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SESSIONS2 is moving!
by: Karo Holmberg

SESSIONS2 is moving!

We are more than happy to inform that SESSIONS2 is moving to a top secret location! We will remain online as usual but no new galleries will be uploaded until the process is finished.

There is loads of Whiteout 2012 photos to be published, but you can check them out from Labyrinth/Laserpoint's Facebook-page!

We will also make some changes to photosize and layout width while transferring our site to the top secret facility!

We would also like to thank INNOVENTUM for supporting and sponsoring SESSIONS2 for so many years! We would have had a shitload of problems without your support, big thanks!

Karo Holmberg
Site manager | SESSIONS2


[18.04.2012 10:52] Top secret my ass:
Just make one traceroute and you know the hosting company.
[18.04.2012 03:26] sas:
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