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23.10.2011 // Colors pres. Empire tour Lahti by Timo

Check Lahti Check!!

The end of the Mad Colors pres. Empire tour… Whatta weekend it has been. Too bad I was taking a time off when the first two cities were hammered by Super8 & Tab + Alex Kunnari + Lovetone and many more..

Colors will be back with the MASSIVE event on December but I bet already now everyone knows what I'm talking about. See you there then :)

Enjoy the pics.

- Timo

22.10.2011 // Colors pres. Empire tour Tre by Tero

Greetings from Tampere!

What a beautiful night in every possible way. Beats took a firm grip of everyone at the party place and nailed them to the dance floor while the light jockeys blew their minds away with a über cool and colorful lights! Everywhere I looked I saw happy faces!

Thank you again for this night and see you again!


- Tero

22.10.2011 // Colors pres. Empire tour Tre by Timo


All ya beautiful giiirls out there!!! My first event of the four cities Colors tour with Super8 & TAB and I must say that Tampere is a party town! Senssi looked and sounded nice. All the Djs was banging the määdest beatz I've heard in a long time.

I had fun, people seemed to have fun. The story continues today at Lahti. See you there!

Thanx again Colors!

- Timo

17.10.2011 // Club Colors / Empire Tour, Jyväskylä (by Riku)


Here is Rikus photo set of Colors, enjoy!

- Karo

17.10.2011 // Club Colors / Empire Tour, Jyväskylä (by Karo)

Boom shakalaka!

This was a nicely combined weekend of chilling out with dear friends, having good food and enjoying Club Colors at Jyväskylä! I had no idea how would crowd react at Giggling Marlin with the lineup of Club Colors, but man.. did the people go wild!! The place was packed and it was reallyreally hard to get into the middle with anykind of equipment. I just had to start using telelense to pick up some interesting people for you to see and cover the place with wideangle lense from the sides!

I could tell you more and more stories about the deejays behind the decks; Lovetones steps to become a massive kickass dj that he is today. The days I first met Kunnari.. the long mornings at hotel breakfast with Tab and Super8 - hell I still listen to Nuoskas Sunny Sunday - something that Mr. super8 was putting together (with Kalle Miettinen) in 2001.. It is really nice to see all these people still doing what the love - and as years goes by they still love to do what they do and they do their things better and better <3

Photographing at Giggling Marlin was more or less what a party is all about. As I was spending my weekend here at JKL, my host Riku also gave his touch behind the camera (his photos will be published shortly). Hope you enjoy the photos! C U next time!

- Karo

16.10.2011 // Säde 13th Birthday by Tero


Yesterday evening made me think "WTF have I done for the past 13 years?" because before yesterday I was still a SÄDE virgin. Though artists, people, beats, lights, everything made it really sure that this will definitely not be the last SÄDE for me! Thank you for that ;)

Until next time!!


- Tero

11.10.2011 // Passion Electrique (by Riku)


This is another training gallery from Riku (edited by Karo). This time we had some training with flash photography using mid tele objective (85/1.8).

Intersting is, that we found a lot of mutual targets and mutual angles where to take the shots, but anyways, enjoy the gallery!

- Karo

10.10.2011 // Passion Electrique (by Karo)

I Will House You!

It has been too long time for me without photographing events outcluding couple of random events - I hope that will change in the near future :)

Passion Electrique was all about house music and it was nice to see, that in a small town like porvoo house really rocks the crowd! Personally I was into Tiberiuz's house-set (bit more classic stuff) but Marcus Maison / Will Dragen and Tony Jaguar really did take their crowd :)

Well! I hope to see all the beautiful people in the near future and until then, enjoy the photos! Rikus photos will be published maybe tomorrow.

- Karo

08.10.2011 // Danceteria /w Stefano Noferini by Timo

Viva la House Muzik!

When I came to Danceteria and I saw people partying. I thought to myself: What the f*ck!? All day, all night Viva la fiesta, viva la noche Viva los DJ's..!

Great night once again!

Ana & Heikki, la gente esta muy loca!

- Timo

03.10.2011 // Renegade pres. Pendulum by Timo


I lost my virginity to the drum & bass parties yesterday. I never could have thought that the bass is still buzzing in the head today. "The bass was so deep that you could feel the vibration in Jamaica." I bet the front row guys & girls must have a tiny headache today, lol.

I enter the Circus about 10pm and Dj SS was just about to Start. Even though the d&b and dubstep isn't my favorite genre it was fun to see the "outside world" out of the Trance and house events that I've been the last 10 years. Pendulum took the audience as you can imagine but still I was so amazed about the Finnish skills who was by the absolutely the best performance of the night, Rico Tubbs!!! MäädProps! Truly one of the best in Finland. Well back to photos.. Pretty standard night. :)

See you next time!

- Timo

02.10.2011 // Illusions Productions 15th Anniversary

15 minutes of fame transformed to 15 years!

