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23.04.2012 // Whiteout 2012 (By Fredrik)

This year I went a bit more geek-out than before. Partly because I wanted to try a couple of new things and partly because Nikon Nordic was kind enough to lend me their brand new DSLR, the D4 and a tiny Nikkor 200mm f2 to test out over the weekend.
Whiteout, combined with the massive lasers & The Cable Factory is definitely an excellent opportunity to test out new gear.

Obviously it's nice to have the latest bells and whistles at your disposal, but on the other hand it can slow down the quest at hand if you get too carried away fidling with all the gizmos. Too much tech is just too much tech. Fortunately I managed (barely) to keep it together and shoot a proper set while still getting a awesome playdate with the new D4.

The party itself was brilliant, as far as I could tell running around the cable factory. This is really one of the most hectic events to cover especially as the timetable for the three of us was quite tight.

Hopefully you enjoy the pics.

- Fredi

23.04.2012 // Whiteout 2012 (Photobooth)

Photobooth pics.

22.04.2012 // Whiteout 2012 (by Karo)

Yeah :)

Whiteout is always a nice event to watch, listen and photograph! Much of interesting looking ppl, happy faces, the usual what you expect from Whiteout -event! one thing I missed, was a screen that would tell the event date for next year :/

- Karo

22.04.2012 // Whiteout 2012 (by Riku)

Hey and happy anniversary to me!

It's been a year since I was first given a camera and told to do something and that happened to be Whiteout '11. I hope I have made some progress along the way and that I'll learn at least as much as I have learnt this year.

Back to present! The night was an experience, as it was year before and will be year after. I think that this year people were dressed a bit less interesting than the last year, but man they still know how to party! I loved the Blackout, particularly the Proteus' show, but the deep smoke was giving me a hard time - again. Pyros were giving me some headache too, but I think I managed to handle that well enough. At least I've got a year time to keep getting better and better!


- Riku

18.04.2012 // SESSIONS2 is moving!

Boom shakalaka!

Just to let you all know: Whiteout 2012 photos are more or less editet, BUT there will be a slight delay! We are transferring our site to a top secret location and making some adjustmets to layout and picture size while moving around and across Finland. You can check whiteout 2012 photos from Labyrinth/Laserpoint's facebook-page and ofcourse from SESSIONS2 just after the site is operational :)

We would also like to thank INNOVENTUM for sponsoring SESSIONS2 all these years! Without you we would have had shitloads of problems to solve, thanks!

The real reason for our moving is because you all suck :( We had to get more bandwidth to keep our site up and running because you bullies want to check our photos all the time :(((

- Karo / Site Manager

15.04.2012 // DJ SM Finals (by Timo)

DJ, Spin that Shit!

Some extra fun this time folks… I attended DJ Finnish Championship as a DJ. Couldn't make my way to the Finals but I still went there to take some pics and cheer couple of friends of mine. I cannot explain how exciting it got when the first elimination was done. The battles between 4 final DJs was so cool! You could really see how the other froze.. :D You only see this in movies.. and here.

Didn't like the place so much this time. Onnela is like a labyrinth with many small rooms with difference music. The "main" hall was full of cheering people. It was quite dark and no smoke most of the time… Still I want to congratulate Dj Sampl for victory. Great battle, Great sets!

Enjoy the pics!

- Timo

13.04.2012 // Millennium 2012 (by Karo)


It is always nice to attend Millenniums events; it doesn't matter if you are a dj, event photograhper, clubber or just basic customer, it is always a blast!

My night started with a 1,5h jackin'house dj-set and continued with photographing. The whole night was filled with quality music "played by the best" and shiny happy people dancing :)

Turku rocks, be there or be here! Here are the photos, enjoy!

- Karo

12.04.2012 // Slam Jam Easter Bash (By Tero)

So many bunnies..

Basic bar night at Lahti Senssi spiced up with great tunes and sexy easter bunnies, what else could a photographer ask for ;) Senssi was my first "Easter vacation" photosession so I took it easy and enjoyed the ride.

- Tero

12.04.2012 // Push Up! pres. Glow Party day 2 (by Tero)

Push it Up! a little more Get the party going on the dance floor

Day 3, getting a bit tired and Lightroom (photo editing/catalogue management software) is flashing in my eyes when I take photos :) I was again only a tourist for this night, photos were taken with 50mm and 85mm lenses and most of the evening without remote flashes.

The party was really going on since the first beat of the evenings first DJ and the mood got only better and better during the evening. Had to take my camera back to hotel room around 3am so that I could go on and party for the last 30 minutes.

