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19.04.2011 // Labyrinth / Laserpoint : Whiteout 2011 (by Karo)


This was one of the nights that I just wasn't at my best :( Tired of the last 1,5 month massive load of work and that really slowes one down when photographing events, unfortunately :(

The event itself was massive and beautiful as excpected. The artists were also what you could excpect and so was the sound- & light systems. Nothing to complain here :)

Here are the photos, enjoy. Hopefully we will see each other next time!

- Karo

19.04.2011 // Labyrinth / Laserpoint : Whiteout 2011 (By Fredrik)

The Cable Factory turned into a maze of lasers.

This year, Laserpoint was more of a challenge than an experience for me. Half of the night I was shooting people at the S2 photobooth due to low manpower (usually we have one guy dedicated for the photobooth only). So obviously I missed some part of the event. Anyway, I tried to make the best of it and here are the result.

The event itself was a great success! The quality is just something else when talking about Laserpoint. I guess 15 years Laserpoint'ing truly shows. Congrats on the anniversary and hope to see you again next year!

- Fredi

17.04.2011 // Labyrinth / Laserpoint : Whiteout 2011 Photobooth 1/4

Photobooth pictures from 20:00 to 22:00

- Karo

17.04.2011 // Labyrinth / Laserpoint : Whiteout 2011 Photobooth 2/4

Photobooth pictures from 22:00 to 23:00

- Karo

17.04.2011 // Labyrinth / Laserpoint : Whiteout 2011 Photobooth 3/4

Photobooth pictures from 23:00 to 00:00

- Karo

17.04.2011 // Labyrinth / Laserpoint : Whiteout 2011 Photobooth 4/4

Photobooth pictures from 00:00 to 01:00

- Karo

16.04.2011 // Danceteria presents Made in Finland part 3 (By Fredrik)

dance dance danceteria.

Danceteria continued it's series of Finnish DJ's. This idea has certainly brought fresh blood to DTM, and tonight was no exception. IMO, Rico was the hungriest of the bunch - such jaw-dropping mixing! It's been a long time since I've heard such an innovative set, what a machine behind the decs!

The night was a bit slow, but it was good to be back at DTM again. :)

- Fredi

09.04.2011 // Rave Saves by Timo

Rave Saves us all!

Every once in a while it's nice to do some charity. This time SESSIONS2 took part of the event Rave Saves which was held to raise funds to valuable charity work. It was also nice to see how many people came in and it seemed that they all had a blast.

My night with the camera wasn't the easiest one but fortunately I managed to get some pics from the event itself. Some people say that there's never enough smoke and I agree.. but when you try to shoot (pics) it makes life a bit hard :D Nevertheless here they are.


- Timo

26.03.2011 // Club Colors w/ Paul Van Dyk by Timo

Congratulations Colors!

My new camera body arrived so this night would be the first night to test it at the night club. First I was a bit worried about focus which was not working as expected, especially when very low light and there's no contrast on to face or body of the dj.. for example.

Well after some minutes things started to go in a better direction and I could concentrate mainly on taking pictures. Lots of hot girls, Mässive line up! By the way.. Did you know that Paul Van Dyk was there ;)

Enjoy the pics.

- Timo

24.03.2011 // KLF "First" pres. E-Type (by Aleksi Alku)

10.03.2011 // Pacifique 2011 saturday (by Karo)


The second day.. This time I was a bit more relaxed. Because I knew I had some decent photos from friday, it ment more relaxed session and more laid back attitude. I also was more tuned up for this night - I hope the feeling passes on to you from the pics :)


- Karo

09.03.2011 // Pacifique 2011 saturday (by Tuula)



It seems like I have to buy a new DSLR-body, 5D2 <3

- Tuula

09.03.2011 // Pacifique 2011 Saturday (by Daniel Braun)

Boom Shakalaka!

This was the fourth time I attended Pacifique but the first time with my beloved camera gear. Pacifique was what I excpected; artists, arrangements, tech-stuff, lights, etc, everything worked - and I enjoyed the event, as always :) Mr. Chris Coco & Orion rocked and it was fun to hear some Finnish traditional singing in the form of House music, I think you know to what house-tune I'm referring to! Daft Punk also makes a smile to my face - and it seemed to have the same effect amongst clubbers <3

Photographing at Pacifique.. It has a challenge, but it wasn't more challenging than other events. It was a new experience and I managed to get through keeping the style I like through out the event. The gear worked fine and didn't give any trouble althoug I was expecting some. But, here are the photos, enjoy!

