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Merry Christmas
by: Karo Holmberg

SESSIONS2-photo crew wants just to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This year was a pretty good year for us. We signed three more photographers in our team: Tuula Ylikorpi, Mikko Bäck and Jukka Aro. Jouni photographed SESSIONS2's 250th gallery and we passed a magnificient marker "1.000.000 individual visits @". We also managed to publish over 50 club event galleries!

For the next year we don't have any concrete "christmas present" to give except to inform you that at this moment SESSIONS2 is going thru some re-designing & planning. Some day (hopefully next year) we will get a better and more versatile web-site to serve clubbers better!

Remember to take it easy! Happy Holidays for everyone!

With <3,
Karo Holmberg
Site Manager 2008 ->


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