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26.09.2014 // Summer Sound Festival 2014 Saturday (by Riku)

26.09.2014 // Summer Sound Festival 2014 Saturday (by Karo)

26.09.2014 // Summer Sound Festival 2014 Saturday (by Jukka)

26.09.2014 // Alex Mattson (by Karo)


I have been trying to fit Alex Mattsons gig into my photographing schedule but I haven't got the time until today. He is propably one of the rising talents in the finnish club scene.

There's no photos of the audience one could identify - for apparent reason - I had no idea who was old enough to be legaly photographed as this gig took place in a school. To my suprise, these kids had more fun in this short 1 hour gig than adults in nightclubs.. massiv!

- Karo

31.08.2014 // Summer Sound Festival 2014 Saturday (by Tuula)

26.08.2014 // Aces (by Oskari)


This is the first official Oskari Sarjakoski release under SESSIONS2! Welcome to the gang and greetings from the team and yours truly!

- Karo

20.08.2014 // Flou Off (by Henri)


Shadeparty near the actual Flow Festival area during the last day of the festival. Great people, great vibes!

- Henri

18.08.2014 // Summer Sound Festival 2014 Friday (by Tero)

18.08.2014 // Summer Sound Festival 2014 Friday (by Karo)


Once again! The one and only Summer Sound Festival! Three days of photographing ahead with lots of artists and deejays!

Enjoy the photos!

- Karo

18.08.2014 // Summer Sound Festival 2014 Friday (by Riku)

18.08.2014 // Summer Sound Festival 2014 Friday (by Jukka)

18.08.2014 // Summer Sound Festival 2014 Friday (by Henri)

16.08.2014 // Dark River 2014 (by Karo)


Just dropped a visit to Dark River Festival here in Kotka - I was ment to take some photos for HAD Audio and I decided to take some photos of the artist just to give the gallery some perspective. Here are the photos of the 20min visit :)

- Karo

02.07.2014 // Helsinki Pride 2014 (by Riku)

Doctor I think I might be a homosexual!

Raaaaainbow! I visited Helsinki Pride 2014 and was happy to see how over 20 000 people marched for the rights of HLBT and other sexual and gender minorities. Enjoy this little hobbygallery!



30.06.2014 // Lawatanssit 2014 (by Karo)


Once again something happening in Kotka - Lawatanssit 2014-festival. Unfortunately I wasnt working so I only took some shots whenever I felt like releasing the shutter!

Three stages and one of them was powered by HAD audio. Massive sub-section, once again!

Some photos by Arto Sunila in this gallery!

- Karo

29.06.2014 // Kalajoen Juhannus 2014 (by Timo)


Just a quick visit to Kalajoen Juhannus midsummer festival. Mates J7 and Proteus were playing there so I decided to take a few shots while enjoying the show.

Check it out!

- Timo

25.06.2014 // Le Bonk Terrace (by Karo)

Lé Hello!

I was doing some street photography (for fun) at Helsinki and decided to have a peak at Le Bonk's terrace before going to work! The place was even better than I assumed! If I ever live in Helsinki, this might just be the place to be!

I only had 85mm with me and no flash, so the pictures are pretty authentic to the surroundings! Photographing was fun but most of the time was spent chatting with friends which I hadn't seen "in decades"!

- Karo

12.05.2014 // Helsinki House Nights


Was shooting frames for NPG, but lets publish these here too!

- Karo

12.05.2014 // SILVR & HHN / Tommy Trash (by Karo)


Interesting evening. First to Fredan Tivoli to take early night shots - then to Tiger for basic nightclub photography - and after an hour back to Tivoli to finish the night!

- Karo

11.05.2014 // Hipsterified Waterland 2014 (by Tero)

Hipsterified Waterland.

- Tero

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