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SESSIONS3 Hybrid is Coming!
by: Karo Holmberg


Some of you might have noticed, that there are not so many new galleries at SESSIONS2 that we have photographed. We are testing and coding the base of a new site. The hybrid version of "SESSIONS2 and SESSIONS3" will be published in 1-2 months. All of the missing galleries will be found from the new hybrid version after it is online!

Here are some major changes:
- Reworked structure
- Galleries are named "Events"
- Possibility to gather "Events" under a "Tour"-page or "Chain of Events"-page
- More efficient search tool (aka more detailed database)
- Maybe a database of venues and event organisations too
- More detailed introducion page for SESSIONS2 crew
- More information about tours and events
- Detailed statistics of all content at SESSIONS2

The hybrid site's layout is quite similar to the SESSIONS2 you are used to but a bit more harsh because of new features; it will be totally reworked at some point by someone (who, we do not know yet) :) Main reason why we are releasing the hybrid version is to check out how it works in use (it has been beta-tested for the last 6 months).

If you have something to ask or you find some bugs, just send us/me some email!

- Karo


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