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18.07.2011 // Fiilis meets Rex Terrazza Residents (by Riku Heininen)

Miau :3

Nice feeling, music rocked, food was tasty and company was great - what else do you need from a sunday evening at Fiilis <3 Of course the gallery is spiced with necessary engineer-porn-shots while there wasn't anything else to be photographed ^.^

Ps. There is couple of extra photos from Karo who was spinning records at this event and lack the time to photograph :) Photos edited by Karo.

- Riku

17.07.2011 // Tampere Rave City by Timo

Tampere by Night

Hola! After a wicked cruise I drove like a mad man to Tampere. First time in Pyynikin Pallohalli, also first Tampere Rave City party, at least for me. :) Unfortunately because of two parties at the same day I just couldn't make it to the beginning. I bet Orion, Joonas and Tr3mont rockers the house but you won't see them in these pics.

The headliner was also something or some one I've never heard play live. The man who's shining like a sun and made the Rainbow country.. Well somebody's gonna kill me if I don't correct that he made the dance version of it.. Funkstar De Luxe. Btw, Alex Kunnari rocked the floor and kicked the asses on the dance floor. PARTY ON!

enjoy the pics while I go to sleep :)

- Timo

17.07.2011 // PUSH UP!: The PARTYBOAT @ Hml by Timo

Push the feeling on!!

Hämeenlinna! First ever PUSH UP party cruise. The feeling was just amazing! This kind of things are the ones that should keep going on and on and on...


Enjoy the pics!

- Timo

17.07.2011 // Bujashaka: Kesäloma (by Karo & Riku)


Bujashakas summertime happenings: People coming to chill around, getting some refreshments and listening to good tunes - atleast if you ask from them :] Bujashaka is a cross-genre event and to be honest, I really would love to hear more electronic stuff instead of reaggae, funk, ug-artistic-real-instruments-flavoured-crap, hiphop, räppp... But atleast the athmosphere is really laid back, so I am really enjoying myself despite the music :)

Once again I was accompanied by Riku Heininen, who have been borrowing my old EOS 30D. The cam really has a back focus issue - but Riku still managed to get some pics done :)

- Karo

11.07.2011 // RaveIsland 2011 @ Kuusisaari, Oulu by Timo

The one and only!

Once in a summer it is definitely time to travel to Oulu.. Why? Not because of the sex exhibition, not because of the awakening festival of a religious group but the RaveIsland. This year the event was shortened to last only one day. Last year it was two days. This year there was 50 djs around the Finland and not any bigger names than Orkidea, Proteus, Carbon based, etc.. 4 stages with massive variation of different styles of electronic music.

This year I also had a chance to play in Sweat chamber arena. Thank you for all the guys and girls who were dancing at least partially during my set :) Long day, few pics ;)

See you next year! Over and out!

- Timo

10.07.2011 // Fiilis (by Karo & Mika Juhani)


Just some shots while hanging out at Fiilis :) Nothing fancy :)

- Karo

04.07.2011 // Outo Maa (by Karo)


This is just a little documentary gallery from an ug event held in a forest near Kotka :) Nothing fancy, nothing special :) Couple of shots by my friend Riku included in this gallery :)

Enjoy :)

- Karo

02.07.2011 // Danceteria 6Y Anniversary /w Kim Fai (By Fredrik)

Late but not least.

Sorry guys, we moved house and our office at the same time so needless to say it has been a nightmare timewise lately.

That's why this text is so short too, but hope you still like the pics. :)

Happy 6th anniversary Danceteria!

- Fredi

27.06.2011 // Pussy eau de Club 13th Anniversary

Whoa, here they are finally - my share of the event photos from Pussy eau de Club's 13th Anniversary party. It took ages to get them online and I'm so sorry about that. There's never a convenient time for a computer to have a total meltdown and that's just what happened with mine a couple of days after the party. It took more than a while to resque a couple of terabytes worth of data.

I haven't been to many parties lately but visiting Pussy was as refreshing as ever. It was great to see familiar faces behind the decks and to my positive surprise also on the dancefloor. I had a brief chat with Aleksi about how we'd go about photographing the event and it was decided that I'd mainly concentrate on getting decent shots of the artists and he'd mostly concentrate on the audience. He's like a fish in the water with party people and his photos should be published shortly.

- Jone

27.06.2011 // Pussy 13th Anniversary photobooth (Part 1 of 2)

Here are the first photos from the Jägermeister-photoboot we had @ Pussy eau de club's 13th birthday party. The rest of them will be posted ASAP - sorry for the delay (which will be explained as soon as the event photos go online).

25.06.2011 // K-System @ Kalajoen Juhannus 2011 by Timo

SUPADUPA Midsummer!!

Once again it was time to celebrate the Finnish nightless night, the midsummer. This time at the same time when I was visiting my parents I had a change to go to take pics of K-System at Kalajoen Juhannus 2011- Festival which was about 30min drive away. I've seen K-system performing earlier few times and I knew that this night is going to blow everyones minds. Unfortunate I was there only couple of hours so no big gallery this time.

Few words to describe the evening: WET, HOT, K-SYSTEM..

Enjoy the pix!!

- Timo

27.05.2011 // Escape to Dance w/ Simon Pattersson by Timo

Back to Hml :)

My second time in Escape to Dance, Hämeenlinna. Once again great party with more local Djs this time and of course the star of the night, Simon Patterson. He's absolutely one of the best trance producers ever!

