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13.03.2012 // Pacifique 2012 | Friday (By Riku)

Hey hey!

Tough weekend and loads of pictures. Friday went on by immortalizing posing people and I had very little time to consentrate on the real party. Oh, and I now officially dislike magenta lights.

- Riku

12.03.2012 // Pacifique 2012 | Saturday (By Fredrik)

Sweat sweat sweat!

Long time, no see!

This year at Pacifique I took care of the photobooth on both days, but luckily I still managed to get some quality poolside time 20min before closing. Not much time to spare but just enough to score some keepers.

Anyway, less talk, more action.

- Fredi

12.03.2012 // Pacifique 2012 | Friday (By Fredrik)

Sweat sweat sweat!

Long time, no see!

This year at Pacifique I took care of the photobooth on both days, but luckily I still managed to get some quality poolside time 20min before closing. Not much time to spare but just enough to score some keepers.

Anyway, less talk, more action.

- Fredi

12.03.2012 // Pacifique 2012 Saturday (Photobooth)

Photobooth pics from Saturday.

12.03.2012 // Pacifique 2012 Friday (Photobooth)

Photobooth pics from Friday.

11.03.2012 // Pacifique 2012 Saturday (by Timo)

One More Time!

I don't know if it's just me but after sweating like a pig on a first day, still I was feeling full of energy. Pictures from Friday was already finished. We got to Serena a little bit later than usual as we already knew what's up there and what need to do to get things rolling and start photoshooting. :) I even had some time to have coffee with Tom Fall before the event itself started. As I mentioned on the last text Saturday should be the main day. After some minutes since the doors opened you just could feel it that.. I'm not sure what time it was but my pal Efo said the temperature raised to +40C, I guess it might have gone above that a degree or two. The first time even you could feel that this is too much for your gear. For some reason my batteries were acting funny.. maybe it was the moisture or the heat. I had to wait 1-2min to shoot a flash after one shot. WTF? Luckily got some spare batteries to manage the evening.

Yeah! the event itself.. Full of SO HOT FOXY Chics! Ou mai gaad! To borrow a word from Juska "but we're professional people.." This was really the day for splashing water, to laugh, to enjoy the Pacifique feeling. People spent their night mostly in the pools, dancing etc.. And some people were tuff enuff to go to the cave to relax with a bit more aggressive beats. But yeah! After HARD, long, still fun, relaxing and HOT weekend let's enjoy the moments from Saturday via the following pics.

See you next Year!!

- Timo

11.03.2012 // Pacifique 2012 Friday (by Timo)


This time a year it feels like summer, it feels quite balearic I would say.. I guess the weekend must be the toughest weekend there is for the camera, for camera crew. Somehow it still feels good. It's of course time for Pacifique. The ultimate madness through the weekend in waterpark Serena, Espoo. I knew what to expect, the +32C heat, 110% moisture, over 1500 people with more or less tight bodies (mine the less) and of course the whole show. Like I said it's not the easiest task for the gear but with proper preparation it's still manageable. Lot's of people want their faces to been shot (before ther're really drunk, as one girl said). And by shooting I mean the camera, not a gun :D

The friday event has been always been like a "pre party", people are getting use to the party and the feeling and this was also shown on this friday. Like always the quality of the event can be seen and touched in every way. Hopefully some of the feeling also shows in the pictures too. The saturday still is the main day and today it's going to be even more HOT! So let's have some fun and enjoy the summer in winter. :)


- Timo

10.03.2012 // Kuopio2ibiza (by Tero)

Greetings from Ibiz.. Kuopio!

2Ibiza guys continued their tour to even farther away from Lahti. This time Ibiza arrived to Grand Virtanen. The place is having their last month due to demolition of the building, too bad because I really loved the venue, it had something.. different in it, it just felt right.

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Next 2Ibiza event will be on next saturday in Lahti, you might want to check that out!

- Tero

10.03.2012 // Housemania (by Tero)


Housemania guys called me and asked to do this gig they said that they would have something special for the partyppl and that made me curious about the event. When they revealed small bits about the "special thing" I became even more interested about this party - I even skipped Pacifique for this ;) And oh boy it was worth it..

Around one a clock the "main act" started, Adagio for Strings starts to play.. okay that's nothing - we've all heard it so many times.. This time that tune was spiced up with LIVE violinist and OMG that sounded perfect! It was also nice photography wise to have something else on stage than sweaty hunks ;)

Anyways, Happy birthday Housemania and see you next time!

- Tero

08.03.2012 // Tampere2Ibiza w/ Riley&Durrant (by Tero)


2Ibiza guys and girls did it again! They brought Ibiza to Finland for a moment! Evening was filled with great DJ's, perfect atmosphere and fresh tunes! Can't wait until next 2Ibiza event!

- Tero

08.03.2012 // Dj SM semifinal, Hki (by Tero)


Future of clubbing in Finland seems to be secured because all of the DJSM participants were awesome! Can't wait until the finale to see who will win.

- Tero

07.03.2012 // 10 years of FINRG (by Jone)

There aren't that many people in the world who can still convince me to do a photo gig in club environment - mainly because I feel I've done my share of it and also because I'm totally out of shape when it comes to taking photos of people under wildly varying light conditions. When FINRG's Teemu called me a few months back that's just what I told him; "If you want the best photographer you can get you probably shouldn't choose me but someone from our active roster instead." Somehow he still convinced me to take the gig "for old times sake."

