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11.09.2010 // House special first anniversary (by Timo)

Swamp things & Miracles

A little tired after the last nights UG party.. It didn't stop me for going to see how the House Special birthday party was going on. Seen quite a lot of Proteus sets lately but this was something REALLY special, House set.. not just any house set. You should have been there. If you weren't, shame on you.

The Total of the night: flash still working like new after it fell down from the roof. I forgot to tighten it properly ;), Wicked tracks from all Dj's especially Proteus, wow!, Me more tired :D and some pics of course...

See ya next time.

- Timo

10.09.2010 // Säde Ug By Geezer 4

Back to Underground

Tired and happy. :)

Enjoy the pics..


- Geezer 4

07.09.2010 // Spacehouse Presents: Underground Mayhem (by Karo)


Spacehouse has come up with an idea to arrange real ug-events in Kotka. This doesn't sound very challenging, but I can assure you, it is a difficult task in our city. Escpecially, when the event is held at Kotka-island. Unfortunately very few came to this hard-style event, but they who came definitely got something special out of the night. Well. Here are my couple of cents to this event, didn't take that many pictures - but I think you get the picture :) C U soon!

- Karo

07.09.2010 // UU Island (by Mikko)

UU Island on the Helsinki Night Of The Arts

Déjà vu! This island event brought me some nice memories from couple years behind when Unity had their last island event at this very same place. This event was a great experience mostly because whole night was different than I expected in many ways and everything worked atleast very well.

The event was a well blended mix of beautiful people, good food and extremely good music! Biggest surprise of the night was definitely massive fireworks arranged by Pyroman. You can't see that every day. Rest of the night was super fun and colourful as you can see from these pictures. Afterall this event was simply a huge success! :)

- Mikko

02.09.2010 // Pussy eau de Club 12th Anniversary (by Aleksi)


Here are Aleksis photos from Pussy eau de Club 12th Anniversary -event held in The Circus, Helsinki. The event was powered by: Jokke, Yuhis, Jester Moon, Maniac, Milla Lehto, Coma and Orkidea - massive!

Enjoy the pics!

- Karo

31.08.2010 // Flowers Of Life Forest Festival (by Karo)

Nightly Flowers Of Life <3

This was one of the most interesting "event" photography gigs I have had recently. To be honest, this is far from event photography since I wasn't doing that at all; I was asked to photograph promotional footage of UV decorations. It has some tricks to consider, but here they are for you to see :)

I was supposed to take the photos the night before the grand opening, but there was some difficulties we coudn't overcome so I had to come there again next mid night while the place was fully opened to public. Everything went well afterall :)

The reason these photos are oneline four weeks after the event, is the same reason I don't do event photography at summer time - there is just too much work to do and my deliverytime stretches to four weeks from the usual "in a week". But, here they are, enjoy the extraordinary beautiful decorations!

- Karo

22.08.2010 // Colors w/ Tiesto By Timo

Tweak your nipple

I chose the title for two reason, what was and what will be ;) Colors sundays are unreal… I arrived to Circus at 22.00. Not much queue.. Managed to get my camera rolling and went outside to wait to get a picture of the line waiting to get in and listen to Tiesto. You couldn't see the end from the door.. I stepped out and walked 20m.. Finally I could see the end.. the queue was 250m long at least. I knew I had to get inside to find the best spots to start shooting… photos ;)

I've never seen Circus so full of happy sweaty dancing people. I've never felt that heat and moisture anywhere else. Unfortunately it was quite difficult to move after 23.00. I bet you can see that also from the pics. Couldn't do better this time..

Enjoy :)

- Timo

21.08.2010 // Madwave summer cruise w/ CKJ by Timo

What a Cruise..

Madwave did it again. a MAD cruise with MAD people. I just couldn't believe my eyes after the boat got off from the dock. After the first couple of tracks the dance floor was full and stayed like that all night. Guys were wild and girls were even wilder.. :P

Helsinki Vibe guys played the massive set including almost all of their own production. Who wouldn't enjoy this special set. Määäd I tell ya.

Here are some pics..

- Timo

01.08.2010 // Spacehouse at GekkonenStage (by Karo)


Thanks for the backstage refreshments. I enjoyed the event. Here are the photos :)

- Karo

30.07.2010 // klubitus 10v & [reiv:] - Heimojen Kohtaaminen By Timo

Congrats Klubitus!! had their 10th anniversary on WWW. They had a wild and wicked party at old-new (former Freda51) Tivoli @ Freda with the one and only, REIV! The place was sweaty and crowded.. nice?!?! ;)

All the deejays played the best of the best tracks from the past 10 years. I personally enjoyed the most listening to Orkideas massive trance classics set.. OMGOMG"""!!

Enjoy the pics. :)

- Timo

30.07.2010 // Klubitus' 10th birthday (party)!

Time flies like an arrow. Klubitus, the absolute number one online community for finnish clubbers, is now ten years old. Ten years is a respectable age for any web community but especially for a community of clubbers; people come and go in our scene and in order to stay interesting "generation after generation" (of clubbers) Klubitus has renewed itself little by little. Many have contributed to the success of the community but in the end there's one guy whose name everyone should know. Klubitus' Administrator Antti "Anqqa" Qvickström is the mastermind behind it all and deserves a public thank you for his work. Over the years Antti has become a dear friend for me and we've cooperated on many occasions as the representatives of our organizations and as individuals. We've played back to back a few times and there isn't anyone I'd rather play records with - after all our sets have always been quite special, he's quite easy going and we play on the same skill level.