Also yet another great night for taking pictures. I just don't get it how the girls can be so Hot every time I visit Hml. OMG!

Enjoy the pics!

- Timo

23.05.2011 // Fiilis : We Love Eight /w DJ Orkidea (by Karo)

What a feeling <3

Fiilis, one of the oldest house clubs in Finland so far, celebrated it's 8y/o birthday event in Kouvola with DJ Orkideas special house-set. All the DJ's banged massive house tracks throughout the night. I (aka Caro²) started the evening with "my classics", Oliver Chase, Toukka and Anselmi kept the feeling rising and Orkidea nailed the floor. Oh, btw. Here are some numbers of Fiilis from the last eight years: Over 300 events, over 100 guest DJ's from all over the world (f.ex Uk, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Ibiza, Italy.. etc), several cities "conquered" in Finland.. but all the time with a big Soul, Funky music and with a good feeling <3

Photographing at Fiilis is always a joy - Shiny happy people, groovy music, funky feeling and with great company.. but, hey, here are the photos! Enjoy!

- Karo

23.05.2011 // La Beaute Club /w Per QX (UK) & Saeed Ali (Rus) (by Karo)


La Beauty - I've heard the name but never attended, unfortunately. La Beauty, suprisingly, was all about house music. Not the newschool shit you hear everywhere made by 1000^10 so called artists. No, this was something else. Although the music was new, you could still find the thing that is missing from "house" nowadays: Groovy and banging beats and.. soul - not as present as it was f.ex in Defecteds twelve-inchers but still, there it was <3 Although we heard more minimal, progressive, even a bit techy house it still was house.. house house house <3 You should attend!

Photographing at DTM was what it usually is. Happy people giving themselves to the music, to house music - did I tell you about the music.. it was house <3 well.. photographing, happy people.. yees.. and ofcourse the place was a bit dark, as it normally is - the colors, well, comfortably a bit gayish magenta spiced with greens and cyans/blue-stuff.

C U Next time!

- Karo

21.05.2011 // Colors pres. In search of Sunrise by Timo

In Search of Sunrise!

First time ever in Finland Colors brought us this magnificent concept. Also first time for me in Kaapelitehdas this year. This was truly a trance experience. Few of the best trance Djs at the moment guaranteed the same experience for the fully packed Kaapeli.

Not enough words.. I found my Sunrise. Did you find yours?

Enjoy the pix!

- Timo

06.05.2011 // Danceteria Made in Finland pt. 4 by Timo


Danceteria, one of the nicest clubs in Helsinki. At first I was a little sceptic about the night and how people are spending their first weekend after the "VAPPU", yet another drinking holiday. :) Didn't have to wait long. People were coming in and after a while the place was packed, again. I must say I love the energy that Dj Orion has on stage. Massive sets from all!

See you all next time!


- Timo

30.04.2011 // Labyrinth / Laserpoint : Whiteout 2011 (by Mikko)

Hello :)

Have been a bit sick, fever and stuff :( No text this time.

- Mikko

27.04.2011 // Toukka 40v + Fiilis Pääsiäinen w/ Rob Wilder (by Karo)

Happy Birthday Toukka!

I have had the pleasure of knowing Toukka (aka Mika Juhani) for the last six years now.. or is it seven years. I first met him in Kouvola while attending Fiilis at Diva. After these years there is still two things that haven't changed a bit: He plays damn good House-music and he is a Jolly Good Fellow, Which nob'dy can deny.

The day started by picking up Mr. Rob Wilder from Helsinki-Vantaa airport with Toukka. Rob turned out to be another Jolly good Fellow and we enjoyed our trip back to Kouvola. The journey had a little twist because I had to stall some time while Toukkas friends were putting up the last bits of his 40 y/o suprise party together - and was he suprised! The biggest suprise came at 9 pm, when he got his birthday present, an old Opel Kadett C Coupe. It's the same kind of car Toukka used to drive years before Jesus :) Happy birthday <3

After the official birthday-event and Fiilis lounge where Pelle D spinned some tunes after a long break and I played B2b with Doolae (wednesday?), the nightclub started fill with more banging beats. Anselmi Kuusisto, Mika Juhani and ofcourse Rob Wilder. Man did they play good shit! I found a perfect spot to sit 2meters above the dancefloor, just next to the dj booth - and found it to be excellent place to take some partyportraits. Well, my fingers are starting to feel tired - let's check the photos :)

Ps. There are some photos taken by Riku Heininen in this gallery - they are photographed during the time I was having a good time behind the decks. I made the editorial choices (leaving myself out of the gallery) and giving the photos a final touch. Thanks Riku <3

- Karo

21.04.2011 // Neo & Livenation pres Infected Mushroom by Timo

I'm Infected!

I'm a little bit ashamed to admit that I've never seen Infected Mushroom live before. The performance was so full of energy and wicked tunes. So no hard feelings for the fact that we had had to wait half an hour more to get these guys on stage.

Overall the night was great. I had fun. Djs seem to have fun too. The place was just a bit too packed to have a decent gallery with tons and tons of pics.

Nevertheless here are some.. Cheers!

- Timo

20.04.2011 // Labyrinth / Laserpoint : Whiteout 2011 (by Riku)


My second big party ever; didn’t get in to the mood for the first couple of hours but after Karo gave me the camera: party on! Also: my second time with camera, guess this date turned out just fine!

Many thanks to Karo for lending me the camera, helping out with settings and giving the finishing touch to photos.

- Riku

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