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Finnish Club Awards 2005 - results
by: Jouni Väänänen

The votes are out for the Finnish Club Awards 2005 and SESSIONS2 claimed the title of "the website of the year." Many thanks to each and everyone of you that supported us by voting! We have no illusions about this victory - it's very clear we only got it because the audience couldn't vote for Klubitus or Platinum+. Having said that I must also say we still value the award and are quite grateful.

Hopefully our visitors will see and feel our gratitude as the site is developed in the future. As the site manager of SESSIONS2 I'm aware it must sometimes feel like not much is happening here - no recent updates or any visible improvements. Still I assure you there's a lot going on behind the scenes we simply don't tell you about until it's finished and ready to be published. ;)

Many minor and some major changes are on their way. Remember to check back every now and then. ;)

With Regards,
Jouni Väänänen & The rest of the team

Here are rest of the results:
DJ of the year | Orkidea (250)
Event of the year | Pacifique (5.3.2005, Serena) (207)
Artist / Producer of the year | Orkidea (263)
Club of the year | Unity (176)
Album of the year | Orkidea - Music Speaks In Thousand Languages (379)
Track of the year | Way Out West - Killa (Orkidea & Dallas Superstars rmx) (228)
New DJ of the year |Nuance (220)
LJ/VJ of the year | Harharyhmä (216)
Flyer / flyer series of the year | Pacifique (299)
Website of the year| (257)

Full results at Klubitus


[18.05.2006 08:58] Jone:
...up my sleeve which will bring the visitors of this site more photos of more events faster. ;)
[18.05.2006 08:56] Jone:
Thanks. ^__^ The "behind the scenes" work I'm talking about also affects the issue you're talking about - I've got a couple of tricks u
[17.05.2006 21:16] isis:
jey-jey! Well. congratulations then! One advice; Less work behind the scenes and much more fotos much more quiker online.
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