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15.08.2012 // Darude (K18) (by Karo)

Bumbumbuum, onko näkyn Veijoo - eijoo!

Darude is back in Kotkam-city! It is always interesting to hear what he has to say behind decks; everytime I am waiting a bit more "poppish" approach, but nöy, club tunes all the way.. good club tunes, the ones that works on clubbers and on nightclub customers :)

I heard some interesting stuff about Darudes past while having a dinner - he was a huge NKOTB-fan and still remembers almost every song from the one-and-only boy band :> "Step-by-step, damdamdam".. well anyways, it was nice to see him after a long time - all the best for him and the family!

- Karo

14.08.2012 // Summer Sound Festival 2012 Friday (by Timo)

Are You Ready?

The end of July, the weekend we all have been waiting for. It's time for the biggest EDM event of the Northern Europe. Three days of wild, hot, wet, crazy dance action.. Summer Sound Festival is here! I myself have been waiting for this for the last months. Last years SSF was so cool but I never could imagine how huge the next one was going to be.

This years SSF had a brand new venue for EDM events in Finland. I would think that at least 10k people could fit in to the Exhibition center.. And it was not even fully covered.. Actually they only used partly the hall 7 and of course there was one big stage outside on the parking place. At 18.00 the doors opened and I was there to see the Mad queue but this was only the beginning. We all knew that there's gonna be lots and lots of people and when you think of it later, all went actually quite well. :)

We divided our 5 members from S2 to shoot people (with cameras) from different points and places so that we could cover the whole event as well as we could and from many points of view too. :) See for yourself how it went. Who could feel their legs after the Friday? ;)

- Timo

14.08.2012 // Darude (K18) (by Riku)

Wu wu wu wu!

I just made a new friend: Ville Virtanen! He's kind and cheerful person full of life. Though he confessed that he owns Dingo gloves and has this weird habbit of hiding behind this weird Enmass Music sheet, we had great time eating dinner, teasing the waitress and partying. Oh, and we also gossiped about MY beloved Proteus, how energetic he is and how he once played his gig wearing jeans!

Oh, and then there was a DJ called Darude or something - never heard of him. But he did marvelous job and also played his old hitsong Desertstorm 1½ times! Apparently it was not enough for the party people, as they wanted him to play it at least ten times - and after the gig they were yearing for the Paranoid. Weirdos.

Oh well, a night off - with camera - so no megagallery for you this time. Ville, thank you very much for the night. I hope I'll see you soon! Oh, and Darude, keep up the good work!

- Riku

14.08.2012 // Assembly 2012 (By: Tero)

..I'll just publish these images because others did too ;) I was there only for Poets of the Fall. sry, rly, omg, lol? wtf.. c u nxt yr l4m3rg4m3rz! ;) asm4eva!

- Tero

14.08.2012 // Assembly 2012 (Thursday, by Karo)

IT214 forever!

This was my first time at Assembly - just wanted to take a peak how are things today, very computerish!

Computers, computers and more computers.. well, here are the photos of computers and.. wait.. a keyboard!

Anyway, as a retired tracker musician I had kind of fun checking the place out ^.^ Enjoy the photos!

- Karo

14.08.2012 // Assembly 2012 (Thursday, by Riku)


This time it's not about music but computers! Assembly - a demoscene and gaming event at Hartwall Areena - is no new to me, as I visited there back in '07 with my long gone notebook. Good memories, a aching back and sore eyes. Great event if you ask me, but a challenge through the viewfinder, and to nose - GODDAMMIT USE THE SHOWERS!!

Unfortunately I found my self fallen from the mainstream gaming as I didn't recognize any of the games played there but League of Legends, which by the way is greater than DOTAs or HoN. But wait! I did spot someone watching SpongeBob and someone editing photos with LightRoom. And someone had a wallpaper of the Morso.



11.08.2012 // Housemania w/ Milla Lehto (By: Tero)

Umts umts umts! I'ts house baby! HOUSE!

Nothing special to add, great night! great tunes! great ppl! Not so great red/magenta light but in the end it looks like they didn't do too much harm ;)

- Tero

05.08.2012 // Echo - Back to Beginning (By: Tero)

Echo echo echo cho cho ho ho o o!