- Tero

12.04.2012 // Push Up! pres. Glow Party day 1 (by Tero)

Push Up! the jam Push it Up! while your feet are stompin'

Day 2 of my easter party vacation. This time at Hämeenlinna. I was a photo tourist without responsibilities of any kind, it was kind of fun and I got to enjoy the party and test out things that I've normally don't have time to do. Best part was to use only 85mm lens the whole evening, it was fun ;) Another good thing about this evening was that I get to live it again on the next day as this is a two day party.

- Tero

12.04.2012 // House of Hard Music (by Tero)

Happy Hard Birthday to you!

Oh my.. Has it already been one year since the First House of Hard Music? I really enjoy these smaller parties, especially Suisto as a venue. First time there was a bit hard ;) but after couple of times shooting there I've learned to understand the place, it also helps that they've always had almost the same light setup and the same LJ. In all possible ways the evening was a great one, so happy birthday to you and see you at the next HOHM!

- Tero

11.04.2012 // SLAM! | Thomas Gold (By Fredrik)


21.03.2012 // Stellar City (by Jukka)


What a Schös-show! If one can say so! Well, here are the photos - must get to bed! C U

- Jukka

20.03.2012 // We Like (by Mikko & Karo)


Grand opening of Heikki L's WeLike-brand! Well, I Like! Massive house beats bouncing from the walls, massive long bass sounds, masssiiv! Gotta lov, house music all night long <3

This was the first time for me at Venue, it seemed to be just an ideal place for dancing, no interruptions, no walking through dancefloor to get some drinks and there was also a smaller room with softer house beats, mm <3 househousehouse!

Suprisingly Mikko Bäck entered the place with his new camera, "finally with fullframe" he replied, Some of his shots will start this eye candy trip.. He also told that it was good to be back, so more galleries coming up we hope!

- Karo

20.03.2012 // Pacifique 2012 | Friday (By Karri)


Karris photoset is full of posing people, it seemed like he enjoyed taking that kind of stuff, well... go find yourself!

- Karo

19.03.2012 // Lahti2Ibiza w/ Oliver Lang

Hot hot hot!

Am I at the Pacifique again or why is it so damn hot in here? Gosh, they sure know how to party in Lahti! Great music, cool lighs, lazers, party snow etc... I'm stunned!


19.03.2012 // FADE <3 MIXXED Tour

Hey ya darlings!

Great night at Jyväskylä again, although I was awaiting more people from the very beginning, but - as always - as the night went on... Mr. Smokescreen was again giving its best and the low lights at the floor gave their own challenges.
On the contrary I loved the huge videoscreens on the stage and the music with touch of live bongos and keyboard - just brilliant! I also saw few familiar faces on the floor which is odd with strange with my worthless memory of faces



15.03.2012 // Pacifique 2012 | Saturday (By Karo)

Büüm shakalaka!

Saturday I had a bit better feeling to take photos, maybe because I got over the shock caused by the enormous amount of photo requests we recieved the day before. The lights were also more to my liking, bright colors, cyan, yellow - more pacifique!

DJ's played even better sets and I found myself even jamming a bit (but just a bit). I had some trouble with my flashlight, but I think it was some faint echoes of Pacifique 2010 when I sunk my flash half way in to the pool :> Nothing much to say, enjoy the photos - tried to do a bit different kind of editing this time :)

- Karo

14.03.2012 // Pacifique 2012 | Friday (By Karo)


Pacifique, sixth time for me, yet still beautiful :) Friday was pretty much the basic: people checkin' out da place, dancing having fun etc :) I have to say, that some years ago, the using of colors where more "pacifique" for me, this time friday was almost all about red, blue, magenta.. not nice to photograph and not very mediterranean to watch :/ The music was pretty good as always (got even better on saturday). The other "downside" (as a photographer) was the incredible amount of people poking you "take a photo of us". There is nothing wrong with that except when one is concentrating on taking a certain picture and people keeps on pushing you - the other downside is, that almost 95% of all "please remove my picture"-requests comes exactly from these pose-pictures which the same people want to be taken, so it kind of sucks - but hey, its life :]

Would love to write more about the beautiful people and the awesome party, but I am really behind schedule a lot and I have to start editing saturdays pictures, so.. C u next year!!

- Karo

14.03.2012 // Pacifique 2012 | Saturday (By Riku)

Heya again

On Saturday people were partying more, but I still had lots of people asking to take a picture of them. At some point I had to consentrate on the party, so I started to guide people to the photobooth instead. Alas, I still managed to miss great shots and most of the DJs. Oh well... Oh, and I now officially hate magenta lights.

- Riku

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