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Klubitus' 10th birthday (party)!
by: Jouni Väänänen

Time flies like an arrow. Klubitus, the absolute number one online community for finnish clubbers, is now ten years old. Ten years is a respectable age for any web community but especially for a community of clubbers; people come and go in our scene and in order to stay interesting "generation after generation" (of clubbers) Klubitus has renewed itself little by little. Many have contributed to the success of the community but in the end there's one guy whose name everyone should know. Klubitus' Administrator Antti "Anqqa" Qvickström is the mastermind behind it all and deserves a public thank you for his work. Over the years Antti has become a dear friend for me and we've cooperated on many occasions as the representatives of our organizations and as individuals. We've played back to back a few times and there isn't anyone I'd rather play records with - after all our sets have always been quite special, he's quite easy going and we play on the same skill level.

Tonight me (as "DJ Skai") and Antti (as "DJ Anqh") will be playing on Klubitus' 10th Birthday party with Mayah (Known for being the leading female DJ of the finnish hard dance scene a few years back) and Tres (Known for his pure quality DJ & live Hardcore sets and much more). We're going be spinning from 10pm til midnight as "Klubitus Allstars" on the "Peace arena" of "Klubitus 10v & Reiv - Heimojen kohtaaminen" - you probably can't miss us. Besides us Art of Trance, Orkidea, Proteus, Muffler, Genki, Eliot Ness, Orion, Oded Peled, Bobby Speed, Kaiu & Sakura, Mekaanikko and Tremont will perform. Enough about that though. I'm expecting to see you there and to offer Anqqa a drink.

As the grandfather / semi-official spokesperson of our little event photography organization I'd like to congratulate Anqqa and Klubitus at this point. The first ten years were absolutely amazing. Keep up the good work!

On behalf of SESSIONS2 as a whole,
Jouni Väänänen
Founder / Site Manager EVP


[31.07.2010 21:45] anqqa:
o_O; i <3 u
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