Once upon a time there was two girls and an idea! Now that idea hatched into something real and into something really special! BIG THANKS to Iris and Suvi-Sisko! Yesterday evening was fantastic and I enjoyed every minute of it. Unusual place, nice lights, nice tunes and of course great people! (and PIZZA! ;) ). I hope we see you guys again soon! Now check out the pics plz!

- Tero

02.08.2012 // Join our Facebook-group for exclusive information

Would you like to know about SESSIONS2-related stuff (for an example get notified as soon as the photos from a certain event are online) before most of your buddies and have an access to some behind the scenes information and material?

JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP and you'll get notified on your newsfeed whenever anything worth knowing happens. Just half an hour ago we posted a piece of information that isn't available here. ;)

- SESSIONS2 crew

27.07.2012 // JACK - Danceteria Loveboat afterparty


It was time for some JACKaction again and this time the crowd was already well "prepared" as most arrived straight from the Danceteria Loveboat cruise.

JACK was back at full strength as Severi got behind the lights, delivering the proper undergroundish JACK feeling. This did mean it was dark, _very_ dark and it didn't make my life too easy, but I think I managed to get the most out of the darkness.

- Fredi

22.07.2012 // Puisto: DALLAPE (By: Tero)

Harder Better Faster Stronger!!

An outdoor party with a finnish touch, great mood, stylish music, sunshine, rain'n'shait! Today was a bit different day for me, I just picked my mirrorless Nikon V1 with a 24-70mm lense with me + my iPhone and GoPro. These images have been taken only with those three cameras, so heavyweight dSLR's were home today.

- Tero

22.07.2012 // Michael Woods (By: Henri)

Party on!

This set is from Henri, guy was so busy that he didn't have enough time to say anything, he just edited the pictures and ran back to Lahti. Maybe he'll speak more next time. Meanwhile, enjoy his pics and plz leave feedback.

- Tero

22.07.2012 // Michael Woods (By: Tero)


Great tunes + challenging shots = good times! Today I had my remote flashes with me first time for the past 6 months and it was quite fun. I also had Henri as a guest photographer with me so stay tuned for his pictures.

- Tero

20.07.2012 // Kesäbuja no.3 (by Riku)


Riku has been extremely busy lately, so I editet these pics for him. Here is gallery number 2 from Bujashakas summer party @ Meriniemi Kotka! Enjoy!

- On behalf of Riku / Karo

19.07.2012 // Pussy eau de Club

Sometimes stuff happens and figuring it out takes a while - like memory cards getting corrupted. Here are Mikko's photos from Pussy eau de Club after a resque mission that took a little more time than we expected.

- SESSIONS2 crew

17.07.2012 // JACK - Danceteria Loveboat afterparty 2009

JACK is back from the past!

These pics are from the 2009 Dancteria Loveboat cruise afterparty. I shot the loveboat cruise event itself and sadly the afterparty pics never made it online. This was before I joined S2.

In the spirit of the Danceteria 2012 Loveboat afterparty I decided to edit these as well. So here you go!

- Fredi

16.07.2012 // Kesäbuja no.3 (by Karo)


Bujashakas summer partys at Meriniemi gathers different genre lovers throughout the summer. There has been some reaggae-stuff, hiphop and now it was all about electronic music :)

Photographing was pretty much the same as usual except I was feeling a bit tired of all the photographing work we have at summer time :) But hey, here are the photos, enjoy!

- Karo

16.07.2012 // Club Terraza: Kotka? Ibiza? Terraza! (by Karo)


Terraza, finally opened! More or less house-music for the people bathing in the sun, what more can you ask :)

- Karo

15.07.2012 // Pikkujoulubileet (By: Tero)

Christmas came early this year!

Nice tunes, beautiful girls, great tits ;) Nothing else to add.

- Tero

14.07.2012 // KOLINA-PRODUKTIO: Hardfest (By: Tero)


Quick visit to Tampere to check out some harder genres and took some pictures from it. Check it out.

- Tero

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