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01.02.2011 // Danceteria Presents Helsinki House Heroes (By Fredrik)

Hyvä Helsinki!

Danceteria started its new year with an all-Finnish line-up. And these heroes sure knew their audience's taste, which buttons to push and just how to please them! Satisfaction in the air!

- Fredi

29.01.2011 // Klf cruise w/ Brooklyn Bounce by Timo


One of the funniest and yet one of the hardest cruise is behind us, The ultimate Radio KLF party cruise.

Brooklyn Bounce was there, Dj Jesus was there, I was there, you was there…If you wasn't you missed ALL the fun.


- Timo

28.01.2011 // Escape to Dance w/ Daniel Kandi by Timo

Hämpton Mässive!

Heard about some rumors of Sirkus, formerly known as Focus been one of the coolest night clubs in Finland. Well it has been. Nowadays maybe not the most modern place in the world but the space, OMG!

My first time in Espace to dance-party. Cool line up, good music, beautiful girls. That's about it. Nothing to add?

Enjoy the pics.

- Timo

27.12.2010 // React (By: Aleksi)

- Aleksi

27.12.2010 // KLF Pikkujoulut (By: Aleksi)

- Aleksi

05.12.2010 // Club Colors w/ Ferry Corsten By Timo


The one and only mr Ferry Corsten! Never seen before but he rocked, really. Tiger was a new venue of Club Colors, crowded as always.

Great success once again. Thanx Alex. See you next time.

Enjoy the pics.

- Timo

03.12.2010 // Danceteria Presents CR2 Records Night (By Fredrik)


Sorry it has taken a while with this gallery - it's been a massive squeeze with work towards the end of the year! Had almost forgotten about what the night was all about, but the pictures jolted my memory: renowned Mark Brown had everyone ecstatic!!!

See you tonight for more Danceteria shenanigans!

- Fredi

24.11.2010 // Graveyard Party V

The Party is dead lets just bury it...

And so it began, all this and no zombies? I've seen blood and I've seen the light.

Oh go on and see what else crawled from under the tombstone...

- Tuomas

12.11.2010 // Clinic w/ Above & Beyond By Timo

Trance around the world!

Mässive is the perfect word to describe the evening. One of the world's greatest "kixu" crew came to Helsinki. That's of course Above & Beyond. If somebody don't know who they are.. well… Shame on you.

Thanx to Clinic crew for arranging this night of trance. I'm loving it :P

Some pics, cheers.

- Timo


Massive heat, big party, even cake!

I turned up to place in the beginning when there still was cake. Oh the delicious cake. Also punch was to be had. Good times :)

I really want a holga. I want to take smooth pictures with unrealistic soft edges and glow. I want to have a camera that was made so every one could afford one that is now a luxury item only hipster can afford. *sigh* I love the party even if it was hot and full I also loved trying to recreate the longed holga-efects.


10.11.2010 // Bujashaka 1-vee synttäribileet! (by Karo)


Bujashakas first birthday bash ever, one year, congratz!

Lots of stuff i didn't listen to. Massive lights, massive HAD audio PA-system. Once again we gave ear candy under 20hz :) First time ever I heard bass feedback that was about 25hz - normally it's somewhere between 50-60hz etc :)

Well, enjoy :)

- Karo

17.10.2010 // FADE pres. Paul Jackson (by Karo)


So it happend, that I was in Helsinki doing some photographing and decided to pay a visit to Jenny Woo where FADE was held. It had been almost three years since I last met Mr. Paul Jackson (he was spinning records at Inspiration/Kotka 2.2.2008). So it happend that Mr.A was also kicking some beats in Fade as he was in Inspiration three years ago, small world :)

This was my first time in Jenny Woo - and it looked just perfect for this kind of events. First there's a nice lounge section and the party cave is deep inside the place. FADE had boosted the event up with BatterySoundSystem - aka Funktion One Resolution 4 - they really sound nice, gotta love :)

Photographing at this event was something unexpected - the lightning was very intime so at the dancefloor I had to photograph in a way that is not really my style - but hey, you got the pics didn't you :)

- Karo

16.10.2010 // Club Colors (by Timo)

I can't get no sleep… or can I..

As everyone knows the unfortunate incident happened and Faithless had to cancel two weeks gigs. Well what the hell.. The Finnish boys made an awesome replacement.

As always Colors has the floor packed with happy and wild party people. Käpä, Heikki L, Lovetone, Orkidea, Alex Kunnari.. What a line up! These guys will kick ass everywhere they play. Can't wait for the next event. See you there.

Take care.

- Timo


Happy Birthday Säde and Fury!!

What a nice coincidence to have two gigs at the same day. Surprisingly I managed to win a Dj competition arranged by two wicked Finnish Hard Dance Clubs, Säde and Fury. So I put my photo shooting and Djing together. I was fun to play. It's always fun to take pics too. :)

Too early wake up in the morning got me too tired to stay all night but here are some moments from the event. Thanks Säde and Fury. It was a blast!!


- Timo

15.10.2010 // Danceteria Presents Mr.A's Big Birthday Bonanza (by Fredrik)

Happy birthday Mr. A !!

A typical night in Danceteria - awesome. Combine it with Mr. A's B-day, a great line-up of domestic DJs and a foreign guest star - astounding! Everyone gave an exceptional performance, including the crowd, with Tim Sheridan bringing the roof down with his set!

This was the raunchiest and steamiest bonanza in Danceteria to date; a pure pleasure to shoot.

- Fredi

08.10.2010 // S|DEFFECT (by Timo)

This is how it started, this is how it ended

Five years of Sideffect / RAD is now done. This time the Dj line up had so called all stars team: Wert, Sergei Shkuroff, JNKS, Proteus & Neon, SuZuS & Nette and the evening was finished Polly with the awesome psychedelic set.

Unfortunately some things must end and Sideffect was one of them. We still hope that something like this will come up in the future. Who knows.. Still Great event and people seemed to have the time of their lifes.

Enjoy the pics.

- Timo

30.09.2010 // [reiv:] presents Marco V & Orkidea (By Fredrik)

An evening with Mr V!

Versatile... vivid... virtue... vivacious... Marco V was all these things! Combined with dazzling (as always) Orkidea, this night certainly was nothing short of spectacular!

I had the opportunity to test my new goodies from Nikon; e.g. the recently released 85mm f1.4G, which really is a fantastic heap of glass!

Unfortunately we had to leave quite early, so the gallery is rather short. But enjoy the vibe!

- Fredi

15.09.2010 // UU Island (by Tuomas)


Sorry for the delay. Tuomas had some problems with his computer but that is in the past now :) Enjoy the photos!

- Karo

13.09.2010 // Pussy eau de Club 12th Anniversary (by Mikko)


Sorry for the delay. Photos have been ready for some days now, but I lack the time to publish them earlier.

- Karo

12.09.2010 // Danceteria Season6 Premiere /w Desyn Masiello (by Fredrik)

Welcome back!

The 6th Season Premiere of Danceteria started off looking wicked. There were a lot of good-looking people bouncing with grins on their faces and DTM had gotten a slight facelift; boosting the visual side of the dance floor with some cool lightsaber-like thingys in front of the DJs and more screens (there can never be too many screens!).

So, it was definitely a pleasure to be shooting again at Danceteria! See you soon!

- Fredi

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