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Voting for HDA06 has started - Proteus needs your support
by: Jouni Väänänen

In 2004 the Hard Dance community was taken by surprise as the finnish DJ Proteus won the title of "The Best Hard Dance DJ in the World." It's rather fair to say most didn't expect this to happen and it was quite an achievement. Last year the people were already aware of the Proteus phenomenon but only a few were bold enough to predict that he would take the title again. As a man with a bag full of surprises he did just that and nothing less! With gigs all around the world in 2005 Proteus had clearly charmed the audience where ever he went and gathered an active fanbase. Yet one more time massive thanks to everyone who helped the cause by voting in 2004 and 2005 - your support is much appreciated.

The Hard Dance Awards are here again and the voting has already started. Proteus has kept himself busy this year producing new tracks, hosting a show on the radio and of course touring the world and lighting the crowds on fire. It would be amazing if Proteus won the title of "The Best Hard Dance DJ in the world" for the third year in a row! To make this "hat trick" possible your support is needed - please also tell your friends to vote here.


[25.11.2006 00:55] [zuho]:
annettu on =)
[16.11.2006 22:01] dirtymorales:
äänet tästä
[12.11.2006 18:12] alien:
Oli Proteus tuttu tai ei. Mä antaisin sille äänet anyway. Helvetin kova dj ja parhaita settejä mitä olen kuullutkaan hd-osastolla.
[10.11.2006 02:01] Caro²:
jep :)
[09.11.2006 01:12] Purtsi:
Äänet Suomelle annettu :)
[07.11.2006 18:58] Johannes Seitalahti:
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