PS. Backstage's bread coverings & relishes were just fine for a low carb diet :]

- Daniel

08.03.2011 // Pacifique 2011 Friday (by Karri Holmberg)


This is a guest gallery from Karo's brother Karri Holmberg. This is also the second gallery from Karri to be published @

For Karri, this was the first time at Pacifique. As an audiophile, he was enjoying the upper highs of the PA-system and of course, the beauty of the place and clubbers :)

Enjoy the photos!

- Karo, on behald of Karri

07.03.2011 // Pacifique 2011 Friday (by Karo)


This was my fifth Pacifique and it was suprising to see that they decided to move the stage from it's earlier position "to the side". But after wondering the situation for a while, it seemed to work better. The lights were more concentrated and it seemed to be easier for the clubbers to dance in the more shallow waters.

Friday night was a bit low with it's overall tempo. People had a great time, but some tiredness of the present work week could be noticed from the movements of the wandering customers and clubbers. I don't have much to tell with words - check the pictures :) Luckily I managed to get my new favourite lense into use, and photographed about 85% of the overall pitures with it. Well, here they are. Enjoy!

PS. Hopefully we will see each other next year! This year was guaranteed Pacifique quality!

- Karo

07.03.2011 // Pacifique 2011 Friday (By Fredrik)


This was my first time shooting at Pacifique and my oh my did it NOT go as planned...

I was enjoying the event and all was great until an unknown drunken sailor landed on me in the pool after doing a rather uncool stunt or something. I literally had to dive after my camera gear that got totally submerged in water. Not cool! Not cool at all...

To my huge surprise, the camera, the lens and the flash were still working, but were deeply wounded: I had no autofocus anymore, the flash worked randomly and lots of other automated features were disabled. So the evening turned into a technical challenge going from top-of-the-line-high-tech-stuff to really basic old school stuff. Manageable but really, really difficult.

The incident happened very early on in the evening and it killed the buzz for me a bit. (picture number 31 is the first one after the dive) I had a really hard time focusing (ha-ha) on the event as I was worried about the camera and whether it would last the whole event or not...

I'm still gutted about my drowned gear and I know I would have done so much better with the pics without that incident. But all in all, considering the crippled equipment, I'm pretty pleased with the results and happy I didn't just give up, pack my bag and go home (it certainly crossed my mind!).

The event itself was fantastic! More like this please!

- Fredi

04.03.2011 // Pacifique 2011 Friday by Timo

Tropical adventure

Colors of the rainbow, +38C in the middle of the Winter. What could it be? How is this possible? See for yourself!


Enjoy the pictures.. the journey has only just began.

- Timo

26.02.2011 // Säde - New Breed (By: Mikko)


For an event that has been going strong and hard for a really long time. From hidden events in secluded places to main stream big arenas and back again. They still have a lot to give us. And give they do! New venue definately had things that made säde THE party for the ones of us that love the harder stuff. Thank you for dishing out pure awesomeness to us again!

- Mikko

12.02.2011 // Klf Megaparty with SCOOTER by Timo

SCOOOOOTEEER!!! Back in tha house, YEAH!

After waking up in the morning I was quite happy to see that my teeth are still in my mouth. After the night like yesterday you would think that something bad might happen when (with or without the camera) you are trying to see the main star performing live, as close as possible.

Everyone knew that when you talk about Scooter! the place, whatever that would have been, will be so packed with people that there might get a bit hot ;) I've seen Scooter many times live but this was the most intense, intimate and best of the best! Well, I tried to capture the feeling on "film" so.. here they are.

Always hardcore!!!

- Timo

04.02.2011 // Danceteria Made in Finland pt. 1 by Timo

Everybody VOGUE!

Pretty interesting nite for me. I had a request to take some pics of DTMs monthly House and techno club, Danceteria. In the battle field we had a change to enjoy Dj sets both from Turku and Helsinki, headlining by the one and only Jori Hulkkonen.

The new concept, Danceteria Test lounge got the first kick last night as well upstairs. Had a great nite! See you next time.


- Timo

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