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Merry Christmas
by: Karo Holmberg

SESSIONS2-photo crew wants to wish Happy Holidays & Joyful New Year with positive vibes!

As like the last year, the year 2009 was pretty good for us. It wasn't just easy flying from a flower to another, but more like a year which defines the future of SESSIONS2. Codename SESSIONS3 is on its way and the new layout is more or less ready. The server problems are more or less solved and we will be "moving" to a new server next year.

Three of our resident photographers shifted from our active roster to "passive roster" as they took a vacation from event photographing. As our active roster got a bit small we managed to sign up two magnificient new photographers in our team, Fredrik Lindblad and Timo Torvikoski. We still have one photographer hiding in the shadows. He will be presented to all when it's the right time - All of our new photographers really rock!

In the field of event photography we were lucky enough to cover approx. 80 events including this years biggest events like Pacifique, Laserpoint/Labyrinth, Konemetsä, Colors's "Music For Life"-events, Danceteria and a great deal of other club partys. We still have couple of galleries to publish from the year 2009 including "Our favourites 2009"-gallery.

For the next year we don't have any concrete "christmas present" to give except to inform that we are working to make the site better, agile and more flexible, and ofcourse our photographers are sharpening their skills to give you better and more beautiful shots next year!

Remember to take it easy! Happy Holidays for everyone!

With <3,
Karo Holmberg
Site Manager 2nd grade


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