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07.02.2012 // CLINIC 4 YEARS /w JEROME ISMA-AE & Orkidea (by Timo)

Back to the operating room

Orkidea's 20 years of Djing - tour has had tens of different venues around the Finland and abroad. Now it was time to go back to Helsinki. One another pretty cool thing was Jerome Isma-ae. This guy was on Fire all night!

Standard night for photographing. LJ was a bit lazy.. :D

Enjoy the pics.

- Timo

06.02.2012 // Passion Electrique w/ Marco Lys (by Karo)

House passion!

Once again fotographing at Porvoo! Must say, just for the record, that the weather was murder when driving from Kotka to Porvoo. There had been about 200 car crashes in and near Helsinki that day, -22°c, and snowing like hell. After arriving to Passion Electrique, those warm house beats gave some hot vibes through my body :)

Well, nothing much to report here, it has been a slow start of the year, but it seemed like people started to move back to the clubs after the "dropless January" :)

- Karo

04.02.2012 // Danceteria /w Jewel Kid (by Tero)


My first ever Danceteria and what a party! Soooooo much partyppl and fantastic music! And those beats <3

Until next time!

- Tero

23.01.2012 // Orkidea 20 / Jyväskylä (by Riku)

Orkidea drove everyone crazy and the floor was full of great attidude - not to mention the people! Also many thanks to Axxu and Kari M for great warmup. I also liked the red on the walls and ceiling, it gave a nice extra shade for the pictures.

Looking forward to the next time!

BTW. A glass of water was free here in Jyväskylä and tasted a lot more refreshing than back in Kotka!

- Riku

11.01.2012 // Orkidea 20 / Kotka (by Riku)


I am writing this in behalf of Riku who is studying hard back at Jyväskylä. We attended Orkideas visit to Kotka, Riku behind the cam and I as a "customer". The place was pretty much packed as you can see from the photos and people had a great time! This was a bit of an "historic event" for Orkidea also, it was the first gig he got tipped from one of the customers (got this piece of info from Orkideas FB-wall).

The venue was pretty hard for a photographer, very very low roof and much of fog in the air makes it extremely difficult to control the flash, I am pretty sure that I would have been pissed of :> The low roof also makes it hard to get all the colors for you to see because there is no room for building a colorfull light scene. Don't get me wrong, the lights and the programming looked very nice and tasty, but in a low enviroment the bootylicious colors dissapear if not photographing directly towards the lights.

Oh.. BTW! One thing I just must point out in behalf of Riku: A glass of water costs only 1€ so it seems to be pretty cheap here in Kotka. Nightclubs staff might even get it with -50% !

- Karo

20.12.2011 // Slam! (by Karo)


Nothing special to say :) The floor was packed before midnight and that's a party-well-done :)

- Karo

17.12.2011 // Neo /w Infected Mushroom & Lisa Lashes by Timo

Hell Yeah!

Neo did it again! They brought Infected Mushroom back to Finland, they brought Lisa Lashes to Finland! OMG whatta party!

Lot's and LOT'S of happy dancing people in da house!

Enjoy the pics..

- Timo

11.12.2011 // Fury 7th Birthday (By Timo)


After some while the first harder music event for me. Club Fury was having the 7th anniversary and they wanted me to photograph the event. I don't complain. :) All the Djs rocked their asses off. People who was there seemed to enjoy too. It's also nice that this kind of harder parties has also something for the "older" people like myself to chill out :D Upstairs was concentrated mainly for house and disco beats.

Damn you Helsinki Club for not allowing the smoke machines any more. Nevetheless it was a great night. Cheers!

Sorry for Partyrocking!

- Timo

06.12.2011 // Orkidea: 20 years of DJing & album release celebration - Tam

Another wild night at Tampere!

This time it was time to give Tampere a taste of DJ Orkideas concert tour and oh boy how great the night was! All those great DJ's and so many people waving their hands in the air and dancing their feet off :) We want MORE!

- Tero

06.12.2011 // Colors Festival 2011

Time for celebration!

Colors Festival, Independence day, who would need more reasons to go out and go crazy.. I didn't and apparently people in the cable factory didn't either. Well I didn't go crazy but you know what I mean. :) Colors Festival 2011 OMG! If you didn't go there, shame on you. You missed the line up like: Sander Van Doorn, Gareth Emery, Aly & Fila, Mark Knight, Alex Gaudino, Andy Moor + more :D

When looking at the pics it seems that people had a good time.

See for yourself.

- Timo

06.12.2011 // Fiilis : We Love Pikkujoulut (by Karo)

It is called HOUSE, not techno!

