something good for you all. How about some? Want to have 'em? Go on, they are here just for you. I had such a blast this year that I was smiling even when it hurt to run around the hall in the end.

Thanks go again to LP crew for making a fantastic venue come alive again. I'm not sure how you manage to outdo yourselves every year. Party people, you looked amazing!

- Tuomas

19.04.2010 // Laserpoint Labyrinth Whiteout - Photobooth photos 2/4

...and here's the second part of the photobooth photos. More tomorrow!

- Jone / SESSIONS2

19.04.2010 // Laserpoint Labyrinth Whiteout (by Timo)

The biggest dance event of the year

One of the busiest nights ever. I bet 1500kcal burned after running around the cable factory approximately 50 times or more.. The best Finnish trance and hard trance Djs really bounced the beats to a whole new level. I bet this party would have not been any better even if the originally planned Line up would have been performing.

Laserz, they where everywhere with massive pyroFX. I must admit that I've never seen so many of them in one place. It was the most difficult thing to get them in one picture and look cool. That's why there are few of them for you to judge. ;)

Enjoy the set. The Experience continues...

- Timo

18.04.2010 // Laserpoint Labyrinth Whiteout - Photobooth photos 1/4

Hello beautiful party people!

Our photobooth @ Laserpoint Labyrinth Whiteout was quite popular - just like it pretty much always is. Around 1000 frames were taken and a little less than 400 will be published. Since browsing through a crapload of photos kinda sucks for our users we will publish ~100 photos each day until they are all online. So, if you can't find your photo on the set that was published today check back on monday, tuesday and wednesday.

SESSIONS2 event photographers are currently working hard on their photos and 5 sets of event photos will be published this week. Be patient - since the event was visually stunning I'm sure we'll make the wait worth it.

With regards,
Jouni Väänänen

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