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A couple of little changes
by: Jouni Väänänen

Merry Christmas everyone!

We’ve got a little improvement to announce as a “Christmas present.” From now on the photos presented here at SESSIONS2 will be 57% bigger! The old size is 400 x 600 pixels and today we’ll publish our first gallery that uses the new 500 x 750 size. Hopefully this is something that you’ll like. From our own point of view it definitely makes a difference; bigger size means more details.

I’ve also got something else to announce; in the beginning of this year I retired as an event photographer and ever since then Tuomas, Karo and Joni have been pushing the site to their own direction. In july I gave the site to them – I’m keeping the ownership of the domain but otherwise the guys can do whatever they want with the site. I’m sure they’ll use that right in a good way. So, from this point on I’m even more retired. I still plan to guide my team through a couple of big events next spring but that’s about it.

Eat ham, turkey or whatever the traditional Christmas dish is in your home country and take it easy. :)

Kind regards,
Jouni Väänänen
Site Manager 2001-2007


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