As if not having done event photography in ages wouldn't have been a challenge in itself I decided that I wanted to try shooting through the night without a flash unit - I didn't even take one with me to make sure I'd stick with my plan. I liked the idea a little less after I saw the lights and the screens at Senssi; the artists were barely visible from the dancefloor, light units blocked the view from right and left front corners and the lower edges of the TV screens that were above the stage made it impossible to shoot at a downward angle. Nice. Well, I suppose all puzzles are made for solving. The photos show how it all came together in the end; not very well.

The event itself was a pretty cool one just like most FINRG events during their first ten years have been. The venue was totally packed - always a nice thing to see but not so usual in a hard dance event these days. Artists like Pain on Creation had been temporarily lured out of retirement and played ruff and tuff like it was their last night on earth. There was a great sense of reunion in the air and I loved that. I'm already looking forward to a similar reunion in 2022 and promise to be there - probably without a camera though.

...and oh! Thanks to Juha P. and Jukka V. You guys know what for.


03.03.2012 // Bass 2nd anniversary, Porvoo (by Timo)

Can you feel da BASS!?!

Happy second anniversary Bass :) This was second club night in Porvoo in which I was taking pics and I must say that Porvoo is really a Cool place :) Always fun, happy, good looking people and night clubs there are good variety for the "same" places in Helsinki area in which I do the most of my "art work" :D

Massive set from Marcus Maison and Will Dragen. These guys really destroy the dancefloor!

Ok, but enjoy the pics.

- Timo

26.02.2012 // Neo /w Shpongle & Hallucinogen (by Timo)


Last night provided something different that I've heard in a while. I know this may sound silly but this was the first time when I heard Shpongle and Hallucinogen. So as I didn't know what to expect both acts were quite positive surprises.

Once again lots of dancing people who notably had come to enjoy the music, nothing less. :) Unfortunately in photographical view I missed quite a lot the smoke. Believe or not it helps sometimes a lot.. Nevertheless Enjoy the pics.

- Timo

19.02.2012 // [REIV:] /w Eric Prydz (by Timo)

2night He's Back!

After a long long wait the one and only Eric Prydz aka. Mr Pryda is back in Helsinki. It's been about three years since the last time. It was huge then, It was total madness this time. Of course we must not forget the Finnish warm-uppers: Ness, Mr A. Something good, Muffler etc.

People your rocked the night. See you next time!


- Timo

18.02.2012 // Escape 2 Dance /w Ummet Ozcan (by Tero)


Bleeding, aching, bruised, broken camera gear and still smiling! If falling of from a top of a subwoofer means that I will enjoy so much from that evening I would fall again any day! Thank you for a great party and see you next time!

..where's mi bandages?

- Tero

18.02.2012 // Escape 2 Dance /w Ummet Ozcan (by Timo)


Mässive! Back in Hämeenlinna and ready for Escape 2 Dance… Headliner Ummet Ozcan, the guy was as good as expected. Wicked basslines and fat beats!

Nice to see also people having fun. Pretty standard night! Cheers!

Enjoy the pics!

- Timo

13.02.2012 // Ministry Of Sound / Sleepcheaters (by Riku)

Jyväskylä has once again proved that we can party on a par with the most popular clubs when given a chance! It is very hard to describe the feeling, so I'm handing that part for the photos.

They had organised great sound system, not to mention the lights, albeit I got few good snaps ruined with magenta burning out - but that's my problem. Cool videoscreens gave a nice background for DJ-pics, though I didn't have time to look what was going on in them due I way too busy with the viewfinder and the spectacular beats from the trio.

Many thanks and regards for Ali Darian, giving me a chance attend the party, L'Kay for great warm-up and Sezer Uysal for signed promo cd!

Oh, and the water was again both refreshing and free. <3

- Riku

12.02.2012 // Monolith Resistor @ Bujashaka [Black] (by Karo)

Resistance is futile!!

Finally it was possible for me to check out Monolith Resistors Live gig when the arrived to Black Bujashaka 2012 held in Kotkan Konserttitalo. What can I say! Oldschool beats, oldschool sounds and massive basslines vibrating through the place! Man! This is techno (well, not actually techno, but anyway!!)!

- Karo

10.02.2012 // Orkidea 20 / Porvoo (by Karo)

Büüm schakala-kala-fisu!

Once again back at Porvoo! This time it was Orkideas 20-tour. Tiberius, Heikki L gave some nice warmup beats - Orkidea made some boom-boom-tricks and the floor was packed! Shiny happy people and stuff, ppl enjoying and me too. I just had to stop photographing for a while when Orkidea played his tune "Paficique", it just rocks <3 The last hour was all about Tony Jaguar and heavier housetunes - unfortunately I had to leave back home to enjoy my forthcoming flu :]

Photographgin was more or less the usual except Mr Smokemachine was in charge of the lights and stuff - I put one round just for you to see what it really really actually lookes when a place is filled with smoke - I almost pumped into people outside the floor because a short period of time you really couldn't see shit. But it doesn't matter while dancing, atleast no one can see you :>

- Karo

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