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15.10.2012 // La Beauté Club (by Karo)


La Beauté Club is starting to be a synonym of quality House - real house, not just the shitty stuff that you can here from the radio! This night was all about Wally Lopez, good stuff I'd say! Last time I heard about him, it was 2009 at Space Ibiza where he rocked couple of thousand clubbers - still looking the same :3

Photographing was pretty interesting with my friends new Canon 1Dx - it was kind of a testrun for me to get a better feeling about what to buy next summer, 1Dx or 5D3... Well, here are the photos, enjoy!

- Karo

07.10.2012 // Stellar City (by Jukka Aro)

07.10.2012 // PUSH UP! Presents: FUTURE HEROES PT. 1 with HEAVYWEIGHT DJ'S

Party pushed up once again in Hämeenlinna! PUSH UP! started their new concept which introduces rising Finnish DJ-artists. The concept started with Heavyweight DJ's, which is a awesome DJ-collective straight from Helsinki.

Night was great indeed and I'm really waiting what this concept has to offer next time!

- Henri

06.10.2012 // K-System Presents: Glow Party, Vantaa (By: Tero)

K-System in da HOUSE!

I was trying to have still couple of more weeks of vacation from event photography but then I got the call 6pm on Friday evening "How could I get you to shoot this gig tonight?".. Well.. It wasn't too hard :D So off I went and shoot the first night for the Glow Party tour at Sokos Hotel Vantaa Night. It had really been over 5 years since I last were there.

The place was packed with people and I even saw some "kiksukarva" and "hardirastat" :) So here are the pics, hope you enjoy them. See you soon for some more kick ass events!

- Tero

22.09.2012 // La Beauté Club (by Karo)


It is always a pleasure to attend La Beauté Club and this time it got even better! As a venue DOM works better than the old DTM - actually it is quite similar but without the roof; for me DOM looks a bit like a warehouse and that is always a nice thing for an oldschool clubber <3

Not much to say about photographin, pretty much the same as always - except I was testing 50mm and 85/1.8 which really kicks ass compared to 85/1.2 II - much better in event photography like this :)

- Karo

17.09.2012 // House of Hard Music (By: Henri)

This place is left intentionally blank. To be filled later.

- Henri

16.09.2012 // Super8 & Tab pres. Empire (by Timo)

Trance, where have you been?

Helsinki clubbing scene got something back that has been missing for some time, Trance club. Empire is some kind of a continuance for almighty Hallmark club, or so I've heard.. Anyway the Djs were top of the class Anjuna Djs and they really rocked the house.

Once again I borrowed the best thing you can have, Nikon D3s. New club so didn't know how the lights and stuff will be. With D3s you will not have any problems. So time to see how things went.. Enjoy!

- Timo

08.09.2012 // BASS - Season opening (by Timo)

BASS is back!

One thing is for sure.. The fall in Porvoo starts with BASS. The party was so mad that the whole power line crashed after the fuse burned completely. Didn't have to wait long to get the party started again.

Full house, fresh new (also some older) Djs and of course S2 :D

Enjoy the pics!

- Timo

27.08.2012 // Fantasia 2012 (By: Tero)


Fantasia was my first ever pool party. And oh man it was fun! And with fun I ment really challenging ;) I got couple of splashes on my camera gear but at least I didn't dip into the pool like the predecessor of my current camera did with it's previous owner. One of the other photographers took a nice dip into the water with his camera - I'm just so happy that it wasn't me ;) Anyway, take a look at the pics - they will definitely make you want to get back there and if you missed it - those will make you want to beat yourself because of skipping the party.

- Tero

26.08.2012 // SÄDE Tour 2012, Hämeenlinna (By: Tero)

Beam me up Scotty!

Säde tour continues it way through Finland, this time Hämeenlinna. I just love Sirkus as a venue for this kind of events <3

- Tero

26.08.2012 // Fantasia 2012 (by Timo)

Tropic madness

For a moment I thought the summer 2012 was over. NOOT! Me and Tero had a nice 420km drive to Vaasa to see how people party in tropical enviroment. They did it quite well to be honest. Very well organized, nothing to complain about. :) The more I could say few words of praise and I will: Thank you Fantasia. We had FUN!

Got used to that heat and moisture so also camera gear worked great. COOL COOL… Enjoy the pics!

- Timo

23.08.2012 // Summer Sound Festival 2012 Sunday (by Karo)


Todd Terry! Guys, hey! Tee is in the HOUSE!! Really have been waiting for this sooooo long!! Todd Terry!! Well anyway! Everything was as massive as it was on friday when I last photographed at SSF, but the crowd was more into the partying! I've heard that saturday was "the night" but who cares, Todd TERRY½!!

Enjoy the photos ^.^

- Karo

21.08.2012 // Summer Sound Festival 2012 Saturday (by Riku)

Hey hey!

Massive events are not my thing because they give you this tiny little idea, that the gallery must be huge too. But hey, I really liked it out there - if not speaking of the Sun, that gigantic gay orb! Everybody was on the mood for dance and great music and only a few had a strange habbit of collecting bottles and cans, but I can't judge them: I get my kicks from swimsuits and peaches.

VOh, did I mention it was hot out there? But what would Summer Sound Festival be without the summer? But why does it have to be the sun that makes the summer? That shiny bitch. The real Finish summer began at the early evening when a storm broke loose. But oh, did it stop the party? Maaaayb... HELL NO! I was at the indoors and it was a quite a storm there too! Everybody giving their best and showing our guests what Finns are made of: electronic attitude, intoxicant-free will to party and total ire of the Sun.

Enjoy the snaps!

- Riku

21.08.2012 // Summer Sound Festival 2012 Saturday (by Timo)

Day 2

After some kilometers of walking around the spot on Friday my feet were killing me already. Went to the local drug store to get some artificial skin to survive this days jumping around. :) Saturday at the venue had different feeling from the start already and somehow I didn't feel the pain at all. Sunny and +30C. This day is going to be F*cking hot!

Compared to Fridays photos I can see the feeling being "better" on Saturday. Everything went easier and no pressure in any way. :) Had to drink a lot of water...

Personal favorites of the day MYNC, Fedde and W&W. Enjoy the pics!

- Timo

20.08.2012 // Summer Sound Festival 2012 Sunday (By: Tero)

And here is Sunday! See you again next year.. or next party.. which ever comes first ;)

- Tero

19.08.2012 // Summer Sound Festival 2012 Saturday (By: Tero)

Aaaaand here is pictures from SSF saturday. Enjoy.

- Tero

19.08.2012 // SÄDE Tour 2012, Lahti (By: Tero)

SÄDE on tour!!

Now I know what happens if you put SÄDE party into a bar that is open for the last night ever.. Goodbye SENSSI <3 We'll miss you.. And SÄDE! See you on next friday ;)

- Tero

19.08.2012 // Skumppakellunta (By: Tero)

Sparkling drinks and floating in the ocean while enjoying last sunny days of summer and listening good music <3

- Tero

15.08.2012 // Summer Sound Festival 2012 Friday (By: Tero)

SSF Friday from my point of view. Enjoy.

- Tero

15.08.2012 // Summer Sound Festival 2012 Friday (by Karo)


This was one of the first real festivals for me, and have to say that I am not at my best in this kind of events. These are all about the tension between the artist and the crowd and I am missing the cultural touch of electronic dance music :) But hey, everything was massive! Big lights, big sound, big artists and huge crowd! Hands in the air etc! I think next year will be even more massive!

Restrictions in photography were a bit tight so a lot of very interesting angles are missing here compared to other big events we have photographed, but I think there is still enough for you to check out!

Enjoy the photos!

- Karo

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