Once again, Fiilis had their annual pre-christmas event, this time @ Coffee House. It was kind of cool to get back to the way Fiilis used to be. House Amigo DJs rocked the house, like they always do :)

Nothing special about photographing this time, enjoy :)

- Karo

04.12.2011 // REIV /w Jeremy Olander by Timo


Despite the fact that we couldn't get Eric Prydz to Helsinki yesterday, last night was totally insane! And don't worry folks.. mr. Pryda will be back early next year :)

I must say at the musical point of view yesterday was one of my favorite nights in a long time.. Thanx to that belongs to Tom Fall, just amazing! Jeremy Olander rocked as well as the rest of the house Djs, Something Good + of course Mr. Ness :)

Enjoy the pics! Peace and REIV

- Timo

03.12.2011 // Passion Electrique (by Karo)

House Passion!

This was my second time at Passion Electrique held in Club Pulse, Porvoo. I was looking forward to hear what kind of stuff would Jonas Olsen play but unfortunately he cancelled the gig because of somekind of sickness :( I think that the cancellation made the clubbers a bit more "passive electrique" - it was a shame, the music rocked anyway :)

Personally I enjoyed Milla Lehto's set the most - as you might know, I am a bit more "classic house"-type of a clubber and always looking for the groovy sound from house music. Tony Profondo and N.Geselle had bit more deeper and more massive/harder sound than Milla Lehto.

Photographing at Pulse.. hard, hard, hard.. There were enourmous amounts of haze in the air, it was beginning to be a bit desperate trying to use 85mm objective to pick up people because the autofocus really had to be pushed to the limit to get correct focusing. Combined that something in my gear is breaking up (flash power decreased - and not always flashing at the right moment), it was a real deal to get the photos done :)

Enjoy the show - we'll be seeing next time :)

- Karo

03.12.2011 // DANCETERIA presents PROK & FITCH 2.12.2011 @ DTM "THE LAST D

This is it! This is Danceteria!

Since 2005 we have had a pleasure to enjoy quality house music in one of the best nightclubs Helsinki. It's time to say goodbye for now.. But I think this break is not going last long.. DTM is going to close at the present venue by the end of the year. I still have a hunch that Danceteria will come back next year.. We'll see how crazy it will be.

Last night was quite crazy! There was a party! See for yourself.. Thank you Danceteria, hope to see ya soon!

Enjoy the pics.

- Timo

23.11.2011 // Neo /w Astrix, Astral Projection, John OO Fleming by Timo

Closer to heaven

After a too long wait they are back. Actually this has been one of this years highlights for me. Astrix, John 00 Fleming, Skazi + more. Mad line up with more mad beats!

It's always fun to take pics of people enjoying the music. I hope the feeling is showing on your screens too. :) Thank you NEO for the amazing event!


- Timo

20.11.2011 // Orkidea 20 / Turku (by Karo)


It has been a long time since last visit at Turku. This time it was time for Orkideas album release tour. Klubi was packed with shiny happy people as one could suspect :)

Once in a while photographing is extremely hard and this was one of those times. The place was dark with blinking lights and air was filled with mist + the venue is so tight that it is hard to get to the photographing lines you would like to use. An extra addition to get it bit more difficult was that my flash system startet to fuc-wid-mi; I just couldn't get the power out from them and I have no idea why..

Well, anyway - here are the photos :) Enjoy! And congratz to Orkidea! PS. Buy the album - there's a 20page history of electronic music in Finland <3

- Karo


This is only the beginning!

As everybody should know by now, it all began in 1991. After 20years it's still going on.. He knows it and everybody else knows it than this journey has only just began.. It will go on at least next 20 year…

Congratulations to the one and only Dj Orkidea who celebrates his 20 years of Djing + the newly released album. Orkideas career has been quite amazing. If you were there yesterday you could see some highlight with pics and flyers on the walls. :) Well… Here are some pics from the Helsinki "start up" event.


- Timo

06.11.2011 // Passion Electrique /w Mr.A by Timo

Passion is Passion!

The evening was some kind of a continuance for the Friday night.. House party, Mr. A,… but totally new venue for me, Club Pulse in Porvoo. I was very positively surprised about the place and the sound.. :)

House music seems to be as alive as it can be. All the Djs we bouncing the beats like there is no tomorrow. Thank you Porvoo. See you later!

Enjoy the pics.

- Timo

05.11.2011 // Danceteria w/ Olav Basoski by Timo

This is the rhythm of the night!!!

There was a house party yesterday. Did u know that? Of course you did.. You were there. Olav Basoski hammer the dance floor so hard that it was difficult to stay in ones pants. This kind of groovy stuff I've been waiting for some time and now I got it!

Enjoy the pics. I hope that the feeling jumps through you screens and get you dancing on your computer desk. If not, play some Olav Basoski on the background and it will.. :)

See ya next time! Which is BTW the last Danceteria before moving to a brand NEW venue! aYE!

- Timo

23.10.2011 // Colors pres. Empire tour Lahti by Tero


Even though the rumor goes like "Lahti will screw up the mood" but it wasn't like that at all! 

DJ's rocked the crowd and everyone were dancing like there is no tomorrow. A fantastic end to a  great tour.

Thank you!

- Tero

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