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08.07.2012 // Lahti2Ibiza w/ Riley & Durrant, Rob Harnetty (By: Tero)


That's 2/2 of this weekend. Somewhat different lineup compared to day before and a different town & venue. One thing identical to both parties was that the evening was AWESOME and it was so effin' HOT in there that I'm still sweating. The temperature affected also photography as it was so hot inside that I had to go outside every now and then and when coming back in the lenses reacted to the moisture/temperature ;)

Again I started with some shots of the party place before the doors opened for customers. Enjoy the pics! Please also notice the new FB like/share buttons! USE THEM!

- Tero

07.07.2012 // Tampere2Ibiza w/ Rob Harnetty (By: Tero)


2Ibiza guys did it again, fantastic party at Tivoli, light setup was awesome and pyro guys did a great job playing with fire and uv-sticks ;) Enough talk, just check out the pics, tonight there will be party at Lahti - come and say hello if you are around! mmkay ;)

- Tero

01.07.2012 // 5 years of MIXXED (By: Tero)

Iiiiii'ts MIXXXED time!

This year has been full of birthdays and now It's Mixxed's turn! So HAAAPPPPPY BIIIRTHDAAAY! Party was located at Cafe Ursula, kind of unusual venue but it really worked at summertime. Music really fit the mood and people were having fun!

Karo was also there so some pics from him in the end.

- Tero (& Karo)

30.06.2012 // Passion of Rave (By: Tero)

Blast from the past!

Last one of these "delayed" galleries. Passion of rave was a nice small club night with really old and unusual tunes for the city/venue it was held in. Enjoy the pics.

- Tero

30.06.2012 // Lahti2Ibiza w/ Gavyn Mytchell (By: Tero)

We are sailing!

This time 2Ibiza guys hosted a mini-cruise and then a massive party at Senssi! Check it out!

- Tero

30.06.2012 // Helsinki2Ibiza w/ Judge Jules (By: Tero)

The island has arrived!

Another "after a month" gallery, sorry for that. Here are the pics from the first birthday party of 2Ibiza concept.

- Tero

30.06.2012 // Escape to Dance w/ Beat Service (By: Tero)

Escape to dance with these beats!

Whoohaa! Sorry for the delay but here are the pics from latest Escape to Dance.

- Tero

15.06.2012 // Calvin Harris / Poplife Grand Opening (By: Tero)


Seriously OMG! BIG name + BIG stage + huge amount of people equals something REALLY BIG! Shame on you if you weren't there. Really liked the stage, first time I saw LED screens that didn't make me wan't to hit someone :) Had some problems to move within the crowds but that was a positive problem.

- Tero

11.06.2012 // Desucon (by Riku)


Mixing some electronic lifestyle with japanese cartoons you'll get something a bit different to wonder about: Desucon. It was my first con ever and my expectations were quite ambivalent, I mean, people dressing up to be cartoon characters, seriously? But WHOA! I got to see lots of great and elaborate costumes, cheerful attitude and good lectures. So, maybe the first, but not the last I'll ever visit.

The gallery includes pictures from the Desucon itself, some nightparty photos and two of my photoshoot sets. Enjoy!

- Riku

21.05.2012 // Jack is back! (by Timo)

Jack is Back!

Usually the photographer colleague of mine shoot the Jack pics so last night was one of the few J events which I was attending. The venue has changed from Redrum to Venue :) My experiences have been quite "dark" from Venue as the place has so dark walls and black roof. In the beginning of JACk ;) (just trying to be a bit funny here) it was also quite dark but for some reason it really matched to the beats quite well. Strong progressive beat bumping.. I accidentally broke my other flash so this event I felt a little paralyzed. You can also see some "high ISO testing" among the pics with higher that ISO6400. Also when there's lots of smoke it takes some time to adjust yourself to get the best out of it. Apparently Tony got some extra gear with him.. We all Love CO2!

Jack was cool! I was hot. How were you?

See you next time!

- Timo

21.05.2012 // Fiilis: We Love 9v w/ Reflect Residents (by Riku)

Happy birthday Fiilis, you've grown old!!

I was a bit late from the start of the party due my job and missed Caro's and few other's sets, but the night was fun - up until my double failsafe batterypack to the flash failed me. Seriously, those four batteries lasted TWO shots and died. So, I had to slow down the pace and use the almost dead batterypacks I had with me for the rest of the night: it was a real delight to wait a minute for the flash to charge up after every shot.

It was sad how the youths liked to party on the disco side when Fiilis' DJs gave their best on the other side of the bar. They really missed a spectacular night for songs one can hear every day on the radio. Tho' fortunately quite many listened to reasons - or great beats - and filled the right floor.

