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SESSIONS2 welcomes Karo Holmberg
by: Jouni Väänänen

SESSIONS2 is proud to present Karo Holmberg, our new photographer!

Karo has actually been with us for some time now, so this is "old news" in many ways - I still want to share it with you though.

I started growing interested towards Karo as a event photographer by seeing his photos at Klubitus. The style of his photos set him apart of the other people whose photos are presented there. First time in a long while I was actually excited to see some fresh captures of the club culture and that was (and still is) because Karo obviously uses his head and is willing to go through a lot of trouble while experimenting with his camera. This experimental way of photography is the reason why I consider myself a fan of his work.

After some time I decided to ask Karo to join our team and even though he was flattered by this convincing him to join was hell of a process. He actually challenged me to give him a lenghty explanation why we wanted him, which was very interesting and fun. "Interesting and fun" are also the words that describe our new photographer pretty well. Karo has a very laidback no nonsense attitude and his personality makes him perfectly suited for team photography. Being a SESSIONS2-photographer goes beyond delivering good and interesting photos - one has to be able throw ego-issues aside and find his place on the team to make sure we get the best possible results as a whole.

Karo shoots with a Canon 10D and that means we now have a team of 3 Canonists.

Jouni Väänänen
Site manager | SESSIONS2

I had absolutely no background information of photographing until my brother made me attend a course of Digital Photographing in 2004. We had an extremely inspiring teacher and the subject just became more and more interesting. I had a school project of photographing and I chose the title to be: "Photographing in clubs and discos". That was the beginning of this challenging hobby!

At that time, Millennium organized club nights in Lappeenranta. I asked if I could come there and take photos for my course. They had no objections, in fact, they just continued writing my name on the vip-list and I practised photographing. After 2 years of shooting frames and uploading pictures to Klubitus, Jone asked me if I had any interest in joining Sessions2 team. I was extremely happy to hear that my photographing was appreciated that much. After asking a dozen times if Jone really knew what he was doing, I joined the team.

I have always walked my own paths and I also try to keep this way of life within the pictures I take. From the beginning my a little minimalistic way to take photos has been a continous quest of finding new angles and details which are not clearly shown to the public. I like to play with colors, lights, details and with the field of depth. My final goal is to pass on somekind of emotion to people looking at my pictures. Does it work or not? I don't know. Be the judge of that :)

Sincere thanks go to the people mentioned above and of course to all of you who have kept me going this far with your valuable picturecomments <3

- Karo


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