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The 1st SESSIONS2-promomix re-released for a week
by: Jouni Väänänen

In case you're one of the fairly rare creatures that are still here after 5 or more years of active clubbing you just might remember this:

Back in 2004 our new site was published and just before the first Pacifique-event we released the first SESSIONS2-promomix. Today we're re-releasing it for a week or so to get all of you ready for Pacifique 2009. I'm currently listening to the mix myself and even after 5 years it just makes me want to go all bananas in our office, throw my hands in the air for the DJ and dance my ass off. Oh, sweet memories are flooding back to me!

This is the actual original file and not very people have had access to it before. Many many thanks for Riku "pHaze" Jungell for mix itself and Mikko "Dominikh" Peltokangas for relocating the file + hosting the mirror download.

300dpi covers:
- Front & in
- Back
- Label

The mix itself:
- Site 1 (@
- Site 2 (@


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