Oh and yes, I do have a crush on JP Pirinen, too. He's almost like the dark lord Proteus himself, but does magic and stand-up comedy <3

- Riku

20.05.2012 // Cream Ibiza (by Timo)

IBZ with whipped CREAM!

First I must say always remember to charge your gear! This time I was using 3 flashes, two in the Dj booth to get decent light to Djs faces and one on the top of my camera. Well the reason for the first sentence was that radios were dead after a couple of hours. Luckily the place was packed with Lighting so didn't really have that much problems after all :) The second "new" thing was really to test my brand new flash, Nikon SB-700. Bigger than the older 600 and much easier to use. Finally after one or two hours I got familiar with the TTL and everything started to go well.

Helsinki2ibiza aka Cream Ibiza was quite awesome! Lot's of lights, fireworks, CO2s and on the top the world class Djs like Judge Jules and Roger Shah. Pitty if you missed it..

Enjoy the pics.

- Timo

17.05.2012 // Bass /w Madisse & Sadko (by Timo)

Porvoo Party POPPERS!!!

Wicked night once again in Porvoo. This time we had a chance to enjoy the local guys, the Ninth floor, Mason & Dragen and a new dj performance for me, Matisse & Sadko. I must say the summer is here in Porvoo! Skirts were short, people went totally crazy!

Nice to see also that Bass crew had made some modification to the dj booth and it totally helped people move around and I bet there was much more dancing space than last time. I guess nothing special to say about the photo shooting this time. Only one flash attached to camera and normal playing around with my lenses. :)

Enjoy the pics!

- Timo

12.05.2012 // Stellar City (by Tero)

It's Stellar, babe!!

First time for me at Fat Lady - It really feels like a miniature version of the Kaapelitehdas. And that led ceiling that can be lowered, WOW.

Atmosphere was through the roof the whole evening and I had difficulties to move in the crowd as people were having So Much Fun at the dance floor! Enough with the words - Enjoy the pics..

- Tero

10.05.2012 // [reiv:] Wappu 2012 (by: Aleksi)

Wappu REIV is an all time legend and a must. This year wasn't a disappointment either even though the warm wappu weather kept people out till quite late. People had really put on their best wappu wear - I was especially taken by the guys in full spandex suits!

A night to remember. Enjoy!

- Aleksi

06.05.2012 // Renegade Vappu (by Aleksi)

I arrived at Kaapeli very late with only two hours of the party to go. The atmosphere was thick and moist to say the least. People had been dancing for hours and you could feel it everywhere. Yet the front row especially seemed to be able to keep it going forever! Enjoy the few shots I had time to shoot, they really tell the tale of a party feeling that went through the roof.

- Aleksi

02.05.2012 // Renegade Vappu (by Tero)


This was the first time at Kaapelitehdas. I had just one flash with me and couple of lenses that I knew that I can pull this one off with no trouble. I knew Timo was already covering the artist photos so I stayed mostly at the background and tried to capture the overall feeling as well as I could.

The atmosphere at the party was awesome! People were running and bouncing around all the time and there weren't many times at the dance floor that hands of people weren't pointing towards the ceiling. I'm guessing that they had as much fun as I did ;)

- Tero

02.05.2012 // K-system pres. Glow Party, Lahti (by Tero)

Lahti always manages to surprise me. It doesn't matter which bar you go but there are ALWAYS a good boogie going on. They always say that "Lahti will ruin the mood" - I totally disagree, I've always had a good time over there, this time was no different. People arrived early and went straight to dance floor, and for photographers pleasure - they were mostly women ;)

Nothing more to add, just a freakingly good party!

- Tero

02.05.2012 // Pleasure - Opening (by Karo)


First I was just going to take some shots from Pleasures opening, but it turned out to be a DJ-gig for the first hour and photographing after that. The place was very nice, but extremely hard for photographing. One could take friend-shots all day long, but thats about it. It was dark, extremely low roof, and filled with people - combination that makes you want to kill someone.

Music rocked all night long and just after midnight the place was pretty much packed. You should come and check this house event, it rocks :)

- Karo

01.05.2012 // Renegade Vappu (by Timo)

Vappu Madness!

This years first Cable factory event for me.. had a change to finally test my "new" 135mm lens in a big venue. Also borrowed few extra flashes from Fredi. I broke the other one of mine so I just had bagful of batteries and only one flash.. what a waste - at first. I took one flash to help me out at the smaller room and 2 for the main hall. The result is what it is :D You can judge that. All in all pretty basic Cable factory night for me, running and more running around.

The event itself was surprisingly good. Not the biggest fans of dnb & dubstep but people went totally insane. I myself liked the electro house buzzers the most. Dada Life was total määdness! Enough talk, check out the pics!

- Timo

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