When the party started 15 years ago it might as well be the time when dinosaurs roamed the dance floor. This party night however, the only thing roaming the dance floor was the feeling of pure undiluted pleasure. Massive sounds, smiling people and the reminder of what things were back then.

How I missed some of the tunes that were played, I really need to find where I put all this old mix tapes. Thank you Illusions Crew!

PLUR - Tuomas

22.09.2011 // LOVE feat. AEROPLANE (By Fredrik)

LOVE forever.

Sorry for the massive delay yet again. I feel terrible for letting you guys down like this! I've just had too much of everything lately − in a work related positive way thankfully − but unfortunately for you, the situation is not likely to change anytime soon.

As a result I will no longer be able to publish gallerys in a reasonable timeframe and therefore I see no other option than to step down from the active S2 crew.

I'm sure the rest of the active crew will keep on publishing madskillz sickaaawesome galleries at the same pace as before, so no worries there. I'll be back when the time is right. Enjoy the pics.

Peace and LOVE, Fredi

18.09.2011 // Colors pres. Ferry Corsten by Timo

The Wait Is Over!

After the massive SummerSound Festival last night was the night I've been waiting for a long time. Ferry is finally back in Helsinki!! Last time the night club Tiger was a bit too small for this kind of big name like Ferry Corsten. Nevertheless, what could you expect.. Circus was full too :) It was nice! (Borat accent)

Despite of all the people in the place I managed to get a descent gallery with more pics than usually. I hope all the great moment can been replayed thru these pics from yesterday. Colors, You Really Can!!

See you next time!

- Timo

11.09.2011 // DANCETERIA, THE "SEASON 7" PREMIERE by Timo

It's time for season 7!

"Season 7" started yesterday with who else than Steve Mac. It seems that this season will be quite interesting already after the first event :) Once again DTM showed that it is one of the best night clubs in Helsinki.

I had a pretty standard night. I tried to catch of course the best moments of the night and when I took a quick scan it seems that a couple of shots were getting so hot that I had to put them in "too hot" archive. :D sorry!

Nevertheless enjoy the pics.

- Timo

03.09.2011 // Push Up! w/ 4Strings by Timo

Push up! Stay up!

Once again in Hämeenlinna.. Every time it has been cool to go there. This time the Push up party was held in Sirkus. I like the venue and the way it was build and decorated.

Wicked and groovy beats from Mio, Tom Fall, K-System and of course the head of the line up, 4Strings.

Enjoy the pics!

- Timo

21.08.2011 // La Beaute Club /w Spanish House Mafia (by Riku)


Another guest-gallery from Riku Heininen who attended La Beauty with me (yours truly - Karo Holmberg) at DTM. While editing Rikus photos it came clear that once a powerfull camera 5D (mark1) really is oldskool in this kind of enviroment - the body just does gives up in so many situations; not enough ISOs, not enough speed, too much noise, not enough dynamics, slow with focusing - despite of all this, here is the grunchy gallery from Riku, Enjoy :)

- Karo

21.08.2011 // La Beaute Club /w Spanish House Mafia (by Karo)

La Beautefyl!

Haven't had the chance to do event photographing this summer at all (outcluding few shots), it was interesting to get back into the business at DTM which has always been a challenging place to take event photos. This time it was time for La Beaute and massive house beats! Ppl came in bit late (near midnight) but after that it was a real celbration generation!

Riku Heininen also attended this event just for the kicks of doing something else than work at saturday night - his gallery will be added as soon as I have editet it (while Riku is working). C U Next time & enjoy the shots!

- Karo

19.08.2011 // LOVE feat. SASHA (By Fredrik)


Just in time for tomorrow's LOVE event, I finally managed to finish the pics from the last event. Enjoy!

Hopefully this bad habit of being late with the pics will take a turn for the better asap.

- Fredi

01.08.2011 // Summer Sound Festival 2011 @ Suvilahti, Hki by Tero

Hi all!

I think I'm still sweating because of yesterday! The party really lived up to my expectations! It had it all - great artists, superb people and a weather as perfect as we all could have imagined it to be!

My feet are still killing me and I can hardly hold a mug in the hand that I held camera with, but my heart is still beating to the rhythms of yesterday and I have a smile that is as wide as the Gulf of Finland.

Thank you again you all! See you next time.

- Tero

01.08.2011 // Summer Sound Festival 2011 @ Suvilahti, Hki by Timo


The long awaited day is HERE! In my opinion the most interesting event in a whole year, Summer sound festival. The first time ever held house and trance festival in Suvilahti gathered together at least 3000 happy dancing people all around the Finland and also abroad. The line up was unbelievable, just to name a few Above & Beyond, Judge Jules, Roger Sanchez etc etc..

Every muscle of my body (also the ones I didn't know they existed) hurt like hell. My body is totally dry. It really doesn't matter. What a great night yesterday was. SUMMERSOUNDFESTIVAL is very welcome also next year. See you there!

Oh yeah the pics.. There you go! We are also glad to present the new guest gallery from Tero Heino in a few moments.

- Timo

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