Tonight me (as "DJ Skai") and Antti (as "DJ Anqh") will be playing on Klubitus' 10th Birthday party with Mayah (Known for being the leading female DJ of the finnish hard dance scene a few years back) and Tres (Known for his pure quality DJ & live Hardcore sets and much more). We're going be spinning from 10pm til midnight as "Klubitus Allstars" on the "Peace arena" of "Klubitus 10v & Reiv - Heimojen kohtaaminen" - you probably can't miss us. Besides us Art of Trance, Orkidea, Proteus, Muffler, Genki, Eliot Ness, Orion, Oded Peled, Bobby Speed, Kaiu & Sakura, Mekaanikko and Tremont will perform. Enough about that though. I'm expecting to see you there and to offer Anqqa a drink.

As the grandfather / semi-official spokesperson of our little event photography organization I'd like to congratulate Anqqa and Klubitus at this point. The first ten years were absolutely amazing. Keep up the good work!

On behalf of SESSIONS2 as a whole,
Jouni Väänänen
Founder / Site Manager EVP

24.07.2010 // Kazantip Summer Cruise + afterparty By Timo

KaBOOM, KaZAAAntip"!€%&

Madwave with Calvin Klein had the first of their two cruises. A bit unlucky was that sun was NOT shining first time in few weeks. Well it didn't stop people from getting wild and hot.

My first time on MS Emma and definitely not the last. After the cruise we attended to afterparty at Vanha. I wasn't as excited as I was in the ship but what the hell.. Enough for the talking.. Who reads these anyway :D

Some photos..

- Timo

23.07.2010 // Fiilis On The Beach (by Karo)

Hot stuff, I'd say!

This was the third time I was photographin beach volley -stuff near Kouvola. This time the music was provided with "Fiilis On The Beach"-event. I am dead tired from (not of) photographing and it kind of shows here. You shoud never do deejaying or photographing when you really don't feel like it - just take a break, believe me :)

Music was all about House music (like it has always been @ Fiilis), it was extremely hot and I managed to burn my shoulders while hanging at the beach.. well, here are some photos about what was happening around the music :)

- Karo

22.07.2010 // LOVE feat. Eric Prydz (By Fredrik)

I'm lovin' it!!

What a night filled with LOVE! And what a great start to the hottest summer of our lives! How ironic that it was just as hot and sizzling on the dance floor as it has been under the sun these past few weeks!

The holiday season and travelling around has also kept me from my Mac - sorry for the delay with the pics.

- Fredi

09.07.2010 // Raveisland 9.-10.7. By Timo


Our trip to Oulu started 1,5h later than planned. We arrive to the hotel at 19.30. Next step was to find a decent place for dinner. Luckily it didn't take too much time and we were already ready to order. Well after some chicken and nice dessert went back to the hotel and got ready for the evening. When we arrived to the island it was almost 23.00 and the open air arena had Ronski Speed starting his wicked trance set. After that it was all just taking pictures.

The second day after to heavy breakfast we had some time to enjoy the sun. We parked ourselves to the beach close to open air arena. Despite I was sweating like a pig it was rather nice to hang out with some old friends adding few new to the group as well. :) After all the second day was a success. All the Djs were playing their best and music just took us to a whole new level. Thank you Raveisland. This was only the beginning.

Some pics… Cheers!

- Timo

04.07.2010 // Club Colors w/ SHM By Timo

Feel the Vibe!

I knew it's gonna be hot night ;) New Venue, the Biggest House brand in the world at the moment...

Colors has moved to a new venue to the center of Helsinki, Circus. Massive dance floor, which was full btw.. even though it was Sunday. Who cares it's summer Baby!! Swedish house mafia really rocked! I bet the guys are more than welcome to visit Finland again any time.

I hope you can see at least some of the heat from the pics.. :P

- Timo

04.07.2010 // Outo maa (by Karo)

Happy Hiking!

These kind of events are arranged all over Finland but I believe they have never taken place in my hometown Kotka - Ug forest event. The plan is simple: Find yourself an aggregation, a little tent, dj equipment and a decent portable PA-system, couple of guys/gals with the ability to deejay are also quite helpfull with these kind of events. Find a location and put the stuff together, mention about the event to couple of your closest friends (aka and you have yourself a party :)

This event was a bit smaller ug event I am used to - and it's no wonder because it was the first of its kind in Kotka. It was also suprising to see how tidy this event was with a lot of first timers - organizers delivered "trash bins" to be used (and they were used) and they had also picked up a place that won't get damaged by people gathering and partying at one spot. Nice job :) This event was also 30y/o birthday bash for Tiura, so happy birthday to you from behalf of SESSIONS2 :)

Here are the few photos I took whil visiting this event. Not much, but something to remember anyway ^.^

- Karo

30.06.2010 // Danceteria 5Y Anniversary /w King Unique (By Fredrik)

It's been a long time coming...

I've had just a bit too much work related stuff going on lately and on top of that my computer died, which was a major pain in the ass. Thus, these two Danceteria sets have been shamefully neglected and I sincerely apologise for this massive delay!

Obviously, too much time has passed for me to truthfully write about the events in much detail, but both nights rocked DTM; just as Danceteria usually does!

Congrats on the 5th anniversary btw!

- Fredi

30.06.2010 // Danceteria May with Paolo Mojo (By Fredrik)

Check the combined text earlier..

- Fredi

17.06.2010 // Hype Club Reunion 2 (by Karo)

Hype the funk!

There is not much to say - Hype had their reunion number 2 and people were crazy about the whole thing! Clubbers were older than usual; people who visited Hype "back in the days" I presume.. one of the best nights this year :)

These photos are different to what I usually do - there is an simple explanation: I was testing a new lense (135mm f2L) because I hadn't had the chance to check it out thoroughly in party surroundings. It is a bit too tele for my 1.3x crop, but it's phenomenal to pick up individuals from the crowd. In bigger venues this tele objective might just rock like hell :) Well, here are the photos, enjoy!

- Karo

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