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KS2 CRMMP - klubitus/SESSIONS2 Calendar Release Mega Mayhem
by: Jouni Väänänen

KS2 CRMMP - klubitus/SESSIONS2 Calendar Release Mega Mayhem Party

Flyer, front

Finally it is here! The long awaited highly-rated high-class high-quality multifunction (2 sides) charity calendar! All income will be donated to where it is more needed.

Place: Fever, Annankatu 32
Price: FREE (voluntary donations box will be available)
Calendar: A few hundred will be available for purchase (hopefully)
DJ: 5 high(ish)-quality DJ's playing b2b all nite long!
Happy puppy hour: 22-00 beer & cider 2e




Skai (Jouni Väänänen) is currently one of the Finland’s most unknown DJ’s having played for neither international brands nor Finland’s biggest clubs but only annually at “Afternoon in the Sun” (An outsdoors event which he also promotes) alongside Tres, Simon Templar, pHaze, Mayah and Q-ilu just to drop a few names. 27 year old Skai comes from Kerava in Finland and has not been awarded anywhere ever and if he’d ever receive an award it would most likely be for being the “most annoying person of the year.”

Skai doesn’t have a musical style. Uhm, or actually any style whatsoever. He doesn’t really have any mixing skills either. Still, that doesn’t stop him from spinning records and when he does, they’re mostly house, progressive trance, 80s and 90s pop classics and dance tracks. Occasionally he also spins faster music such as hardtrance and NRG. Expect nothing and your expectations will come true!

There is more to come for sure... Others styles for others peoples!

anqh (Klubitus)

A well,known European trend-getter whose roots in electronic music reach all the way to early 90's. At the tender age of 26.5 and currently holding his HQ in Kallio, the capital of Europe, Antti influents visibly in the local Skene. Over the years he has been paying in events with the names like DJ Tiësto, Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk, DJ Hannu and many many more. His playing skills can be only described with words like 'special', 'unique' and 'different', not often can one hear something quite like it.

Indie respect!

Pudl (Klubitus, Aarresaari)

You may know PudL under the name kaaputin aka kaapro, then again you might have seen him in some club around the world. At the age of 26 he has allready been seen in China, Malaysia, Thailand, USA and all over the Europe. His musical style emhezises chillout and psytrance.


Dj Mayah has created her dj-career around, well yes, those*. She started playing couple of years ago and has playd among.. I can't remember any of them just now, but I'm sure they were all great. She almost won a prize once, but for some reason people gave more votes to this one guy Miika. I can't quite understand that, because this Miika who won hasn't even really done anything. Like the gig he had somewhere whit Tiesto was something special!1?! I think Mayah should have won the prize. I demand a re-count of the votes!

Anyway, Mayah likes different styles of music and on this special occasion you will be hearing her mixing her favourite artists Vodka and Cola among others.

*songs, you pervert


Tres DJ (is written 7r35 !!) is one of the most popular DJ of the Finland Techno scene! In the last 10 years he has played techno in a lot of illegal party and Finlands Techno clubs!

In the 1997 he create with some best friends a Staff of Public Relation and Event Management called Inkvisitio and with this he has made a lot of outdoor and indoor partys!

After have play in a big event in Bosnia at club Atlantique, in 2004 he was called by himself to be the resident dj of the Rauta at Club Acapulco near Kamppi that it's one of the most trendy Finlands club for the Hardest Soundz!

In the last year it has played with all the best hard-djs like: Proteus, Dana, PPP, Proteus, Mikco, Neon, Alkemist, Proteus, and many others, including Proteus!!

This summer it has attract a lot of attention at Rajasaari to have made people crazy with a special pounding set to the Official Stage "Rantarangaistus" of the Inkvisition Rantarangaistus, that it has assembled 100000000 of ravers and it is the largest and famous European open-air party!!!

Tres's sound is a combination of Techno, Hardtrance & Hardstyle Very Very Powerfull and this night he wants to give you all the power of Finland Style!!!

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[21.12.2005 23:37] Sonic-XL:
U got mail! ;)
[21.12.2005 17:34] Jone:
The calendar is now available - in case you want one, contact me at calendar (a)
[22.11.2005 21:04] Jone:
As soon as the calendar is out I'll do my best to inform you about it. :)
[20.11.2005 11:52] Sonic-XL:
:O Please advice on intl. purchase before it is too late!!
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